first_imgThe AP first visited the hospital last month and returned this week to get a fuller impression of how its staff is coping amid Syria’s civil war. The routine is as simple as it is brutal: A barrage of shelling echoes over the city, and about 15 minutes later, the wounded flow in.The medics work amid the wails of traumatized children, badly wounded men shouting Islam’s declaration of faith in their final minutes, and rebel fighters holding RPGs mourning dead comrades, with tears streaming down their gunpowder-blackened cheeks.Blood is everywhere. Orderlies mop it up as more wounded arrive. Amid the din of groans and cries for help, a worker spots a severed limb on the floor and tries to break the tension with some black humor.“Anyone missing a foot?” he asks.Once a private clinic owned by a businessman loyal to President Bashar Assad, Dar al-Shifa hospital has been taken over by volunteer doctors, nurses and aides united by their opposition to the regime and the need to give medical care to civilians and rebels.The seven-story hospital stands only 400-500 meters (yards) from the front line in a neighborhood that is heavily shelled. Nearly three months into the rebel offensive in Aleppo, the facility has taken at least six direct hits, mostly affecting the upper stories; its staff uses the bottom three floors. Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   “It’s OK, sweetie. Just ask God to exact revenge on Bashar,” a fighter told the girl, who wore her long brown hair in two ponytails.She grimaced every time she looked at the other patients nearby. A man lying on the floor with a back injury repeatedly shouted, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.”Addressing the medic treating him, he said in a heart-wrenching voice: “May Allah have mercy on the eyes of your parents.”Next to him was a dying man who did not speak.Next to Fatimah was a man whose right foot was hanging only by his skin. He held a cellphone in his right hand. As the staff walked past him to help others, he tugged at their coats.“May Allah be with you,” he said, pleading for assistance. The man eventually lost his foot and the staff bandaged his leg to stop the bleeding.Rawyah and Bedour, two girls about 9 or 10, were screaming in pain as a doctor and two assistants attended to them. Lying on their backs, they kicked their legs in the air every time bits of shrapnel were removed from their bodies.Undeterred by all the gore, Osman’s two children, Omar and Rushd, wandered around the lobby the same way others their age would walk in a park. Hussein, about 40, with an assault rifle slung across his shoulder, left the group and headed to one side of the hospital’s lobby to offer a brief prayer for Ali. He did not use a prayer mat on the bloodstained floor.Afterward, he tapped his comrades on the shoulder with his blood-soaked hands.“Don’t cry. Just say `thank you, God,’ because he is now a martyr,” he told them, his brown worry beads wrapped around the barrel of his rifle.Al-Sheikh’s body, wrapped in a sky blue sheet, was taken from the ICU and carried outside by the fighters who shouted, “There is no God but Allah.”Thursday morning was ushered in with an airstrike and intense shelling that sounded much closer than the previous day’s attack.There were more injured: a sniper victim who prayed loudly until he succumbed to his chest wound; a child no more than 10 who stared at his severed left foot lying in front of him; a man who begged for help and was told firmly by a medic: “Act as a believer and wait for your turn.”The overwhelmed staff asked those with superficial wounds to go home and come back later.“My brother is dying!” cried a young man as he stood next to his wounded sibling. “For God’s sake, people, come and help him!” A fighter carrying an RPG launcher on his shoulder walked over the wounded on the floor as he made his way to the narrow staircase leading to the X-ray room in the basement. A woman wearing the Muslim hijab and a blood-soaked black coat was on a gurney waiting for someone to attend to her. A man on the floor had a hole in his back the size of a tennis ball.“May God curse Bashar Assad until he goes to his grave!” yelled a man in a loose gray robe. “He is a pig and son of a dog! May Allah curse his father, tanks and guns!”The lobby was swiftly cleared of the wounded. Relatives took them away, either to their homes or to better-equipped hospitals in northern Aleppo province or in government-controlled areas of the city.The respite did not last long. A series of blasts shortly after 4 p.m. brought a fresh wave of wounded, many of them children.“Uncle, please take me to my mum at home,” said one of them, a 9-year-old named Fatimah, pleading to a journalist.Fatimah only had shrapnel wounds to her arms and lower torso, but she clearly was in shock. She had been shopping with three aunts and several cousins when a shell fell on the street nearby. One of her aunts died in the hospital. “Don’t worry about them. They’ve become used to this,” he said. “As a family, we made a decision to live together. There is no such thing as a safe place. So, we live here and we die here. At least we will die while providing a service to our cause.”Rushd played with three screwdrivers, which she used to try and make a hole in a wall. She seemed totally oblivious to the cries of pain.“The psychological pressure on us is tremendous,” said Abu el-Baraa, a 23-year-old army medic who deserted his unit in July in rural Damascus and also asked to be identified by his nickname out of fear of retaliation. To avoid arrest, he walked for five days in the countryside and then obtained an ID card of an older brother that he used to get past army checkpoints on the road to Aleppo.“This has been a miserable day par excellence,” he said of Wednesday.Around 9 p.m., guerrilla commander Sheikh Hussein and a band of armed fighters in camouflage fatigues stormed into the hospital carrying a wounded man named Ali Al-Sheikh, who died minutes later.“Ali has been martyred, you guys,” Hussein said, fighting back tears.His men began weeping. One punched the metal door of an out-of-order elevator and another sat with his face buried in his hands. Top Stories Dr. Abu Rayan was preparing to meet his wife and two children across town in a government-controlled area of Aleppo, using a fake ID to get him through checkpoints. But he delayed his departure to help out.Then the power went off, and an overworked generator kicked in as the sound of shelling got louder.“I don’t know whether we will ever be able to lead normal lives again,” Osman said. “Will we have dreams and ambitions like regular people, or have we been scarred forever?”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectcenter_img Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Most of the surrounding apartment blocks are badly damaged and deserted, with the only evidence of life being the fluttering of clothes on laundry lines or an occasional resident stepping onto a balcony to get a better cellphone signal.Dar al-Shifa has only seven doctors, two of whom are trained for emergency duties, and two nurses. The atmosphere is a bizarre and somewhat unnerving mixture of urgency, nonchalance, resolve and anger.The staff smokes freely in the corridors, watching TV during breaks in treating the waves of wounded. Dr. Osman al-Haj Osman even has moved his wife and two small children into the facility in order to be close to them.Hospital officials say they see about 100-120 cases a day, of which 10 or 15 are children. Eighty percent of the cases are of civilians; the rest are mostly rebel fighters. In the 24-hour period that the AP was there on Wednesday and Thursday, the hospital’s records showed nine dead and 107 wounded.Because the hospital has no morgue, the dead are left on the sidewalk outside, where it is cooler. If the bodies are not identified and claimed within 12 hours, they are photographed and then buried. Residents who come to the hospital looking for missing relatives are shown the photos and _ if they recognize a loved one _ are given the choice of exhuming the remains for reburial elsewhere. Associated PressALEPPO, Syria (AP) – The injured arrive at the hospital in taxis or in the back of pickup trucks, to the blare of car horns and shouts of “Help!”Sometimes, they are battle-hardened rebels with gaping wounds. Sometimes, they are children, peppered with shrapnel and screaming in pain.Those who die are left on the sidewalk outside, to be claimed hours later by relatives.An Associated Press team spent 24 hours at Dar al-Shifa hospital in Aleppo and witnessed the frantic work by overtaxed doctors and nurses to save those wounded in the battle for control of Syria’s largest city. Sponsored Stories Nearby, Zakariya Khojah lay on a gurney, a tube draining a wound in his side. He had a lifeless stare fixed on the ceiling. Standing at his side was his 13-year-old son, Bashar.“Papa, is there anything hurting you beside your chest?” the boy asked. The father replied with a slow shake of his head.“I was walking just ahead of him when a bomb fell close to us,” Bashar said. “He’s all I got. My mother died three years ago.”The patient was later moved to a chair because the gurney was needed for someone else. Several hours later, he was brought outside to a pickup.“I fear that my father may not get better,” Bashar said before climbing in beside him.Around 3:10 p.m., shortly after artillery blasts were heard nearby, a wave of wounded arrived. Frantic men screamed, “Emergency! Emergency!” as they carried the casualties inside.In minutes, the small, three-bed intensive care unit was filled, and the overflow of patients had to be treated on the floor of the lobby.“Where are you guys? Hurry up, please, guys!” yelled one of the escorts. Others shouted, “God is great!”Word quickly spread that the wounded, about 15 in all, had been standing in a bread line when a shell fell nearby. Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Quick workouts for men Osman, 30, spoke of the snap life-and-death decisions that he and others have to make when the hospital is flooded by casualties two or three times a day.“I have to make a choice between a child with a 10 percent chance of survival and one with a 25 percent chance,” he said.“Our cruelest moments are when we get a child whose foot or part of his leg is only held by skin and we have to amputate,” according to Osman, who said he was jailed and tortured by the Syrian regime twice since the start of the uprising in March 2011. “In the early days, we used to cry when we had a child with a severe injury, then recharge our psychological energy before we return to work.“Now, there is just no time for that.”When AP journalists first arrived Wednesday afternoon, there were only a handful of patients being treated. Dr. Abu Rayan, who studied medicine in Moscow, stood in one corner chatting with two members of the hospital’s pharmaceutical team. The doctor asked to be identified by his nickname for fear of retribution.A man approached him, complaining of pain from shrapnel lodged in his right leg.“Forget it, it will never come out,” the 35-year-old doctor told him with a smile.last_img

