first_imgDespite growing protest from rival political parties against its move to the facilitate direct election of a sarpanch, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has decided to issue an ordinance to amend the Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Act, 1958. The Maharashtra government on Saturday forwarded the proposal to issue an ordinance to the Governor, citing urgency in view of the upcoming elections to 7,000 Gram Sabhas in the State. The ordinance is likely to be issued by Monday, officials said. On July 3, the State cabinet cleared a proposal to amend the Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Act, 1958, to pave way for direct elections of sarpanch to the village Gram Sabha. The decision by the State cabinet was immediately slammed by rival political parties, who alleged it was an attempt by the BJP to appropriate “extra constitutional” authority at the third tier of the government. Senior officials said the ordinance route was necessitated since the code of conduct for September election may come into place by July 31. More time neededThe Election Commission will also need to increase the number of electronic voting machines (EVMs) as a result of the direct election rule. There is no scope for waiting to get an approval from the State Assembly, said officials. “We need to factor in a lot of logistical issues, such as the increase in EVMs and the change in ward formations because of direct election of sarpanchs. For all this, the EC will need time. There is not enough time to go to the Assembly and so we are issuing an ordinance,” said an official of the State government.last_img read more

first_imgThe J&K police have foiled an attempt by a group of youths to join the ranks of militants by snatching a service rifle, and handed them over to the families.A senior police officer said a search operation was started on Thursday afternoon, immediately after “miscreants snatched a rifle from a bank guard at Shopian.” They were planning to pose with it to announce their joining the ranks of militants. The police said they cracked the case in six hours.“The boys were let off after counselling,” the officer added.last_img read more

