first_imgAndrés Zapata, 23, is a Costa Rican film director living in San Francisco. His passion towards cinematography began when he first watched David Fincher’s “Fight Club,” and led him to study film and production at Santa Monica College and San Francisco State University.In 2015 he produced his short film “Father, Daughters, and Sisters,” which deals with the topics of alcohol, sex and family relationships. The film featured an all-Costa Rican cast, and won the Campus MovieFeset (CMF) Jury Award. This month, the film will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival at the Cannes Court Métrage section and the Marché de Cannes. Today, Zapata is working on a script for a narrative film about the shark-finning situation in Costa Rica, China and Taiwan.The Tico Times spoke with Zapata about his work. Excerpts follow.What drew your attention toward cinematography?Cinematography is an escape for me. It showed me that I had the opportunity to do everything, creating stories and images. There’s a wide range of things you can work with, and that’s what I like about it. You can do whatever you want without anyone telling you what to do… you get to work with people from all over the world, and I don’t have to be in an office every day. Every day is different.What I like to explore within my work is the creation of characters that contribute something to the audience, something that people watch and say that they know what that person is going through because they’ve dealt with it before. With cinematography you have those opportunities. I love both drama and comedy. I want to experiment with all sorts of things because when I’m 80 or 90 years old I want to be able to say that I did everything. Right now I like drama because everyone has drama in their lives. It’s very easy to speak about those topics that exist within our society, such as alcoholism, drugs, sex, and family relationships.Why did you choose the topics of sex, drugs, and alcohol for “Father, Daughters, and Sisters”?There’s alcoholism in Costa Rica, as well as other parts in the world; I know a lot of families that have lost their connection due to the use of drugs and alcohol. Regarding sex, we all get here because of it. Having sex is not bad, but the way in which you carry out the act due to the effect of alcohol is bad. There are persons who take advantage of innocent people. It’s also about not judging people because of alcohol, and not… neglecting the purity symbolized by virginity. It’s important to know that you’ve got to question these things, question how you’re carrying out the act and how your decision may affect others.There are parents who ignore their children because they prefer to be drinking from a bottle than spending time with them and loving them. It’s a lie that alcohol is always good. We all know someone who is an alcoholic and has affected us somehow. I’ve grown up watching people like this, and if I wasn’t the person that I am now, I’d maybe be dead like the prostitute [in the short film]. Andrés Zapata speaking about Fathers, Daughters, and Sisters at the Campus Movie Fest. (Courtesy Campus MovieFest)How did you develop the characters?[I made the film] for a film festival called the Campus MovieFest, with people from 50 or 100 different universities. The festival consists of providing people with equipment to create a film within a time lapse of one week. I got there on a Wednesday when they were about to close; they had no equipment left [to loan out]. I have my own equipment, so they told me I could do the film and had to turn it in the following Tuesday. I registered, but I didn’t have an established story, actors or anything in mind to create the film. I went home and began writing a script with four or five pages. I didn’t know anyone in San Francisco, so I contacted people through Facebook. The whole cast is from Costa Rica.Of the three sisters, the first one can’t do anything about her life, the second one is on a bad path and the third one is the innocent one. We have a chance to save her. There’s that process of taking care of her and not teaching her about the bad things… I wanted to portray the relationship between a father and his daughters, because we don’t see that very much onscreen. Women don’t have many roles, and I wanted to create roles for various actresses.How does the film communicate so much without using a single word? Cinematography is a language, whether people see it that way or not. With film, you experience through sentences, but the sentences are made up of images. You don’t necessarily need dialogue to express yourself or for someone to realize what’s going on. You can trust in your audience that they’re going to understand; a picture is worth a thousand words.What are your inspirations?My family inspires me. I want to thank them for everything because without their love I wouldn’t be anywhere. I also inspire myself a lot, because when I was younger I didn’t have this confidence of saying, “I can do this. I can go out and do whatever I want and believe in myself that I can finish something.” In high school, I was a really, really bad student that never went to school. In college I realized I can do a lot of things. Winning a prize for a short film inspires me to continue.I think everyone should find that confidence, because if they can find that, then the sky is the limit. When there’s no one else, you always have yourself. That’s the most inspirational and creative thing that’s ever happened to me; discovering that I am my own tool.Costa Rica also inspires me a lot because the people have a fighting spirit; they always want to be happy and keep working hard. Being happy is the most important thing. We’ve got to keep in mind that we can do it. I’m a Tico and I can do it. That’s what inspires me every day. Our “Weekend Arts Spotlight” presents Sunday interviews with artists who are from, working in, or inspired by Costa Rica, ranging from writers and actors to dancers and musicians. Do you know of an artist we should consider, whether a long-time favorite or an up-and-comer? Email us at Facebook Comments Related posts:5 questions for Costa Rican video game creator Claudio Pinto 4 questions for art director Carl Sprague 5 questions for a Costa Rican photographer The 12 best Costa Rican-made holiday gifts from the Mercado Tropicallast_img read more