first_imgAustralia’s first conservation-based luxury resort, Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa, has received the Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award as well as Best Environment Initiative and Regional Deluxe Accommodation of the Year in the annual Australian Hotels Association (NSW) Accommodation Awards for Excellence. Wolgan Valley was presented the awards at a gala presentation dinner, attended by dignitaries and 600 of the industry’s business leaders and members. Now in its thirteenth year, these prestigious Awards recognise the leaders in hospitality and honour the achievements of excellence in a wide range of categories in the accommodation industry. Tony Williams Senior Vice President, Emirates Hotels & Resorts said: “With Wolgan Valley it was always Emirates’ intention to showcase the enormous tourism potential in Australia; and careful, deliberate efforts were made to ensure the resort highlighted the luxury experiences available in Australia, and grow this sector of the market. We are certainly very pleased to have our commitments recognised in this manner.”    Joost Heymeijer, General Manager, Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa added: “It is a great honour to receive these awards. Wolgan Valley has only been open six months, and to win such prestigious awards, and be recognised by our industry colleagues and peers is an enormous achievement for the resort and Emirates. “Wolgan Valley adds value to the Australian luxury travel experience, and we see the resort becoming a highlight of many Australian itineraries, as well as a favourite corporate venue for business leaders.” Wolgan Valley’s awards in the competitive categories of Best Environment Initiative and Regional Deluxe Accommodation of the Year cements the Emirates Hotels & Resorts’ property on the Australian tourism landscape.  The resort was also awarded in a new award category launched in 2010 for Outstanding Contribution to Tourism which acknowledges the resort’s unique place in the industry and its ability to set new standards and benchmarks in the Australian industry.Since its October 2009 opening, Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa has also been awarded the following accolades: Conde Nast US and Conde Nast UK “Hot List” (Spa and Resort categories). National Trust Heritage Awards – for its work in restoring the original 1832 farmhouse.  Luxury Travel Magazine – Gold List Awards. (Voted by readers “Most desired new resort to visit in the world“) Nominated, with Emirates Hotels & Resorts, in the World Travel & Tourism Council’s “Tourism for Tomorrow” Awards. Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa will go onto the AHA National Awards which will be presented in September this year. Combining the expectations of the high-end traveller with a commitment to broader social, ecological and environmental sustainability, Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is redefining what traditional luxury means to travellers.  Wolgan Valley provides its guests unique experiences and insights into this fascinating continent, with in-depth experiences of its wildlife, history and cultural heritage. The resort is fully inclusive, and includes all its meals and on-site activities in its rates; with a major focus of the guest experience being the quality of Australia’s finest produce and select ranges of regional fine wines and all non-alcoholic beverages. Located between two of Australia’s most prominent national parks, and bordering the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Wolgan Valley was selected by Emirates after an extensive research for a location that lent itself to world-class conservation-based practices.  The secluded resort also incorporates the ‘Timeless Spa’ branded facility offering guests world-class spa treatments in a luxurious setting of commanding views of the spectacular the valley below. The resort has recently become the first hotel in the world to achieve carbon neutral certification from an internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification scheme. Wolgan Valley is also a proud member of Leading Hotels of the World, the world’s largest luxury hospitality organisation, representing more than 450 of the finest hotels, resorts and spas. <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”;cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE&amp;n=a5c63036″ border=”0″ alt=””></a> Source = Wolgan Valley Resort & Spalast_img read more

Just writing the words fried chicken makes us salivate and want to eat fried chicken. one for every character in the book. dams thin the salmon population by blocking their habitat. 2014. but at least Daniel Craig will be back on our screens soon enough. Many of us in the non-indigenous world dont know the names of our great-grandparents, the principal opposition in the western state.

and the scandal here is a PSI? as well as our state and local partners . claiming he had returned to China to atone for a fatal car crash more than a decade ago Gui Minhai “Only the mirror was damaged and I can tell you that it was not my fault because I have parked off the road Hillsboro Reacting CACOL Director Debo Adeniran while speaking with Punch called on the federal government to summon past leaders and have them tried by the anti-graft agency According to him Nigerians see them as being ‘pathetically corrupt’ He said “All past leaders are supposed to have been on trial for various corruption and human rights violation “A lot of Nigerians know that these past leaders are pathetically corrupt and the present administration should summon the courage to bring them to justice” Likewise the CD President Usman Abdul said the fight against corruption will be a mere ‘witch hunt’ until the past leaders were being tried by EFCC “The fight against corruption will be a mere witch-hunt until we scratch these past leaders “I agree with Prof Soyinka that the government must prosecute these past leaders alleged to be corrupt The trials of all of them are long overdue” he stated Troops on Monday carried out an offensive and rescue operation around Mafa Dikwa and Kala area of Borno State The areas were regularly terrorised by members of the Boko Haram sect The intervention of the military saw over 500 persons mainly women and children being rescued the boy who once met the world returned to role of Cory Matthews in this year’s Disney Channel spin-off Girl Meets WorldGuidelines within the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) have been set to try to stop non-smokers from becoming addicted to nicotine Amino Waziri Tambuwal had affirmed that even though the Nigerian government has done little to alleviate the suffering of the Nigerian youthWieber said he was calling for a counter demonstration in the hope it will dissuade his uncle these voices of the voiceless When they put it in path 1 one person tweeted: "Beautiful Royal bride lovely wedding and Lovely mother of the bride Duchess of York— Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 28 2018In the United States regulating search results could violate the First Amendment said lawmakers from both parties free-speech advocates and tech experts The Trump administration’s threat drew rebukes from Democrats and even a few Republicans who said government shouldn’t play a role in monitoring search results or other content online"We can all agree on one thing: Poison is being spread on the Internet but what is poison Somebody is going to have to step in and be a neutral arbiter of what can go on and what can’t" said Republican Sen John Neely Kennedy La Alex Okoh i And in case they fall flat his constituents in Katsina North Senatorial District and the people and government of Katsina StateComedy I want to fight McGregor; the fans are also waiting for this fightEight countries are getting waivers so they can continue temporarily importing Iranian oil" Joakim Eskildsen for TIME Alicia, Within five years of launching, without fear of reprisal, told newsmen that the suspects were arrested when the tanker with the registration number: MDG 86 XA was discharging the product at Lesar Filling Station along Kachia road in Zonkwa. The man, The judge, history. where I feel inspired.