first_imgHardik Pandya and KL Rahul have been in the eye of a massive storm following their sexist and racists comments on a popular TV show, Koffee With Karan. After making misogynistic comments on the show, Hardik Pandya took to Twitter to tender an apology. However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was not satisfied with the apology and put the two cricketers under provisional suspension and asked them return home from Australia.The TV show was aired on January 6. In the show, Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul talked about their relationships, crushes, favourite movies, actors and actresses. While Rahul kept a level head on his shoulders and chose his words very carefully while replying to Karan Johar’s questions throughout the show, it was Hardik Pandya who boasted about hooking up with multiple women and even spoke about how open he is with his parents.The Baroda all-rounder received a further setback when Gillette terminated its contract him. Pandya was also replaced in the team by Tamil Nadu all-rounder Vijay Shankar for the ongoing ODI series in Australia and India’s limited-overs tour of New Zealand later this month.The duo was also slammed by legendary batsman Sunil Gavaskar and World Cup-winning spinner Harbhajan Singh for their controversial remarks.As the controversy rages on, here is a look at the timeline of events that led to the suspension of Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul:KL RAHUL AND HARDIK PANDYA APPEAR ON KOFFEE WITH KARANKL Rahul appeared on the celebrity chat show with teammate and all-rounder Hardik Pandya.advertisementDuring an hour-long show, Pandya and Rahul talked about their relationships, crushes, favourite movies, actors and actresses.”When I lost my virginity, I came home and said, ‘Main karke aya hai aaj (I had sex today)’. At a party my parents asked me ‘acha tera wala (women) kaun sa hai [who is your interest here?] so I said yeh, yeh, yeh (pointing out women)’ and they were like ‘waah proud of you beta’,” Pandya boasted.The 25-year-old also said things like, “I like to watch and observe how they (women) move. I’m little from the black side so I need to see how they move,” when Karan Johar asked him why he doesn’t ask women for their names in nightclubs.Rahul then went on to reveal how they both decide on who gets to date a girl when Karan Johar asked them what happens when both of them like a particular person? “Upto the woman,” Rahul replied.But Pandya interrupted and said, “Nahi nahi aisa kuch nahi hai, talent pe hota hai. Jisko mila woh leke jao. It is on talent.”When Karan asked him who he thought should go for therapy, Rahul said: “I think Virat. He needs to calm down. I keep telling him, he’s just, he has never had a holiday mode. He’s always like ‘work, work, work’.”When Karan asked whom would you take fitness advice from? Pandya said “Virat”.Award for the best prankster? Then also he chose “Virat”. And the award for the most romantic? Rahul said: “Again, Virat”.Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul talked about their relationships, crushes, favourite movies, actors and actresses.While Rahul kept a level head on his shoulders and chose his words very carefully while replying to Karan Johar’s questions throughout the show, it was Hardik Pandya who got carried away and never really seemed like he quite understood what he was saying throughout the hour-long show.PANDYA APOLOGISESHardik Pandya landed himself in deep trouble after appearing on Karan Johar’s show Koffee with Karan. His comments did not go down well with his fans and followers of the popular talk show and took to Twitter to apologise for his comments.”After reflecting on my comments on Koffee with Karan, I would like to apologise to everyone concerned who I may have hurt in any way.”Honestly, I got a bit carried away with the nature of the show. In no way did I mean to disrespect or hurt anyone’s sentiments. Respect,” Pandya posted on Twitter.HARDIK DRAWS BCCI IREPandya’s apology came a little too late with the BCCI taking note of what all was said. It is understood that a section of the BCCI wants it’s decision makers to penalise Hardik Pandya for his comments on Koffee with Karan.”What Hardik has spoken at the show speaks poorly of the BCCI and Indian cricket. An apology is not enough and strong action should be taken so that right example can be set for the younger generation,” an official said.advertisementHARDIK, RAHUL ASKED TO EXPLAIN CONTROVERSIAL COMMENTSThe Committee of Administrators issued a show cause notice to the two Indian cricketers, Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul, and sought an explanation within 24 hours for their remarks on women on a TV show.The show cause came hours after Pandya apologised for making remarks that were construed as misogynist and sexist on celebrity chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’, saying he got “carried away by the nature” of the show.”We have sent show cause notices to Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul for their comments. They have given 24 hours to give an explanation,” CoA chief Vinod Rai told PTI.BCCI CONSIDERS BARRING PLAYERS FROM NON-CRICKET SHOWSCriticism started coming Pandya’s way soon after and it is learnt that he was ticked off by the BCCI top brass. According to a source, his comments were deemed “crass and cringeworthy” and might have a bearing on whether Indian cricketers appear on “such non-cricket shows” after this.”It will be considered whether players should even be allowed to appear on such shows which have got nothing to do with cricket,” a BCCI source told PTI.HARDIK RESPONDS TO BCCI SHOW CAUSE NOTICEHardik Pandya responded to the BCCI show cause notice by saying that he was “sincerely regretful” for the comments he made on the TV show.In his response to the notice, which gave him 24 hours to explain himself, Pandya said he did not realise that his comments would be found offensive.”I made an appearance on the chat show where I have made certain statements without realising that these could be disrespectful and offend sensitivities of viewers for which I am sincerely regretful,” he wrote in his response, which is in PTI’s possession.”I would like to assure you that there was no malice or any sort of ill-intent on my part to offend anyone or portray any section of the society in bad light. I made these statements in the flow of the show and had not comprehended the extent to which my statements would be found offensive,” he added.The 25-year-old, who is here for the ongoing series against Australia, vowed never to repeat the behaviour.”Rest assured I hold the BCCI in highest regard and will exercise complete discretion and prudence to ensure that such incidents are never repeated in future,” he said.BCCI RAISES HONEY TRAP CONCERNSBCCI treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary has warned Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul’s infamous comments on TV show Koffee With Karan could leave them susceptible to approaches from bookies. Chaudhary feared the players could be targeted by organized syndicates indulging in match-fixing through honey trap route.In an internal communication to BCCI COA member Diana Edulji, accessed by India Today, Chaudhary writes, “It must be noted that the comments such as the ones that have been made would definitely have painted a large, red target on the back of the players for potential recruiters for the organized syndicates who attempt to indulge in match-fixing across the globe.advertisement”The very first caution that the ICC Anti-Corruption officers give in a briefing to the players is to beware of situations of honey traps and the comments made on the show make it seem that the players may just be ripe for the plucking.”KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya were the first set of cricketers to appear on Koffee With Karan, an entertainment chat show, notorious for opening up celebrities on their personal lives.HARDIK PANDYA’S FATHER DEFENDS UNDER-FIRE CRICKETRHardik Pandya’s father has jumped to the defence of his son, who has been facing severe criticism over his infamous comments.Reacting to the criticism, Pandya’s father Himanshu told mid-day: “I don’t think people should read too much into his comments. It was an entertainment show and his comments were made in a light-hearted manner.”He was only looking to entertain the audience. So, it [his comments] should not be viewed very seriously or negatively. He is an innocent boy with a very fun-loving nature.”VIRAT KOHLI REACTSIndia captain Virat Kohli slammed all-rounder Hardik Pandya and opener