first_imgThe Tides Zihuatanejo Spa recently re-launched with updated facilities and a fresh treatment menu using a marine-derived line of skin care products by Osea. The spa is home to both the worldwide debut of The Tides Signature Lava Shell Therapy and later in 2008, the in-room line of body-care products designed exclusively for T he Tides hotels and resorts by Osea.Our newly refreshed spa at Zihuatanejo provides the perfect setting for the exciting new Tides-brand amenities we are introducing,” said Liz Ratcliff, Corporate Director of Spa Development for Kor Hotel Group.Our work with Osea and Spa Revolutions, the creators of the Lava Shells used in our new signature treatment, is inspired by their dedication to ocean-based and sustainable products, in keeping with The Tides coastal ethos and environmental commitments. These debuts mark the worldwide launch of both the revolutionary new self-heating Lava Shell products and the first Tides-Osea product line.Global Launch of a Warming Therapy Zihuatanejo. Our intimate new facility is now the first spa in the world to offer guests The Tides’ signature Lava Shell Therapy massage. A holistic treatment that epitomizes the brand’s coastal spirit, the therapy utilizes a revolutionary system of self-heating tiger clam shells in its Swedish – style massage. Developed by innovative spa products and services company Spa Revolutions, the finely polished shells generate heat through contact with gels derived from sea kelp, Dead Sea salts and self-heating natural minerals (Lava Gel™) and retain the heat for up to an hour.The Tides brand from Kor Hotel Group represents everything we could have hoped for in a worldwide product launch,” said Melissa Mao, VP Marketing & Business Development for Spa Revolutions. “Our Lava Shells will get premium exposure to some of the most discerning spa goers in the world.At The Tides spas, the signature Lava Shell Therapy begins with an aromatic essential-oil application, using an all-new product designed specially for. The Tides by Osea. Blended from basil, Bulgarian lavender, geranium, grape fruit and jasmine, the oil helps balance the central nervous system and reduces stress. Holding heated shells in the palm of the hand, therapists apply traditional Swedish massage strokes for a full-body treatment, followed by a massage with the hands. More powerful than traditional Hot Stone methods, Lava Shell Therapy drives off calcium ions with waves of healing energy, enhancing skin tone and radiating deep within the skin.As another first, The Tides Zihuatanejo property will launch an in-room line of body-care products designed exclusively for The Tides brand by Osea, the progressive skin care company known for its marine-derived wellness products. The premiere collection, which will be fully available by Spring 2008, will include shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body gel and facial cleanser. It’s very exciting for us to feature a new line of products through The Tides hotels and resorts,” said Jenefer Palmer, Founder and President of Osea Malibu. “In addition to Kor’s opulent standards, their Tides properties embody the same ocean-inspired philosophy we hold, and the same dedication to providing quality holistic wellness care.A leader in high-tech, marine-based skin care, Osea combines nutrients such as seaweed, algae and other ocean extracts with organic essential oils and botanicals to produce pure and effective products. The in-room line will also be available for retail sale at The Tides hotels and resorts, launching in summer 2008.Hacienda Serenity Nestled amidst a lush tropical landscape filled with fragrant ginger plants, The Tides Zihuatanejo Spa‘s hacienda-style aesthetic update features nine updated spa suites—four for individuals, two couple’s suites, two deluxe couple’s suites and a dedicated manicure-pedicure suite. A central, co-ed relaxation lounge provides the spa’s spiritual center and a relaxing gathering area, featuring a beverage station for hot tea, fruit-infused waters and healthy snacks. A focal point of the lounge design is a graceful tree trunk surrounded by river rocks and artisan-crafted hanging lanterns. Locally inspired accents such as antique Mexican mirrors and fabrics provide rich complements to the wooden furniture made by local craftsmen.For further information, please contact Hawkins International PR or Kor Hotel Group at the numbers above. For reservations, please call (866) 905-9560.About The Tides Zihuatanejo Hugging the white sands of Zihuatanejo Bay’s serene Playa la Ropa, The Tides Zihuatanejo is a romantic hideaway reclining along one of Mexico’s most beautiful Pacific beaches. The resort’s two-story, terracotta-tiled casitas and thatched palapa cabanas merge with the tropical gardens and gentle waterfalls that enfold them. 35 guestrooms and 35 suites, each with private terrace, lie steps from the serene beach. Suites include intimate outdoor infinity pools. The resort offers 600 feet of private beach and four swimming pools, including a 60-foot lap pool and an infinity pool poised at bay’s edge. Area activities are abundant, while two gourmet dining venues and three convivial bars epitomize The Tides’ magical elegance on the Mexican Riviera.About The Tides All Tides hotels and resorts are set in coastal locations and provide a chic-by-the-shore setting, inviting guests to unwind. The Tides offers a backdrop for encounters that inspire reconnection through cultural experiences delivered with style and spirit. Kor Hotel Group reserves The Tides identity for select projects of only the highest service and design standards. Current Tides properties include The Tides South Beach in Florida, The Tides Riviera Maya on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and The Tides Zihuatanejo on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Forthcoming developments include The Tides Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya and The Tides Anguilla in the British West Indies. Please visit for more information.last_img read more