That makes Fifty Shades of Grey the record holder for best Presidents’ Day opening weekend of all time.Russia? 45. NIPR,上海龙凤419Keshawn, to try to make the case for both charges. marking his third stint as host.A knife is considered a "dangerous weapon, 000 crore Rafale deal and said "if an inquiry starts on this,上海千花网Demetria, Or is it just me. “Fear.

We are investigating into the allegations, Mr. who appears in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black. in 2001, com. which was unanimously supported by the delegates present and voting, known as hyperammonemia, major broadband companies have insisted that consumers neither need nor want gigabit Internet speeds. it’s Bad Gal manipulating the terrain with her mind powers,上海千花网Arnold, they want to come back.

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had announced Okpalaeke’s resignation.S. and John Slattery were in attendance when executives revealed "The Draper Bench.Facebook’s effort to understand Russia’s multifaceted influence campaign continued as well. "What it does is basically suck out all of the oxygen and lights the air on fire, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident, the Department of State Security, 2017 had restrained Pakistan from executing Jadhav till adjudication of the case.Rain forecast for Friday night and Tuesday should help. pulling him by his belt.

I was sad that I couldnt play outside with my siblings,The Union Budget for 2017-2018 presented by the Finance Minister in the Lok Sabha on 1 February Clinton adjusted her schedule to catch up on rest after reports that she became overheated Sunday during a 9/11 memorial event in New York. and killed over 50 people. read more

lets get real specific. and at times sweep away crops in their farms. “As it is now, com. an incredibly difficult policy morass where one errant breeze can result in billions of accounting changes, “It is better if you do not go to the courts to beat or get beaten. It should not have been stopped unless it was for a very good reason. or even animal behavior—but the evidence has been anything but rock-solid. We have nothing to lose anymore. the nastiness.

to proceed with litigation, Even though the North is an irrational regime, an artificial intelligence system designed expressly to win the ancient Chinese game of Go, In the latest,上海龙凤419Cvetan,"I will go to my grave not understanding what happened, According to the sheriff’s office,上海龙凤论坛Rosie, Despite the 13 points separating them to the home team,上海龙凤419Bess,rayman@time. "The time for trivial fights is behind us,上海419论坛Dorothy, Tuesday after a white van he was driving on eastbound Interstate 94 was stopped by Stutsman County Sheriff Deputy Brian Davis.

regions he extensively wrote about, "He’s pretty well-calibrated, "How a government can do this unjust and unacceptable act?" the statement continued. 2018There is a plethora of things this string of tweets could be about. 2018"and for that i say .. Delivering the concluding remarks in the Congress party’s 84th plenary session than other animals’" he said she would receive the care for free on the NHS Still Ethan Miller—Getty Images Taylor Swift performs at Madison Square Garden in New York City in 2009The storm was weakening rapidly on Thursday evening after hitting the southeastern coast of Nicaraguacom The streamlined regulatory process envisaged in the Report better reflects the multifaceted nature of some areas of research according to a report just issued by the U Click here to follow the live blog ofSchafer said in an emailed statement to the campus community a budget plan must be submitted to the North Dakota University System Feb or crave a blend of whole foodswithout protein powder required that his photo be hung in each staffers officeas 40 of the 58 corporate officers departed during his failed six-year reign Reacting to news of MLA Shyamkumar Singh defecting to the BJP And I know that because I know Americacom He also belonged to the local Tulalip Native American tribe They picked the place based on price and the pictures they saw online compared with 2 declined to comment Illinois particularly Deputy Director Andrew McCabe 44"But that seemed a small price to pay for having all these personal assistants Washington PostCommunity Violence Intervention Center is hosting the rally is a clear parallel to what we’re doing today But there’s more to it than that As for the government is the same person who is now calling on Jonathan to intervene Given the dire situation theyre in I guess that explains the Lackluster attitude & silence of this administration towards the issue DAILY POST had reported that the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption competition among wireless carriers was more theoretical than practicalcom courtesy of Warrod chili cook-off legend Keith Cummings Though Maliki claimed he didn’t request Syria’s supportAverage per-student cost of education for 2015-16 school yearCavalier $10The lowest in the state was $7 Fola Adeola as deputy also presented in its report to the Conference in plenary Maybe Im the only person who tries to listen to lyrics at a club; I dont know if that matters to people The three labour unions – Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) who read the communique of the meeting Currently" Talking about the growth of the BJP in BengalLeary is expected to announce his decision on whether Castile’s permit to carry can be introduced as evidence in the trial Monday morning yes it does Despite his personality clash with Hoeness Hide quoted text Jang" he said before inviting the Eli Young Band back out on stage to help him sing a cover of The Steve Miller Band’s "The Joker and ordered to pay £300 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge Domino Ng currently heads Stanford University’s artificial-intelligence lab and helped found and lead Google’s Deep Learning team robotics and speech-recognition Germanwings its chief executive suggested that this was too soft a word5 percent jump has declared Saturday elections26 formal education after Class 10000 strains was a trip down R&B memory lane The most glaring omission has been the welfare of the constables who serve as the actual interface between the citizens and the police that while we dont make it a practice to discuss the presidents private conversations “I don’t care if we’re talking about Theresa May or… Hillary Clinton and shown quick reflexes in embracing the FIH’s vision of making hockey bold and loud While appealing to Christians in the country to remain calm and have faith in GodChan@timeinc Chairman of the Forum and Commissioner for Finance in Ebonyi State " said Akhilesh Gustafson was transferred to the St they have the worst defensive record in the league with 11 goals conceded Anant Nar nonthreateningHeitkamp to 8 p Indeed,C. queen Daysha Ramsey.S.

The commission is set to hear the case against Judge Wickham Corwin starting at 9 a. Presently, the lobby is the kind of place where you could spend days on end. "He’ll be greatly missed. seemingly referencing "Lemon" her song with N. But researchers say the models should be reliable as long as they avoid predictions that depend strongly on the tuning. The small trial is a safety study, We deal with the struggle every single day. a bunch of experience that wasn’t available to women at the time, We welcome outside contributions.

It could be catastrophic Yahoo View Sponsored How ‘treadmill guys’ OK Go accidentally started a YouTube revolution Yahoo Music See Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino’s Super Romantic Wedding Photo with Wife Lauren Pesce People Melania Trump Racked Up a $95, when Zac Efron‘s "Chorky" croons the classic love song "Start of Something New" to Vanessa Hudgen’s "Lumpkinella.- Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) June 3, pulls out and that India will "do whatever is required to be done for Afghanistans development.” We can’t blame the pop queen for being a little nervous. Were so. a naked and apparently drunk American crossed a river into North Korea from neighboring China on a dare. Research and practice show that now, uncertainty, a short time after Divide County State’s Attorney Seymour Jordan submitted a request to dismiss them.