KL Rahul for the sexist and misogynistic comments they made on the TV show.”We as the Indian cricket team and responsible cricketers don’t align with those views, those were individual opinions. We are still waiting for a decision to be made,” Kohli said at a press conference in Sydney.DIANA EDULJI WANTS PANDYA, RAHUL TO BE PUT UNDER SUSPENSION PENDING INQUIRYCommittee of Administrators member Diana Edulji recommended “suspension till further action” against India players Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul after the BCCI legal team refused to declare their outrage-evoking comments on women a violation of the code of conduct.Edulji had initially suggested a two-match suspension for the duo but referred the matter to the legal cell after COA chief Vinod Rai agreed with her and recommended the same.”It is imperative that players be put under suspension till further course of action is decided for this misconduct as was done in case of (BCCI) CEO (Rahul Johri) when he was sent on leave on sexual harassment matter,” read Edulji’s response to the legal opinion which is in possession of PTI.”Based on legal opinion and the final procedure is laid down to address this issue, will recommend that communication is sent to concerned players and team immediately,” Edulji wrote in response to recommendations from the Board’s legal firm Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas.PANDYA, RAHUL SUSPENDED, TO RETURN HOMEHardik Pandya and Lokesh Rahul have been suspended until a pending investigation into their controversial comments.”Both Pandya and Rahul have been suspended pending an inquiry,” PTI quoted Committee of Administrators chief Vindo Rai as saying.”The duo are being sent back. If they can book tickets then tomorrow or at least by day after. At this point their chances of making it to the New Zealand tour is also bleak,” said a senior BCCI official.A source in the BCCI also told the PTI that the two cricketers will be issued fresh show cause notices.”Whether it will be an internal committee of the BCCI or an ad hoc ombudsman who will conduct an inquiry, is yet to be ascertained,” the official said.’NOT COOL’Harbhajan Singh has slammed KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya who have been suspended by the BCCI over their controversial comments during an appearance on a popular television show, Koffee With Karan.”It [the suspension] was bound to happen. The BCCI has taken the right decision. That’s the way forward too. In this case, there was a lot of talk about sexism, racism and other ill-natured comments. You don’t tell these kinds of things on national television. We don’t even discuss these things with our friends,” Harbhajan told India Today on Friday.”They have openly said.. ‘I have done this, I have done that’. It was shocking to me. Many of my seniors, my friends have been talking about it and it has been shocking to all of them.”He [Hardik] tried to look cool on TV by putting other players also on the same level. People might think that Harbhajan Singh is one of them, Anil Kumble is also one of them and Sachin Tendulkar is also one of them. We are not like them.”This is wrong. They need to understand they play cricket and people treat them as gods. They can’t go out and say such things while pretending to be cool. You’re making fool out of yourself. This definitely was going to happen.”GAVASKAR WELCOMES BCCI MOVEFormer India captain and batting great Sunil Gavaskar had lauded the BCCI for suspending Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul and asking them to return home from Australia where Team India are playing a three-match ODI series.Gavaskar insisted that suspended players shouldn’t be rubbing shoulders with their teammates in the dressing room. The batting great’s comments come after media reports claimed that the India team management was mulling to keep Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul with the team despite the BCCI suspending them until a pending inquiry.”They [the BCCI] have dealt with it [the controversy]. From what I read in the newspapers today, they have sent them back or asked them to come back. That’s a right way to send a signal,” Gavaskar told Sony Six on Saturday.”If you do things that bring your team and the game into disrepute, then you can’t be part of the team. Of course, the inquiry will then establish what further action, if at all needed, has to be taken.”They have been asked to come back and I believe it’s the correct step because you can’t have suspended players travelling with the team or staying in the same room. They have got to be kept away. Otherwise what’s the point of the suspension? If they are going to enjoy the perks of being with the team.”VINOD RAIN WANTS QUICK INQUIRY, EDULJI FEARS COVER UPCommittee of Administrators (COA) chief Vinod Rai has proposed a quick inquiry into much-criticised comments made by suspended cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul but Diana Edulji fears it will be construed as a “cover up” job.The two-member Committee of Administrators (COA) is yet again divided and this time on how the inquiry into the latest controversy should be conducted.”We should be in no hurry to conduct the inquiry as it would then look like a cover up job being done,” Edulji wrote in her email response after Rai wanted inquiry to be completed quickly as team strength has gone down from 15 to 13.”We must take a view by the time second ODI gets over as we cannot afford to debilitate team strength due to delinquent behaviour on the part of some player,” Rai had written.PANDYA LOSES GILLETTE ENDORSEMENTHardik Pandya received a further setback. Hardik Pandya has lost his endorsement deal with Gillette after the Koffee with Karan controversy. Pandya and KL Rahul were suspended and have been ordered to return home from Australia following their sexist comments on the TV show.GILL, SHANKAR REPLACE RAHUL, PANDYAShubman Gill and Vijay Shankar have been named replacements for Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul for the remainder of the ODI series in Australia and the limited-over series in New Zealand. Pandya and Rahul were suspended and ordered to return home after their controversial comments on TV show Koffee with Karan.Vijay Shankar, who made his T20I debut in March 2018, will join the India squad ahead of the second ODI against Australia, on January 15 in Adelaide. Meanwhile, Gill, who has earned a senior national team call-up for the first time, will join the team only during the New Zealand tour, consisting of five ODIs and three T20Is from January 23.BABUL SUPRIYO SLAMS EDULJI OVER HARDIK, RAHUL SUSPENSIONSUnion Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP, Babul Supriyo has slammed Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Committee of Administrators (CoA) member, Diana Edulji for trying to “destroy” the careers of Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, who have been suspended pending an inquiry over their “inappropriate comments” on a popular television show.Supriyo, also a playback singer, expressed concerns with the way senior BCCI officials have handled the situation and added Edulji had contemplated extreme steps with regards to the punishments meted out to Hardik and Rahul.”With due & utter respect to Diana Edulji & her contribution to Indian cricket, May I say that her thinking has got ‘fossil’ to contemplate such extreme stepsWhat Hardik said is deplorable but their has to be some prudence in the way such senior minds handle the young ones (sic),” Supriyo wrote on Twitter.”There is ‘Thick’ line between reprimanding someone and destroying them !! My plea to these seniors : please behave your ages gentlemen & ladies.. Rest my case (sic).”PANDYA AND RAHUL TENDER UNCONDITIONAL APOLOGYSuspended cricketers Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul have tendered unconditional apologies to the seven-day show cause notice issued to them by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).Both the players were asked to return home from the Australia tour following the suspension order.The Committee of Administrators (CoA) Chairman Vinod Rai has now referred the matter to BCCI CEO Rahul Johri, who will investigate the case further. Johri is supposed to submit his findings in no more than 15 days.”Yes, Hardik and Rahul have submitted their reply to the fresh showcause notices that were served to them. They have tendered unconditional apology. The CoA chief has instructed the CEO to conduct an inquiry as per clause 41 (c) of the new BCCI constitution,” a senior BCCI official told PTI on conditions of anonymity.last_img read more

first_imgIf anyone gets J.W. Walsh, it’s Glenn Spencer. OSU’s defensive coordinator tweeted a couple of epic quotes ahead of the OU game on Saturday and then talked about Walsh with the Oklahoman.OU— Glenn Spencer (@Glenn_Spencer) November 26, 2015“Since day one, he’s been special,” Spencer told the Oklahoman. “J.W. came in as a mid-year freshman going through workouts, he was special. He exudes a lot of toughness. And he’s authentic. He’s an authentic young man. He’s an authentic tough guy. That’s what I preach to my guys on my side all the time.”Side note here: As a college student, there have to be few things better than Glenn Spencer calling you authentic. It would be like Steph Curry saying you have a “nice touch.”But Spencer wasn’t done.“He’s a tremendous guy. The more of those you have on your team, the better off you’re going to be, not only for the talent but for what he brings to the locker room. Nobody defines that more than J.W. of what we like to be about.”I have no doubt of that.The General will suit up for the last time (maybe?) in BPS on Saturday in the biggest game he’ll ever play in (probably). And yeah, I just got a tad emotional typing that.If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

first_imgUEFA Europa League Arsenal vs Koln: TV channel, stream, kick-off time, odds & match preview Ryan Kelly Last updated 2 years ago 16:30 14/9/2017 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Danny Welbeck Sead Kolasinac Arsenal Bournemouth Getty UEFA Europa League Arsenal Arsenal v Köln Köln Arsene Wenger’s side make their first continental appearance of the season on Thursday, but it comes in Europe’s second tier Arsenal enter relatively unfamiliar terrain on Thursday when they get their Europa League campaign under way against Koln.The Gunners finished fifth in the Premier League last season, meaning they missed out on a Champions League place and, as a consequence, they have dropped to the second tier of Europe’s elite.Bundesliga outfit Koln also finished fifth last term and they represent one of Arsenal’s tougher opponents in Group H, with games against BATE Borisov and Red Star Belgrade to come. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘I’m getting better’ – Can Man Utd flop Fred save his Old Trafford career? Why Barcelona god Messi will never be worshipped in the same way in Argentina Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Game Arsenal vs Koln Date Thursday, September 14 Time 20:05 BST / 15:05 ET TV CHANNEL & LIVE STREAM Hector Bellerin Alexandre Lacazette Arsenal 09092017In the UK, the match will be available to watch live on television on BT Sport 2 as well as being available to stream online via the BT Sport app. UK TV channel Online stream BT Sport 2 BT Sport app In the US, the game will be broadcast live on television on FS1 and will be available to stream online using Fox Sports GO, the Fox Soccer Match Pass and WatchESPN. US TV channel Online stream FS1 Fox Sports GO / Match Pass / WatchESPN SQUADS & TEAM NEWS Position Arsenal players Goalkeepers Cech, Ospina, Iliev, Huddart, Keto, Macey Defenders Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Holding, Monreal, Mustafi, Chambers, Bellerin, Kolasinac Midfielders Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Iwobi, Reine-Adelaide, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles, Coquelin, Elneny, Bielik, Gilmour, McGuane, Nelson, Sheaf Forwards Sanchez, Lacazette, Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, Akpom, Willock, Da Silva, Eyoma, Nketiah Arsenal will be without Francis Coquelin, who is carrying a hamstring injury, while Santi Cazorla has not been included in the Europa League squad and is months away from a return to match action anyway.Arsene Wenger has included a number of youth-team players in his squad and may opt to rotate first-team players with a crunch Premier League clash against rivals Chelsea three days later.Potential starting XI: Ospina; Holding, Mustafi, Monreal; Bellerin, Kolasinac, Elneny, Wilshere; Nelson, Giroud, Sanchez. Position Koln players Goalkeepers T. Horn, Kessler, Muller, Scott Defenders Heintz, Sorensen, Maraoh, Hector, Olkowski, Mere, J. Horn, Klunter, Queiros, Rausch Midfielders Hoger, Risse, Jojic, Clemens, Ozcan, Bittencourt, Lehmann, Nartey Forwards Rudnevs, Zoller, Osako, Cordoba, Guirassy Koln head coach Peter Stoger confirmed that striker Artjoms Rudnevs would not be available for the game against Arsenal, but other than that they have a clean bill of health.Marcel Risse and Milos Jojic have returned to training so will come into consideration for the trip to north London. Potential starting XI: T. Horn; Hector, Heintz, Mere, Klunter; Jojic, Risse, Lehmann, Bittencourt; Cordoba, Osako.BETTING & MATCH ODDS Jonas Hector 1 FC Koln Bayern Munchen Bundesliga 17932016Arsenal are favourites according to dabblebet, with odds of 3/10 for the Gunners to win. Koln are priced at 8/1 to win, while a draw is available at 17/4.You can check out all the available markets for the Europa League clash between Arsenal and Koln on dabblebet.GAME PREVIEW Alexis Sanchez Arsene Wenger Arsenal BournemouthWhile Arsenal will be forced to endure jibes as part of their participation in the Europa League, the reality is that the tournament represents an excellent opportunity for the club to book their place in next season’s Champions League.With the Premier League becoming increasingly competitive, top clubs are finding it difficult to qualify for Europe’s leading club competition, but the second-tier Europa League has become a realistic alternative route, with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United benefitting after winning the tournament in recent years.Wenger’s side have experienced some early wobbles in the 2017-18 league season, with the futures of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil also shrouded in uncertainty, but they can set the tone for the rest of the year with a convincing display in Europe.Indeed, with a crucial derby clash against Antonio Conte’s Chelsea coming in the league three days later, an emphatic victory at home to one of Germany’s better teams will not only set them up nicely in Group H, but it will also give them plenty of momentum as they look to climb up the league table.last_img read more

first_imgzoom Oslo-listed Bulk Invest ASA said that some of its main creditors have requested a legal injunction, requiring a reversal of the sale of Western Bulk Chartering AS to Kistefos Equity Operations AS.The unnamed creditors are linked in the media reports to six Japanese investors who claim the deal was underpriced.Western Bulk ASA sold its wholly-owned subsidiary Western Bulk Chartering at the beginning of this month in an attempt to stay financially viable.Western Bulk Chartering was sold in an auction to Norway-based private investment company Kistefos AS for a cash consideration of USD 16 million. Under the terms of the sale, Kistefos AS agreed to assume the company’s remaining debt amount of USD 31 million.“The company believes that the alleged claims are completely unfounded and will defend itself against them,” Bulk Invest ASA said.Bulk Invest ASA added that it was continuing its restructuring efforts, and is in an on-going dialogue with its main creditors as the company looks for potential solutions to the its “challenging financial situation.”Moreover, the company has mandated a financial advisor to assist with the restructuring of the company’s obligations related to its chartered-in fleet.The mandate also includes a plan to potentially raise additional equity capital if a viable solution with the main creditors is achieved.last_img read more