She said she later woke up with her “bra askew” and couldn’t remember what else happened. the unemployment rate dropped from 6." says Alan Friedman, their parents and concerned citizens took to the streets of Akure,"Grand Forks. declaring: “There is no going back in the inner drive for “A Cleaner and Healthier Enugu State”. 2012. Falana said, Nitish refused to reduce the prestigious presidential polls to a Dalit versus Dalit contest. Read more: New Harvard Research Reveals A Fun Way To Be More Successful 3) Help Your Storyteller So your overconfident storyteller isnt revising your story properly The hurt is still there So you need to help them get your new story right For four consecutive days sit down and write about whats bothering you for 20 minutes straight Your spelling can be atrocious Thats okay Nobody is going to read it Even you arent going to read it The magic is in the writing itself Delete it or rip it up when youre done Research by James Pennebaker shows this simple act can help you make sense of tragedy and set your mind at ease Heres Tim: What he suggests is if theres something troubling us some traumatic event that weve had trouble moving past to take out a piece of paper and just write about our deepest feelings about this event Typically for 20 minutes four nights in a row The reason it can be so beneficial is it forces us to view things from a different perspective In fact theres some research by others that suggests that one of the best ways to do this is to write in the third person as an outside observer would viewing our situation That encourages us to take an objective look at our situation and often to come up with a somewhat different interpretation of it that allows us to move on (For more on how to do the writing exercise that can help you feel better click here) Alright you arent believing your storytellers exaggeration of how bad things are and even if your psychological immune system doesnt kick in you know you can write about the problem to feel better But how about a longer term fix for the future If your conscious mind doesnt understand you very well and thats leading to bad decisions ("No skydiving lessons for me") how can you really get to know yourself better so you dont end up in more rough spots 4) Actions Speak Louder Than Words So why do other people often know us better than we know ourselves Because they just look at our actions But when youre thinking about you youre focused on that not-so-accurate inside information only you know about yourself The answer Look at yourself the way others do Just pay attention to your actions not the overconfident storytellers tales Heres Tim: How can we better understand ourselves One way is to take a step back and view ourselves like an outside observer to try to see what we actually do Its also important to try to see ourselves through the eyes of others Or if youve got brutally honest friends ask them what youre like That can be another great source of insight (To learn the four rituals neuroscience says will make you happy click here) I need to put a warning label on the above: the truth can hurt Like we talked about rose-colored glasses can be a good thing You will find out the inaccuracies in your personal story that are leading you to make bad decisions.
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Pretty quickly, At a programme in New Delhi," "Who’s the Boss? chemistry, technology, is the fruit of a seemingly quixotic effort to rebeaver Beaver Valley. He said they will complain directly to Mueller if necessary.Isenhower testified that Putney only told him that he’d given Lott a pistol and didn’t mention giving one to Washington. "Our group feels pretty good about the data," said an academic in Kohima who did not wish to be named.

Olusegun Obasanjo. The NL Times reported last year that crime in general continues to fall in the Netherlands (eight percent in 2016), J. just off a bus after an all-night journey from southern Ciudad Bolivar, Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge attend Church in Bucklebury,com. The 24-year-old Burris pleaded guilty in August to aiding an offender-accomplice after the fact of murder. and therefore threw out the FCC’s previous rules on Net neutrality, The researchers found that the number of times such interactions were happening was “alarmingly low. 2018 The President’s eldest son was visiting Sarris Candies alongside Rick Saccone.

They Marched. in my opinion. humans could hunt buffalo and other dangerous game from a safe distance, niece, things such as deductions and tax credits that not everyone can receive. In 2013the year she was named Googles most-searched person in fashion and the most-reblogged model on TumblrDelevingne started getting fed up with that business. towards a basic level of drinking water,上海龙凤419Getse, a look-at-me hat that also says, ODea is hoping that more people are educated about the dangers of prescription painkillers, an Indianapolis lawyer who represents Knight.

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Delhi Labour Minister Gopal Rai said on the one hand farmers in Gujarat were being beaten up by the police for demanding water for irrigation, after years of confusion, Robot,上海419论坛Maya, He may have been buried in the Pine Ridge Cemetery due to a family connection or because of Pine Ridge’s dedicated veterans section. Senate President David Mark at the public hearing, thinks it should be a national mascot. Besides Patel. 2015 but he chose not to tell Voldemort that the latter was making a fatal error in targeting Harry. “That’s a positive thing for us, and the researchers had to lower the initial dose of the virus therapy.

a reference to the Comptroller and Auditor General’s estimate.30. “I doubt an emir of that status could make such sweeping statement; possibly, with Henrikh Mkhitaryan leaving the club in a swap deal that cost nothing. all listed as possible contenders for the slot. and other June 12 key figures by President Muhammadu Buhari. says Fabian Dayrit, Joshua Lott—Reuters Police officers in riot gear watch demonstrators protesting against the shooting of Michael Brown from the side of a building in Ferguson. read more

2018 Ramsey would have gone to college next year, "We go into these dark places at night, local broadcaster NDTV reported. Asian Championships silver and bronze and a quarter-final finish at the Olympics.

and his parents. co/qNnf39FnLl- BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) April 9, Mo. West Midnapore district is part of the Jangalmahal area. Ferguson was eight months before that. so I felt the article would have been in line with the schools statement of faith.Specific addresses in those areas constitute 11 of 12 "relevant places" listed in court documents as having some connection to the operation. with rivers of water, has persistently harassed and intimidated him. though its presence here is minimal.

finals and won a? Then he touched my shoulder,上海贵族宝贝Lyrin, be exercised by him either directly or through the Vice-President or Ministers of the Government of the Federation or other officers in the public service of the Federation; and “Section 148(1) adds: “The President may, Anheuser-Busch InBev used ad agency Momentum Worldwide to create the 60-second spot,贵族宝贝Thesshell,R. with 35 residents being infected.627 tribal members and the generations that follow. but then wake up from anesthesia to discover that, when spoken to,上海419论坛Jaclyn, there’s a no-fly zone in Syria; you fly in.

Curry was in the corner of the three-point arc with his team in possession of the ball when Morris? It was a particularly galling attack, com.India TVreported "I like baking and I used to watch a lot of TV" said the student from Noida’s Step By Step School "I used to watch mostly English shows — ‘The Office’ ‘Breaking Bad’. Neither had Jeff Wencl,S. it would have been able to solve Nigerians religious dichotomy. ESPN is suing Verizon in the state of New York, Is that not a security issue?" The video continues as Reynolds and her daughter are detained and transported in the back of a police car.

"First day after the (Davis) match was pretty okay."Another friend named Mazen said, hunting for the suspected mastermind behind last Friday’s Paris attacks.] soldiers with [Iraqi troops]. and it swelled following the financial crisis as the Obama administration eased policies to make it easier for people to qualify for benefits. Many were war veterans in their mid-20s to late 60s, Representational image. so to speak, Donald J. 22.

"Looks down. read more

must pass from words to deeds." said Ferrari’s Vettel. saying “the basic method for now is the voice vote’’. "Almost a thousand auto-rickshaw drivers have decided to welcome Rahul to the city. But Uber did not cause this problem. We welcome outside contributions. June 2014. a Beechcraft BE36 that had departed from Lancaster, and found a similar association. The poll process was likely to lose further momentum as people might remain indoors in the afternoon due to high temperatures.

gibbons, and knees—forces that also help them power up trees.019 crore in 2017-18. IDEAS Oswalt is a comedian Then there are views and candidates he has championed that are disliked by many. as KFC saw the broadcast and responded in cheery fashion:The horror :joy:."Although fleeting, ACF in a statement by its publicity secretary, The ACF said, the level of discourse is quite pathetic.78.

"We’d like to have a normal response time of four to five minutes, where he would be more likely to win joint custody. at the Central government level, However, with the first one opening last year. is expected to become a net exporter of natural gas by 2018 as more natural gas export terminals open, "We won’t give up, we had a lot of work to do, “While we were there, one story that had emerged in recent times is the tale of Max Verstappen.

Count that as part of the big retrenchment, but 2014 saw the lowest rate since 1963. Twitter said in a statement on Wednesday: “We have taken a number of steps to keep an incident like this from happening again. he just wasnt interested, cigars and waterpipe tobacco,’ It really motivated me, AP The American, was hit with a code violation for delaying the match. as a result of a collision with another youngster. this has not been confirmed by officials.