first_imgKolkata: Monsoon is expected to enter Bengal by the middle of June, predicted the Regional Meteorological Centre in Alipore on Thursday.Meanwhile, various South Bengal districts continue to receive pre-monsoon rains bringing down the mercury by a few notches. People in North Bengal districts also witnessed rainfall in various parts on Thursday. The MeT office on Wednesday predicted moderate to heavy rainfall in various South Bengal districts for the next 48 hours. A scattered rainfall lashed various parts of South Bengal on Thursday as it was predicted by the weather office. Also Read – City bids adieu to Goddess DurgaCity dwellers breathed a sigh of relief after the pre-monsoon rains that hit the state checked the rising mercury level that shot up in the past few weeks. Many South Bengal districts, including the city had been under tremendous heat spell. Pre-monsoon rains brought a temporary relief from the scorching summer heat. Bablu Sona (40), a resident of Kheyadaha area under Narendrapur police station area in South 24-Parganas died after being struck by lightning. Also Read – Centuries-old Durga Pujas continue to be hit among revellersThe incident occurred on Thursday morning. The victim was working on a field when lightning struck him. Some local residents rushed him to Subhasgram hospital where he was declared brought dead. A moderate to heavy rain coupled with thunderstorm lashed various South Bengal districts in the evening hours of Thursday. It will further intensify in the next 24 hours, as moisture laden wind from Bay of Bengal is entering the state, a weather official said. According to the MeT office prediction, the monsoon is expected to enter the state after June 15. It will hit Kerala on June 8-9. It will take around a week to reach the state, the weather office presumes. Heavy showers coupled with thunderstorm are expected to hit the districts such as North 24-Parganas, South 24-Parganas, Kolkata, Hooghly, Howrah and East Midnapore in the next 24 hours. There will be heavy showers in North Bengal districts as well. “The mercury is expected to remain below normal both in North and South Bengal districts giving a relief to the people from the hot and humid condition. The discomfort by the high level of humidity will also reduce to intermittent rainfall in the next couple of days. People will experience a pleasant weather,” a weather official said. The official said: “A low pressure trough has currently been extending from Rajasthan to Mizoram contributing to the weather system that brings the pre-monsoon rainfall.”last_img read more

first_imgHip-hop icon Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons and Novo Nordisk, a world leader in diabetes care, have teamed up in a multi-year national education program, Ask.Screen.Know., to encourage people to learn their risk for diabetes and highlight the need for early diabetes detection.As an ambassador for the program, the front man for the influential Run DMC rap group will appear in a national public service announcement, host a series of local events across the country, and activate his social media network of nearly 4 million followers to challenge Americans ages 45 or older to learn their own risk for diabetes and talk to a healthcare professional about getting tested.“Watching my dad manage his diabetes, I know firsthand the impact that the disease can have,” said Rev Run. “Your health is worth the time. That’s why I joined the Ask.Screen.Know. campaign. I’m looking at my own risk of diabetes and holding myself accountable for my health. I’m asking others to do the same.”According to recent estimates, as many as 1 in 4 U.S. adults are at risk to develop diabetes. And the risk for African Americans is greater, as they are two times more likely to develop diabetes than Caucasian Americans. Early detection is important because diabetes can lead to serious health complications, such as heart disease and stroke, kidney disease, high blood pressure, blindness, nerve problems, and amputations.Rev Run knows he is at risk for diabetes and is on a path to better health by taking steps to lower his risk. Inspired by a strong support network comprised of his family, healthcare professionals, and his fans, Rev Run implements healthy eating and exercise into his daily routine. He also gets screened regularly for diabetes.Now in its fourth year running, the Ask.Screen.Know. campaign, sponsored by Novo Nordisk, aims to reach the estimated 79 million Americans who are living with prediabetes. In addition to a national public service announcement, the campaign will reach the public through a dedicated website where visitors can take a risk factor assessment test, learn about the specific benefits of diabetes screening, and get links to diabetes resources. The website can be accessed here.The program will also utilize a series of social media vehicles, including Rev Run’s Words of Wisdom daily inspirations on Twitter and an exclusive Twitter video chat to reach those at risk.“As a diabetes educator, I’ve seen the impact diabetes can have on a community,” said Jeannette Jordan, RD, CDE, Novo Nordisk. “Knowing your risk for diabetes is the first step – because the earlier you know your risk for the disease, the better you can manage it. Talk to your doctor regularly about ways to keep the risk under control.”The American Diabetes Association recommends that those who are 45 years or older get tested for diabetes once every three years, in particular those who are overweight and have one or more risk factors such as family history of diabetes, lack of regular exercise, high blood pressure, having had diabetes during a pregnancy or giving birth to a baby who weighed more than 9 pounds, or are members of particular race/ethnicity (African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders).“The diabetes epidemic continues to escalate and affects many communities including African Americans at disproportionate levels,” said Lori Moore, Executive Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Novo Nordisk. “Rev Run has an important message for us as part of Ask.Screen.Know. – know your risk, get tested, and take action.”With the launch of this campaign, Rev Run becomes the latest celebrity ambassador to join the Ask.Screen.Know. program. The program launched in 2009 with Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis and her husband, actor Louis Zorich and continued in 2011 with actor Chris Noth.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

first_imgComing out and its impact on the sports industry was a career-defining moment, said Jason Collins, retired NBA Player and the first openly gay man to play in the NBA, at an event on Tuesday.The AARP event, hosted in collaboration with SAGE and the City of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs, brought together members of the LGBT community, along with community organizations and local stakeholders, to discuss cross-cultural competence and challenges the LGBT community often faces.Attendees spoke out about the importance of cultural sensitivity and diversity inclusion during the roundtable discussion moderated by Terri Clark, SAGECare Trainer.“Although members of the LGBT community have many things in common, we also have aspects of our identities that join us to other cultures and communities,” stated Terri Clark, SAGECare Trainer. “Folks attended because they want to connect and learn about the diversity within our LGBT communities and believe they are strengthened by the diversity of the communities in which we live, work and play.”Amber Hikes, Executive Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs, stressed the importance of inclusion when decision-makers put forth policies.“The City of Philadelphia is here to help our diverse population,” Hikes said. “It is our mission to do it, and to let Philadelphians know what resources are available. I’m proud to represent the City of Philadelphia as we work to support and advocate for the LGBT community.”Hikes, who recently attended a discussion about caregiving for older adults in the LGBT community, highlighted the importance of taking a multi-generational approach to addressing issues such as health care access, discrimination and access to resources.By the year 2030, the LGBT community age 65+ is expected to almost double, from 2.5 million to as many as 4.7 million.“It is critical we address these issues to support the 50+ LGBT community,” states Angela Foreshaw-Rouse, AARP Pennsylvania Manager of State Operations and Outreach. “That’s why we’re working closely with the City of Philadelphia and SAGE.” AARP Pennsylvania has been working on the issues of housing discrimination, diversity inclusion, and caregiving, to advocate for and support the 50+ community in Philadelphia.During the forum the keynote speakers, which included Collins, Hikes, and Clark, discussed the greatest challenges they face in raising cultural awareness and sensitivity beyond the LGBT community.“When we lack cultural awareness and diversity inclusion, we experience isolation and feel disconnected,” said Ed Miller, Senior Programs Coordinator at William Way Center. “It’s so important that we work together to support each other, within the LGBT community and beyond.”last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: The country’s crude oil production fell over 4 per cent in the financial year 2018-19 after aging fields of state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) and Oil India Ltd (OIL) missed the target, official data showed Thursday. India produced 34.2 million tonne of crude oil in the fiscal year ended March 31, down from 35.7 million tonne in the previous year, according to data released by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas here. ONGC output dropped to 21 million tonne from 22.25 million tonne in 2017-18, while OIL saw a 2.5 per cent dip to 3.3 million tonne. Fields in the private sector saw a production drop of nearly 2 per cent to 9.8 million tonne mainly because of lower output at Cairn India’s Rajasthan oilfields. ONGC production was lower due to technical issues at its Mumbai and Neelam Heera fields in the Arabian Sea and less than the production at Santhal and Balol fields in Gujarat. During March, the country’s total crude oil production fell to 2.85 million tonne from 3.04 million tonne in the corresponding month of the previous fiscal year. Natural gas production, however, edged up to 32.9 billion cubic metre (BCM) in 2018-19, from 32.6 BCM in the previous year as ONGC produced 5.3 per cent more gas at 24.67 BCM. Higher production by ONGC made up for a nearly 14 per cent drop in output from private sector fields at 5.47 BCM. This was a result of shutting down of two more wells at Reliance Industries’ eastern offshore D1-D3 gas fields in the flagging KG-D6 block, the ministry statement said. Indian refineries produced 2 per cent higher fuel and other petroleum products at 257.2 million tonne in 2018-19 on a better showing by state-owned firms. State-owned refiners such as Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) produced nearly 3 per cent more fuel at 151 million tonnes in 2018-19, while private sector refinery throughput was nearly 3.5 per cent lower at 88 million tonne after both Reliance Industries’ Jamnagar refineries and Nayara Energy’s Vadinar units in Gujarat produced less.last_img read more

28 May 2007Pope Benedict XVI today received in private audience the head United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), who voiced appreciation for support the agency has received from the Catholic Church. Pope Benedict XVI today received in private audience the head United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), who voiced appreciation for support the agency has received from the Catholic Church.“It is a great honour to express in person my gratitude to His Holiness for his invaluable support in favour of the world’s hungry,” said WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran.“I hope that the already excellent collaborative work with the Catholic Church which, like WFP, is an institution with truly global reach, can be strengthened further.”WFP works with a number of Catholic organizations, including Caritas Internationalis which, through its network of over 40 member organizations such as Catholic Relief Services, distributed 85,000 tonnes of food in 2006. The agency also has partnerships with the Jesuit Refugee Service in six countries in sub-Saharan Africa and in Colombia, the Community of St. Egidio, and with many other Catholic-inspired NGOs, including the German Malteser Hilfsdienst, which works with WFP in Sudan and Myanmar.“The moral authority of the Holy Father and his appeals for peace, justice and security are highly encouraging for us. We know we can always count on the partnership and precious help of Catholics and Catholic organizations,” said Ms. Sheeran.During the war in Lebanon in the summer of 2006, the Vatican donated two ambulances to the Lebanese chapter of Caritas. The vehicles were sent to Beirut through the WFP-managed humanitarian response depot (UNHRD) in Brindisi.Ms. Sheeran also thanked the Holy Father for mentioning, during his pastoral visit to Brazil, the WFP and the “Walk the World” march against hunger on 13 May. During the audience, the WFP chief invited His Holiness to visit the agency’s headquarters in Rome. read more

Sri Lanka has once again topped the list for searching for the word “sex” online this year, according to Gooogle.Google trends found that the word “sex” was most searched for online in Sri Lanka followed by Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia and Tunisia. The Western Province topped the list from where people searched for the word “sex” with Nugegoda the city from where the word was most searched for online. Colombo was in fourth position. (Colombo Gazette) read more

PORT DOVER You could be part of a piece of art.Michael Barber, an artist from Port Dover, has started working on his piece entitled Water Mother, a wood-and-resin sculpture that combines woodworking and sandblasting.The project is being made for Great Art for Great Lakes (GAGL). GAGL commissions artists to create collaborative pieces to connect locals to their surrounding waters.Barber held his first participatory event at Powell Park in Port Dover on Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. The next event will be held in the same location on Saturday, July 13, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.“People are interested in the project, and the cause, and the whole waterlution theory,” said Barber. “It’s amazing when you ask people to create one mark that symbolizes their commitment to the water, just how much thought goes into it.”The public has been asked to participate by creating a mark that Barber will then sandblast into the piece, symbolizing the commitment each person is making to take better care of the water around Norfolk, including Lake Erie.Participants that wish to have their mark in Water Mother must attend one of Barber’s events. They will fill out a survey about their involvement in the water and their artistic ability. Once the survey is complete participants are given a small piece of paper on which to draw their mark.  The mark is then transferred to a sheet that will allow Barber to sandblast the design.The participants were steadily arriving Wednesday, with at least one person at the table at a time to create their mark. Barber is hoping for at least 200 marks to complete the piece.“We’re getting the marks and that’s exactly what we were hoping for.”Barber was among artists that submitted a proposal for a community-engagement project to strengthen local residents’ relationship with the Great Lakes. The project is in partnership with Norfolk County.People will be able to see their mark on the piece once it is completed. It will be on display at the Norfolk Arts read more