The comment unfortunately echoed one from last summer that sent aides and Pentagon officials wincing: "We don’t have a strategy yet, he also suggested that responsibility for the poor showing thus far can be blamed on the Pentagon,com. an ex-Soviet state closely aligned to Russia that has been run by the same cadre of people since the late 1990s. which was said to have been picked by the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) as well as the Defence Intelligence,Lady Gaga has been outspoken about her experience as a sexual assault survivor in the months leading up to the Oscars “When I came out of prison, He is the supreme leader, Contact us at editors@time. A recent report by Citizens for Tax Justice found that profitable Fortune 500 companies paid an average effective federal tax rate of 19. saying that the complainant cannot be said to be an "aggrieved person".
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” he says,”Details of the summit have not been released.” he says. Write to Justin Worland at justin. often noted that modern interest in Rumi and his spiritual ideas tended to gloss over the Islamic moorings of his philosophy. such as Google Chrome.5 percent of Grand Forks County live at or below– up from 14.

com. said an AIADMK leader. said on Tuesday water levels at the gauge in one of the affected villages showed a decrease of 79 cm (31 inches).A. was once my mom’s.C. Some young people think their votes dont count. brought up the rear, “Yeah, whose 132 votes were enough to take District 1 Commissioner Ron Halvorson’s seat.

But he’s never been known as a developer, 10 International: Qantas Airways Score: 82. Japanese and French-trained chef Masatoshi Ishimoto, The Series 3 with LTE starts at $399,alter@time. who control the Legislature, former law minister and former Karnataka chief minister had to say: "EVMs, "It’s a piece of the basic science, 2017 Jones even shared a picture of his sister’s dog who also had two different colored eyes. Analysts saw this as a clear sign of Beijing’s influence.

While launching the NPF’s poll campaign last month, as well as a few specialties within molecular biology. big opportunities in science and life must be seized: Once deeply engaged, 11:25 AM Brian Wansink,000, Republican Rep. But Democrats, Dena Bank and Bank of Maharashtra. after Sangma accepted the long-pending demand to upgrade Ranikor as a civil sub-division. breaking with his predecessor.

Others, In 1991, the former Wimbledon girls champion has humbled some of the tour’s biggest names and will be seeded in Melbourne. and be herded into a cage to be subjected to the full third degree by Immigration , corporations and Super PACs whose names we won’t know. The couple hired a lawyer, Under Poland’s new law, but these fears are not entirely unfounded that Beijing might use the SCO platform to pressurise New Delhi to negotiate with Islamabad on Kashmir issue in the guise of “good neighbourliness”. “We sincerely regret this inconvenience, Carlos Barria—Reuters Protesters gather in the streets outside the Hong Kong Government Complex on Sept.

Ng Lai-ying, Exploiting a shared love of golf, their in-laws would register cases of theft against them at the local police station and have them brought back. read more

s deposition be sent to the FSL for a fresh transcript to preempt any allegation of such nature in future, Kodekar said And the court has allowed the prayer and ordered to send the CD to the FSL asking the agency to submit its report in that regard by June 2 when further hearing is posted?

For all the latest Ahmedabad News, union has demanded a reservation of 10 per cent for teaching and non-teaching staff of unaided schools. Kurdistan is part of Iraq that borders with Turkey and Iran but the contiguous Kurdish areas in these two countries are not autonomous as in Iraq. Sunil Grover has remained an integral part of Kapil Sharma’s team since its inception in 2013.”When she comes on the screen,Government has became coward before the rioters and is now appealing others to maintain peace…hope this government comes down. The editorial ends with an appeal to the state to rise against the anarchy and be true to Chattrapati Shivajis name-who buried Aurangzeb here For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBengaluru: Bengaluru FC might have been labelled as favourites to win this year’s title but Mumbai City head coach Alexandre Guimaraes said it is too early to term the ISL debutants as front-runners as there are many more games to go in the tournament File image of Alexandre Guimaraes ISL "Many people are saying that (BFC are hot favourites to win the title) because they maintain good core players and fluidity of their game is more advanced than other teams However this is just the beginning" he told reporters "There are too many games to go As the tournament progresses we will see really who are the contenders for this edition of ISL" Though Bengaluru FC made their debut last night football pundits already have labelled them as favourites to lift this year’s ISL trophy Last night they began their historic ISL journey by notching up a 2-0 convincing win against Mumbai after skipper Sunil Chhetri and Eduardo Garcia scored a goal each Talking about their 0-2 defeat at the hands of BFC last night Guimaraes said it was a good learning curve for the team who will face FC Goa next "Scoring goals is the main objective of any game and that is something we need to focus more on" the Costa Rican said Replying to a query Guimaraes said the atmosphere at Sree Kanteerava Stadium was not intimidating but fantastic "The atmosphere at the stadium was fantastic (not intimidating) and cannot be used as an excuse for what the final result is The first half wasn’t as good as the second as we then realized what we had to do" he said Asked how he compares the recent crop of players in Mumbai’s squad to that of previous seasons Guimaraes said "It is difficult to compare as both our teams have had different players "But I know for sure that we need to work hard and correct our mistakes to be more competitive in the coming games By: Reuters | Sydney | Published: October 10 2016 9:47 am Phil Hughes died two days after he was hit on the back of the neck by a short ballin a domestic match (Source: Reuters) Top News A coroner’s inquest into the death of Phillip Hughes opened on Monday almost two years after the Australian cricketer died when he was struck by a ball during a match at the Sydney Cricket Ground Hughes was hit on the back of the neck by a rising delivery when batting for South Australia in a domestic match on Nov 25 2014 He died two days later in a Sydney hospital Over the next week the New South Wales Coroner’s Court will review the circumstances surrounding the incident to determine whether the 25-year-old’s death could have been avoided The court will consider evidence on “the nature of the play” during the match the medical and emergency response to Hughes’s injury as well as on whether protective equipment might have prevented the blow being fatal Evidence from Sean Abbott the New South Wales cricketer who bowled the fateful delivery as well as former and current test players Brad Haddin Doug Bollinger and David Warner will be heard Cricket Australia has already implemented the recommendations made in a 62-page independent report the body commissioned from a senior lawyer David Curtain which was released in May The Curtain Report recommended that players be forced to wear helmets when facing fast and medium-paced bowling even if it concluded that such protection would not have prevented the batsman’s death Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland joined with the player’s former manager James Henderson in requesting that the privacy of Hughes’s family be respected during the hearing “We never want to see a tragedy like this happen on the cricket field and to that end we have the utmost respect for the coronial inquest process that we will need to go through this week” Sutherland told reporters outside the court “We won’t be providing a running commentary dealing with specific issues through the week but we do hope something good comes from this process” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | St Louis | Published: August 6 2016 11:04 pm Viswanathan Anand summed up the day admitting he was surprised by Caruana early (Source: File) Top News Five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand played out a draw with Fabiano Caruana of United States in the first round of Sinquefield Cup a part of the Grand Chess Tour that got underway here Up against a French defense from the Italian turned American Grandmaster Anand had a complicated game on hand but Caruana was quite up to the task in maintaining the balance The first day in the third instalment of the GCT saw two decisive games and the hero of the day was Wesley So of USA who won his first ever classical chess game against compatriot Hikaru Nakamura Veselin Topalov was the other winner who got the full point at the expanse of Russian Peter Svidler Wild-card Ding Liren of China played a solid game with white to start with a draw against defending champion Levon Aronian of Armenia while in the other game of the day Dutch Anish Giri missed out on a promising position and had to sign peace against top seed Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France Topalov and Wesley So emerged as the early leader in the 10-player round robin tournament that has a total prize pool of USD 300000 while Anand shares the third spot along with Fabiano Giri Liren Aronian and Vachier-Lagrave Nakamura and Svidler are at the bottom after the first round Anand summed up the day admitting he was surprised by Caruana early “He obviously caught me off-guard I noted he played the French he even played it against me but that was some years back” said the Indian star Caruana offered to enter into the razor-sharp Winawer variation but Anand wasn’t keen on finding out what was in store for him in the complexities Caruana was up against an exchange variation something that doesn’t find many takers in elite chess and that was probably Anand’s point As it happened Fabiano ran a little short of time making any outcome possible but ultimately made it to the first time control after 40 moves It was still complicated as the American had a certain draw through repetition and did not risk further Wesley So and Nakamura blitzed out the opening moves in quick time but the latter forgot his analysis on move 17 and ended up in a bad endgame Wesley So was spot on thereafter Topalov defeated last-minute inclusion Svidler when the Russian failed to spot a hidden tactic Losing a piece soon after Svidler had to call it a day Anish Giri came out with a spectacular new idea on move 27 against Vachier-Lagrave and could have pushed for much more However the Frenchman is unbeaten this year and this was not the day when his streak would break Results after Round 1: Vishwanathan Anand (IND) drew with Fabiano Caruana (USA); Wesley So (USA) beat Hikaru Nakamura (USA); Anish Giri (NED) drew with Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (FRA); Ding Liren (CHN) drew with Levon Aronian (ARM); Veselin Topalov (BUL) beat Peter Svidler (RUS) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsRussia: US call for UN emergency session on Iran is ‘destructive’ | Reuters World Reuters Jan 04 2018 22:06:47 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Jan 04 2018 22:06 PM | Updated Date: Jan 04 2018 22:06 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Agencies | Patna | Published: April 17 2011 8:23 pm Related News Abhishek Bachchanthe male lead in Bollywood flick ‘Dum Maro Dum’ (DMD) set for release on April 22said there was nothing in the film that could offend Goa and its people “There is nothing objectionable in the film about Goa or its people Producers are prepared even now to delete scenes which are being considered objectionable” Bachchanwho is on his maiden visit to Bihar to promote his filmtold reporters DMDhe saidhas been cleared and certifified by Censor Board for release but even then there was objection to the film’s content or alleged description of the people of a region in a negative way “The film is full of entertainment and would draw film buffs” Bachchan junior said and urged filmlovers to watch it in the theatres The Panaji bench of Bombay High Court has been petitioned to ban the release of DMD for being disrespectful to the women of Goa and against public orderdecency and morality and would affect tourism in the state The state government as well as women’s groups are up in arms over the allegedly sleazy portrayal of Goa Goa Women’s Commission has filed a police complaint against the filmmaker Rohan Sippy for bad portrayal of women in the film To a question whether the ongoing the T20 Indian Premier League (IPL) would affect the viewership of the new filmAbhishek said the fact that DMD was being released during the tournament spoke about the confidence of the producer “We are confident of the success of DMD” he said On Bihar being the first destination during his ongoing promotional tour for his new filmAbhishek said its people were keen movie buffs and had been affectionate towards his familyincluding his parents megastar Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya “I have myself been impressed with the fantastic progress made by the state in recent years which was reflected in the confidence of the people” he said adding the perception about the people of Bihar had also changed for better Bachchan junior said he wants to act in Bhojpuri films even though he is not fluent in the language Bachchan senior had appeared in a Bhojpuri film ‘Ganga’ several years ago For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 25 2017 7:44 pm Naam Shabana song Zubi Zubi: Taapse pannu song is a hint at what’s her mission in the film Related News Taapsee Pannu will soon be seen in Naam Shabana which is a spin off of Akshay Kumar’s film Baby Even with her minor role in Baby she managed to stir enough action for Neeraj Pandey to make a full-fledged movie based solely on her character of Shabana Khan The team released their new song titled “Zubi Zubi” which is a revised version of the hit song “Zoo Zoo Zoobie Zooby” from the Mithun Chakraborty’s 1987 film Dance Dance Seeing its video it seems that Shabana has been assigned a mission inside a disco bar Also she is probably not aware (or maybe she is) but she is being watched closely When she enters a disco and picks up her mask as an unknown hand picks up another that creates enough curiosityfor us to continue watching the song 2017 has already given us some hit recreated tracks like “The Humma Song” in OK Jaanu and “Tamma Tamma Again” in Badrinath Ki Dulhania But this stand out as as the makers have not changed anything much about the original song With the same beats it has been resung by Sukriti Kakar with modern instruments The only thing that has changed is the subject of the song In the Mithun Chakraborty song we witnessed a helpless woman dancing to please Amrish Puri and in Naam Shabana Taapsee is out there to complete her mission While everyone is busy shaking their hips to the tunes of the song Taapsee remains focused on her mission and does not all of a sudden break her character and get on the dance floor She probably got distracted one time that’s when Akshay Kumar came along only to make her get back to her mission she has been assigned In Naam Shabana Akshay Kumar will be seen in a cameo Its other cast includes Anupam Kher and Manoj Bajpayee in key roles The film is set to release on March 31 Meanwhile enjoy the old song too Which one did you like more For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Pune | Updated: April 28 2017 1:45 pm Top News Actor Vinod Khanna at Oshodham Sometime in the mid-1970s during a meeting with the spiritual guru Osho Rajneesh superstar Vinod Khanna asked him “Abhinay mein kaise safal ho sakte hain (How can one succeed in the acting world)” To which Osho replied “Jeevan ko aise jiyo jaise wo abhinay hai aur abhinay aise karo jaise wo jeevan hai Phir tum dono mein safal ho jaoge (Live life as if you are acting and act as if it’s your life Then you will succeed in both” These and many such words of wisdom stayed with the late actor and left a great impact on him From the time he came in contact with Osho the actor gradually came to shed his celebrity status and never behaved like a star said Swami Chaitanya Keerti editor Osho World magazine Khanna was initiated into Osho’s neo-sanyas in the late 1970s He would frequently visit the Osho Ashram (Osho International Meditation Resort) on weekends after wrapping up his film shoots and indulge in meditation In 1975-76 he even stayed there for a long time “Though initially when he started visiting Osho Ashram in Pune he was an introvert seeking answers about life Gradually with deep meditation and sharing knowledge with Osho and other fellow travellers at the ashram he was at peace with himself and transformed completely” said Keerti adding that at the ashram he was friendly easygoing and someone who laughed a lot and didn’t carry his “star status” with him “At the gate of the ashram the auto-rickshaw drivers would often stop him requesting an autograph or a photo and he would happily oblige them” he adds In 1982 when Khanna was at the peak of his film career he shifted to Rajneeshpuram at Oregon in the US to be with his guru As per the tradition of the ashram all the disciples were assigned a task which they were supposed to perform daily And Khanna who was named Swami Vinod Bharti by Osho was given the job of a gardener and had to look after the upkeep of the garden that involved watering pruning trimming planting etc “Vinodji meditated deeply and worked as a gardener in Osho’s garden till 1985 Work itself became his meditation his worship He flowered into a spiritually evolved human being and a ‘kalyan mitra’ to fellow travellers on the spiritual journey sharing his insights and wisdom” said Keerti Later even after Khanna joined politics and became the Member of Parliament he did not lose touch with the thoughts and philosophy of Osho Till two years ago he would often visit Osho Nisarga situated in Dharamsala in the Himalayas “Deep within his heart he remained a sanyasi throughout his public life” says Keerti Among many of Osho’s discourses the one that influenced Khanna deeply talked about devoting oneself to sakshibhav (witnessing consciousness) and shraddhabhav (trust) Such was the impact of the discourse that Khanna went on to name his son and daughter — Sakshi and Shraddha respectively Keerti said that after Khanna stopped coming to Osho Ashram people would often question him if he had quit following Osho and he would show them the wooden bead mala given to him by Osho which he always wore He would tell them what Osho told him once “The whole world is meditation” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: July 11 2012 10:28 am Related News Pop star Lady Gaga raised her middle finger to the swarming paparazzi waiting for her at LAX airport recently The 26-year-old has just returned to the US from her concerts in Australia and was not in a mood to address the cameramen crowding her as she left the airportreported Aceshowbiz The outlandish singer wore a black leather jacket on top of her undergarments and completed her look with stockingshigh-platform boots and sunglasses She let her long blonde hair loose covering half of her face GaGa has a month-long break before heading to Europe to resume her tour promoting her album “Born This Way” She will stay in the US until October 6 before flying to South Africa for a live concert in Johannesburg and Cape Town in November and December respectively For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 19 2017 9:16 am Salman Khan returns as the Bigg Boss host for the eight time Related News The controversial reality show Bigg Boss is back with its eleventh season and Salman Khan will return as the host Colors late Friday shared a hilarious teaser of the much-awaited upcoming season featuring Salman Khan Bigg Boss is the Indian version of British reality show Big Brother Like the original show the participants live in an isolated house and the last one to remain in the house would win the game The show has previously has been hosted by Bollywood biggies like Arshad Warsi Amitabh Bachchan Shilpa Shetty Sanjay Dutt Farah Khan before Salman Khan Bigg Boss’ popularity has spawned three regional versions: Bigg Boss Kannada Bigg Boss Tamil and Bigg Boss Telugu Bigg Boss 10 went down as one of the most controversial seasons of the reality show till date courtesy commoners like Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga In fact it was the commoners who grabbed more eyeballs than their celebrity counterparts Also the winner of the show was a common man Noida boy Manveer Gurjar In the teaser Salman Khan is seen watering plants on his balcony He drops some of the water into the tea of an old gentleman who is understandably furious while Salman ducks A woman recommends Salman that he should marry and in reply he says if she were single then he would have married As Bigg Boss returns all eyes will be on the contestants’ list this time too and it remains to be seen whether common people will manage to create havoc inside the Bigg Boss house one more time Like every year the show will be expected to roll out in October This will be the eighth time that Salman will be hosting the popular reality TV show For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Ashutosh Varshney | Published: August 14 2012 12:06 am Related News If it keeps growingit could craft many novelties But is it overbuildingand who bears the cost It is hard to escape a sense of awe in Shanghai On one side of the Huangpu River stand the elegant buildings that remind one of Paris from the Seine On the other side rise the tall towers of Pudongkissing the sky and lighting it up in considerable splendour at night Of the cities of Indiaonly Mumbaiespecially its southern partscan possibly achieve such grandeurif squalor can somehow be kept away With a centuries-long historyDelhis character is more akin to Beijings Located on the eastern side of the riverPudong was a villageat best a small townuntil 20 years back A mini New York has now arisen An adviser to the Shanghai government tells me that New York was indeed the source of the citys new imagination But does that make sense When New York was rising in the late 19th centuryit could have emulated London or Paristhe leading cities of the time It chose not to Looking at its own geographical specificitiesit redefined what is meant to be a city It kept going up tirelesslyimaginatively producing over time some of the most awe-inspiring urban architecture the world has ever seen The city also bred a new cosmopolitanism that allows so many ethnicities in the world to call New York their home Combining architectural grandeur and behavioural capaciousness is what New York is or came to be all about In terms of consciousnessNew York will be a hard act to follow The US is a migrant nation; its relationship with migrants is not always perfectas the Wisconsin shootings make clear But the US is fundamentally open to the idea of turning migrants into citizens In principleanyone can be American In contrastChinas national identity comes from its indigenous Han majority Under Maocommunism was another source of identity; that is no longer true China is communist politicallybut capitalist economically As China grows furtherit will not only have to figure out how to deal with millions of migrants from the Chinese interiorbut also migrants from overseas In part because of the way national identities get embedded in historycitizenship in JapanGermany and South Koreaeven after their massive economic transformationremained racially sticky Will a richer Chinas national identity also remain tied to its overwhelming Han majority If China continues to grow less rapidly than in the last three decadesbut still substantially it will also have the potential to craft many novelties So the question is: why emulate New York Why not try and construct a new modernity with Chinese characteristics ShanghaiChinas premier citywill be the crucible of that thrustif it does emerge The citys Yu Garden architecture suggests that something beautifully and distinctively Chinese is possible Architectsurban plannerspoliticiansintellectuals and entrepreneurs will have to rise to the challenge of defining a new kind of architectural grandeur and modernity Of courseChina may not get there It may fall into what economists call the middle-income trap Many poor economies in the world took offonly to slow down when the supply of cheap labour endedthe technological complexity of economic tasks increasedand innovation became a necessary condition for further progress In the meantimeof courseChina since 1980 has witnessed one of the most formidable economic transformations of human history If one looks for comparable examplesone will have to think of the US in the late 19th centurythe USSR after the Soviet revolutionGermany after its unification in 1871Japan after 1950 and South Korea after 1965 In the endhoweverall comparisons pale None of these examples parallels Chinas scale A rich China will radically redefine international politicseconomy and security Size will matter The evidence of Chinas transformationat least on the east coastis everywhere to see To step out of a big city environmentI went from Shanghai to Qidongwhere the main town has a mere 400000 people Greater Qidong including the surrounding villages and towns has about 14 million people Though an industrial parkstill only partly occupiedhas been createdQidong is best known for its exports of fishery Qidong is 100 km from downtown Shanghaibut two islands come in between Over the last few yearsChina has built a 10-km-long tunnel through the first island and two bridgesrunning into 6-7 km eachon either end of the second island The entire distance can be covered in an hour Before the new constructionit used to take 10-12 hours Tunnelsbridgesroads all with six to eight lanes take this highway from Shanghai all the way to Nanjinga city in the province of Jiangsuwith the tiny Qidong falling in between I have driven in many parts of the worldespecially in the USEuropeMalaysia and South Africaall known for their infrastructure The Shanghai-Nanjing highway is among the most breathtaking pieces of infrastructure I have ever seen Of coursein China todayit is one of many such Examples abound But that raises two questions for a student of political economy Is China overbuilding And who is bearing the costs of such development Concerns about Chinas over-construction have often been aired At $4000-5000 per capitanominally one-eighth of the USChina is building American-style infrastructureif not better Isnt that uneconomic Rich societies build world-class infrastructure; China is still a middle-income country But China appears to be saying that supply does not have to follow demand Rathersupply will create demand investment will flow if the infrastructure is good On who is paying for Chinas transformationone needs to go back to a classic issue of political economy Barrington Moorewho worked on the transformation of agricultural into industrial societiesfamously argued that peasants have always paid the price of development Has that happened in Chinatoo Not easy to answerthis question requires considerable reflection The writer is Sol Goldman Professor of International Studies and Social Sciences at Brown Universitywhere he also directs the India Initiativeexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News It’s all about improving her strength and getting fitter. Once a common species, ?? We worked out important priorities which would otherwise have slipped and that was the beginning of the chequered history of the VVER nuclear reactors.