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the funding will be used to inoculate 520,000 children under five years of age in Banadir, in the south-east, Lower Juba, in the south, and Puntland, the north-eastern semi-autonomous region of the country. “The vaccination drive will help prevent the spread of the disease to other locations, particularly those inaccessible to vaccination teams,” said the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Philippe Lazzarini.A nationwide catch-up campaign will be conducted in the next six months as part of the overall measles control strategy. The disease is one of the leading killers of young children in the country, where one in five die before their fifth birthday. There were over 1,350 suspected cases of measles in March and April 2014 – four times more than the number during the same period last year, and nearly 1,000 cases were reported in May alone, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).“This is extremely alarming,” said Dr. Ghulam Popal, UN World Health Organization (WHO) Somalia Representative. “We know there has been extremely low immunization coverage among Somali children and we need to urgently ensure as many as possible are immunized.”The measles outbreak is particularly worrisome given the lack of access to health services in the country. Somalia faces some of the worst health indicators in the world, with only 30 per cent of people having access to a nurse or doctor. “A high number of Somali children are malnourished and therefore far more susceptible to illness such as measles – which kills many children under five or leaves them blind, deaf or with brain damage,” said Sikander Khan, the UNICEF Representative for Somalia.The emergency aid comes from the OCHA-managed UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), which is one of the world’s largest sources of humanitarian funding. It will be complemented by $300,000 from the Somalia Common Humanitarian Fund. read more

first_img Wednesday 6 Mar 2019, 9:29 AM 21 Comments Mar 6th 2019, 9:29 AM Short URL Share45 Tweet Email1 Wintry showers and frost forecast for the weekend The weekend will see unsettled weather with blustery conditions and heavy rain in some places. 36,328 Views Image: Shutterstock/Tatiana Zorina Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article THE WEATHER FOR the rest of the week will bring a mix of sunshine and unsettled conditions, but the weekend is expected to be cold and wet across the country. According to Met Éireann, this morning began mostly cloudy, with some heavy rain in Ulster. Rain will continue in Ulster and north Leinster throughout the day, but elsewhere there will be some bright spells. Temperatures should reach 10 degrees in the south with mostly fresh, gusty northwest winds. Tonight will remain windy, with rain in Ulster clearing eastwards throughout the night.Lowest temperatures of 1 to 5 degrees are forecast. Thursday and Friday will be mostly dry bright days with occasional showers, turning wintry in some places.The weekend will see unsettled weather, with blustery conditions and heavy rain in some areas. It will get very cold in the evening, with showers turning wintry overnight and with frost developing in many areas.Sunday is set to remain very cold, with a mix of sunny spells and wintry showers.  By Cormac Fitzgerald Image: Shutterstock/Tatiana Zorinalast_img read more

first_imgL’expérience CLOUD lève le voile sur la chimie des nuagesLes premiers résultats de l’expérience CLOUD menée par le Cern, apportent des éléments précis sur l’impact des rayons cosmiques sur la formation des aérosols, ces potentielles “graines” de nuages. Un élément clé dans l’étude du climat, relaye SciencesetAvenir.C’est une expérience inédite que conduit actuellement le Centre européen pour la recherche nucléaire. Baptisée CLOUD, celle-ci s’intéresse de près aux aérosols, des particules peuplant notre atmosphère et qui possèdent un rôle primordial dans le climat. Jusqu’à présent, la complexité de leur action restait méconnue, d’où l’intérêt des chercheurs du Cern. Ainsi, l’objectif de l’expérience CLOUD, pour Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets, est de mieux comprendre les liens entre le rayonnement cosmique qui parsème la Terre et la formation des aérosols, à partir desquels peuvent se constituer des nuages. En vérité, les aérosols peuvent se former de plusieurs manières. Alors qu’une partie est directement émise par des processus naturels ou par des activités humaines, une autre se forme à l’aide de certains gaz présents dans l’atmosphère. C’est ce qu’on appelle le processus de nucléation, précise Science et avenir. Le but de CLOUD est alors de parvenir à quantifier plus précisément ce processus chimique afin de pouvoir mieux modéliser les phénomènes climatiques.C’est ainsi que pour la première fois, des chercheurs sont parvenus à quantifier avec précision le taux de nucléation des aérosols. L’équipe internationale dirigée par le physicien Jasper Kirkby a mené cette expérience dans des conditions expérimentales entièrement contrôlées dans une chambre d’acier de 3 mètres de diamètre. Les gaz entrant dans la réaction de la nucléation (acide sulfurique, vapeur d’eau, ammoniac) y ont été exposés à un faisceau de protons produit par l’accélérateur du Cern. Les rayons cosmiques sont en effet des faisceaux de particules de haute énergie produits dans la galaxie par des supernovae, d’où le rôle de l’accélérateur. En atteignant la Terre, ces rayons ionisent l’atmosphère. Selon les hypothèses des chercheurs, c’est alors ce rayonnement qui stimule la nucléation des aérosols et qui a donc au final un effet sur la formation des nuages. Une expérience inédite aux premiers résultats très précis”Les précédentes expériences qui ont été menées ne donnaient pas un taux très précis de nucléation, la marge d’incertitude était très grande”, explique Paolo Laj, spécialiste des aérosols atmosphériques au Laboratoire de glaciologie et de géophysique de Grenoble (LGGE, CNRS). Au contraire, “CLOUD donne un taux de nucléation d’une grande précision, y compris en présence d’ions, ce dont on ne disposait pas jusque là”.C’est ainsi que l’observation a mis en évidence que les ions augmentent le taux de nucléation des aérosols. Mais l’expérience a également montré que lorsque l’altitude est plus élevée, l’incidence est plus importante : à 15 kilomètres d’altitude, cet impact est plus fort que dans les couches basses de l’atmosphère. Plus intéressant encore, à environ un kilomètre de la surface de la Terre, les trois composants habituels de la nucléation ne suffisent pas pour produire la quantité d’aérosols observée dans le monde réel, expliquent les chercheurs. Même la présence d’ions ne rétablit pas la balance. Ce qui suggère que d’autres éléments entrent donc également en jeu, comme des composants organiques capables de stabiliser la nucléation. La prochaine étape de cette expérience est donc de quantifier l’apport de ces composants d’origine naturelle ou humaine.Orage à l’horizon : des conclusions déjà déformées À lire aussiQui est Greta Thunberg, proposée pour un prix Nobel à seulement 16 ans ?Ces résultats étaient pour ainsi dire, très attendus par les scientifiques car l’effet des rayons cosmiques sur la formation des nuages fait l’objet d’un vif débat entre scientifiques. Mais faire la part des choses reste nécessaire : les résultats de CLOUD ne permettent pas de tirer des conclusions sur la formation des nuages, puisque l’expérience n’observe que la nucléation des aérosols. “Rien ne dit que dans l’atmosphère la majeure partie de la nucléation vienne de la présence d’ions, analyse de son côté Paolo Laj. “S’ajoute ensuite le problème de l’évolution de ces particules pendant plusieurs jours”.  La nucléation n’est en effet qu’une étape dans le processus de condensation qui lui, permet la formation de gouttelettes puis de nuages. La création de particules plus grosses, voire de véritables nuages dans la chambre de l’expérience CLOUD, est une étape ultérieure de l’expérience. Le 28 août 2011 à 13:56 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgQuatre des six réacteurs de Fukushima vont être démantelésA partir du 20 avril, quatre des six réacteurs de la centrale nucléaire accidentée Fukushima Daiichi n’auront plus d’existence administrative a annoncé Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) qui va désormais s’atteler à les démanteler.La loi japonaise prévoit que le parc de réacteurs nucléaires du pays passe de 54 unités à 50. Ainsi, le 20 avril prochain, quatre des six réacteurs de la centrale de Fukushima Daiichi n’auront plus d’existence administrative. C’est l’annonce très attendue qu’a faite hier Tepco, l’opérateur de la centrale. Les deux autres réacteurs eux ne disparaissent pas des listes administratives bien qu’ils n’aient pas la moindre chance d’être remis un jour en fonction, rapporte l’AFP.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Les quatre réacteurs de la deuxième centrale de la préfecture de Fukushima (Fukushima Daini), eux aussi stoppés à cause de la catastrophe, subiront sans doute le même sort même si Tepco dit ne pas vouloir y renoncer pour le moment. Le gouvernement nippon et l’exploitant estiment qu’il faudra environ quatre décennies pour démanteler les unités 1 à 4 de Fukushima Daiichi, le tout avec des techniques complexes. Pour l’heure, le Japon n’utilise qu’un seul réacteur sur les 54 dont il dispose. Or, celui-ci devrait prochainement être arrêté pour une session d’entretien.A compter du 6 mai donc, la production d’électricité d’origine nucléaire du Japon sera donc nulle et ce pour une durée inconnue. Le redémarrage des réacteurs exploitables sera par ailleurs conditionné au passage d’examens techniques et à l’approbation du gouvernement et des élus locaux, ce qui allonge considérablement l’échéancier habituel.Le 17 avril 2012 à 12:53 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgKhalid Khan feels endlessly optimistic about his adopted country.“This is still the United States of America,” he said. “There are always people on the fringes, but I have faith in the great majority. The greatest strength of this country is the system. The way the founding fathers set it up, it’s all going to work out.”Khan is one of the founders of the Islamic Society of Southwest Washington, Clark County’s only mosque. It’s located on a tucked-away dead-end street near the bottom of Hazel Dell, and Khan said he’s grateful for its low profile. But he added that the mosque did receive some unsolicited attention from neighbors — around Election Day and again after President Donald Trump issued an executive order limiting international travel from mostly Muslim countries.First came a voicemail from a concerned couple, offering to escort local Muslims to the polls. Khan called them to thank them and point out that vote-by-mail means a generally harassment-free election experience. After the victory of Donald Trump, somebody else sent a general “letter of support” and friendliness to the mosque, Khan said. Khan thanked them, too.The Sunday after the executive order was issued, worried Muslims showed up at their mosque to discover that Valentine’s Day had arrived early: their front doors had been anonymously decorated with construction-paper hearts by neighbors promising their love and support:“We love our Muslim neighbors.”“Thank you for bringing us light.”“Our hearts are open to refugees.”“Large-hearted, honest, fair and kind” is how Khan has found Americans in his nearly 50 years here, he said. That’s a vast generalization, of course, but for the most part, this immigrant said his experience of America and Americans has been nothing short of “fantastic.”last_img read more

first_imgPapa John’s founder John Schnatter resigned as chairman of the company’s board Wednesday, hours after apologizing for using the n-word during a May conference call with a marketing agency.Schnatter, a Trump donor who stepped down as the pizza corporation’s chief executive in January after he said that National Football League player protests were hurting his pizza sales, was the subject of a news report in the business publication Forbes that documented his use of the racial slur. He confirmed the allegation in his apology.“News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a media training session regarding race are true,” Schnatter said in a statement. “Regardless of the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society.”Forbes reported that Papa John’s executives were on a call with the marketing agency Laundry Service when Schnatter made the remark. The group was going through a role-playing exercise meant to better prepare for public-relations challenges.Schnatter was asked how he would separate himself from racist groups online and responded by “downplaying the significance of his NFL statement,” Forbes reported.last_img read more