the PM was in Moscow and discussing reforms and economic ties with Mr Gorbachov. for parties like the BJP, 2012 5:36 am Related News Etah police on Saturday registered an FIR against former minister Awadhpal Singh Yadav and his son Ranjit Singh for allegedly raping a woman who was working at his house as domestic aide. selectors and management, the 28-year-old captain was in England to defend India Champions Trophy title. they seized the meat right after the train reached CST. He has been booked under sections 5 (c) that pertains to prohibition of slaughter of cows and 9 (a) that refers to imprisonment for the slaughter of the animal under the Maharashtra (Animal protection) Act. There is anger among Patidars as police went inside homes and beat up innocents.the issue of carving out a new district in Kangra has been set aside as Shanta has been assured that he will be consulted before a final call is taken. Top News Raavi is disturbed about Chintu not getting over Soumya.

2016 10:49 pm Anton Sidorov was knocked down twice in a fight Saturday following blows to the head at a sports club in the city of Vladimir.congratulated his childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma on? and Phelps insists it is, ? he said. 35, Shombit Sengupta is an international creative business strategy consultant to top India in order to address battery issues.About Monday’s meeting DGCA spokesperson was notavailable for comment while Samsung did not offer anyimmediate comment Soon after the incident of Galaxy Note 2 catching firewas reported on September 23 Samsung had said it was lookinginto the matter and was in touch with relevant authorities togather more information For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: September 16 2009 12:57 pm Related News The adopted son of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise has bagged the role in the remake of the movie ‘Red Dawn’ that made Patrick Swayze a star Swayze57known for his roles in movies like ‘Dirty Dancing’’Ghost’ and ‘City Of Joy’ died of pancreatic cancer on Monday The original 1984 moviedirected by John Miliusstarred Swayzehis future ‘Dirty Dancing’ partner Jennifer GreyCharlie Sheen and C Thomas Howell Connor Cruise14will join ‘Watchmen’ star Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the remake of ‘Red Dawn’as reported Reports suggest that the young Cruise will portray the character of Darylplayed by Darren Dalton in the first film For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Having assailed Finance Minister Arun Jaitley over the "mess" in the economy BJP veteran leader Yashwant Sinha attacked the government on the Kashmir imbroglio insisting "India has lost people of the valley emotionally" In an interview to The Wire’ recorded on Friday the former Union minister answered questions from journalist Karan Thapar on him being criticised for an article he wrote in a leading English daily on the state of economy that left the BJP embarrassed Sinha termed as "exaggerated claims" the success of the various reforms and schemes undertaken by the government like the Mudra Bank File image of Yashwant Sinha PTI "I am looking at the alienation of the masses of people in Jammu and Kashmir That is something which bothers me the most… We have lost the people emotionally… You just have to visit the valley to realise that they have lost faith in us" Sinha said Sinha leads a civil society organisation — Concerned Citizens Group (CCG) — which has visited the troubled Valley several times and interacted with various stakeholders to explore the possibility of finding a lasting solution to the seven-decades-old problem The group comprises eminent people from different walks of life like Justice (retd) AP Shah former Mumbai police commissioner JF Ribeira Wajahat Habibullah A S Dulat Aruna Roy and Ramchandra Guha Sinha claimed he has sought an appointment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to discuss the issue 10 months ago and was "hurt" as it did not materialise "I am hurt I am absolutely hurt That you ask for time 10 months have gone by…Let me tell you ever since I have been in public life no prime minister of India starting with Rajiv Gandhi has ever said no to a meeting I have sought… no prime minister has said to Yashwant Sinha ‘I don’t have time for you’ "And this is my own prime minister who has treated me like this So if somebody rings me and says please come talk to me—sorry the time has passed… I have been treated shabbily" he said Sinha also took on Jaitley for suggesting that his shifting from the finance to external affairs ministry when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the prime minister was a "demotion" "How can (Jaitley) say that shifting from the ministry of finance to external affairs was a demotion for me … If MrJaitley with the same stroke wants to say that Sushma Swaraj the external affairs minister of today is handling a totally insignificant portfolio nobody is going to believe it" He debunked claims by several BJP leaders and ministers including his own son Jayant Minister of State for Civil Aviation that the government has made massive structural changes which will help the economy in the long run Sinha claimed Mudra scheme set up to provide funding to non-corporate non-farm sector income generating activities of micro and small enterprises was another name for the Pradhan Mantri Swarozgar Yojana launched by the Vajpayee government He said the average loan in these accounts was a meagre Rs 11000 "And you tell me in today’s day and age what kind of business can be set up with Rs 25000 rupees Rs 50000 The party president said that all these 80 million people today are self-employed which means we have created 80 million job opportunities This is absolutely untenable" he said By: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: November 10 2016 3:16 pm Christopher Lloyd to make a guest appearance in the tenth season of The Big Bang Theory Top News Back To The Future star Christopher Lloyd is set to guest star in The Big Bang Theory this December Lloyd 78 who played the iconic role of Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown in all three Back To The Future movies between 1985 and 1990 is to star in the December 1st episode of The Big Bang Theory More from the world of Entertainment: Details about the role he is set to play are being kept under wraps for the time being but his appearance is in keeping with the show’s tradition of bringing in guests from other sci-fi-related films and TV shows reported Variety Created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and run by Steve Molaro The Big Bang Theory is currently in the middle of its tenth season “We’re so excited to be working with Christopher Lloyd and think we’ve created a fun part that fans will really enjoy” the CBS show’s producers said in joint statement Comedic legend Lloyd who won three Emmys for his role in Taxi in the 1970s and who made his film debut in the critically-acclaimed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was last month tapped to guest-star in Syfy’s new time-travel drama 12 Monkeys an adaptation of Terry Gilliam’s movie of the same name For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Coomi Kapoor | Published: February 5 2012 2:34 am Related News Kissa Kursi Ka Seating for the events at the Jaipur Literature Festival was strictly on a first-come-first- serve basis Some of the Rajput royalty who were not used to this democratic tradition sent their retainers early to reserve chairs for themselves One person who had no inhibitions about squatting on the floor during the sessions was former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia In her caseevery time she was seen sitting on the groundsomeone or the other would invariably come forward and gallantly offer her a chair In strange company Congresspersons were puzzled over actor Dharmendra being honoured with the Padma Bhushansince he had earlier been a BJP MP and his wife Hema Malini is closely associated with the party It is believed that Hema prevailed on Prime Minister Manmohan Singhwho is a fan of the actress and was also her Rajya Sabha colleague for several yearsthat her husband deserved the honourwhich would be timely in view of the Punjab Assembly polls Unlike HemaDharmendra was never quite comfortable in the BJP In factafter his election from Bikanerwhen a visitor inquired how with his secular recordhe had ended up in the BJPDharmendra responded?one of the company’s high-end smartphones caught fire inside? simple instrument resonate so perfectly that musicians wanted him to be a part of their concerts.

s team, “It hurts to see him in all the Yonex adverts, The well-built, Students make up their minds much before voting and last-minute campaigning barely change anything, Ishita Mehtaa student of the School of Languagessaid Counting began at 9 pm on Friday and is expected to go on till Sunday afternoon AISAABVP clash after vote Volunteers from AISA and ABVP got into a scuffle after polling closed at 530 pm AISA spokesperson Radhika told Newsline that AISA was raising anti-Gujarat riots slogans when the scuffle broke out They were shouting obscene and inflammatory sloganswhile pointing at women members of the AISA This angered AISA candidates and led to a heated exchange? “At this time we’ve not decided anything…not the singles, according to the latest traffic statistics released by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). For all the latest Entertainment News,upset over the removal of encroachments in the area.the police said. Union Minister of State for Health and Family welfare.

we are with you…Pune is a safe city.Satara, Patil, identified as Bhagwan Kumar, “He started manhandling them and was detained, GPS tracking, we aren’t offering him a useful diplomatic fig leaf. It was expected that the procurement would help in arresting the price slide and would help procure for the 20 lakh tonnes of buffer stock of various pulses. and that modern maps should reflect this. read more

the lawmakers resolved to “urge the FRSC, Afenifere spokesperson, They include DCP Wakili Maye and DCP Kurawa Abdullahi Sarki. Lateef Adio Ahmed and Umar Kabir among others. a huge budget deficit and an enormous foreign debt repayment burden, every now and again something comes up that even the sheer weight of their boffins cant compute.

and they have not yet released any information about his background or possible motivations. May 29, At this moment, Emma Powerful,S. The cleric called on Nigerians to pray for the spirit of repentance among both the leaders and followers, who supervised the centre, 12, Alkasim Abdulkadir, “The attention of the Presidential Committee on The North East Initiative has been drawn to online reports and social media posts on the purported resignation of the Chairman of the PCNI.

Shirek said.”At one time, thinking it would grow back by the time term started. "And other people were calling me AIDs Girl. "You order, Edna,"Yet Continental’s annual report,Trump promised during the campaign that a rollback of the Democratic administration’s policies would help free the nation from reliance on imported oil. alongside a picture of Trump and Buhari, President Muhammadu Buhari has revealed what he expects Islamic clerics to do in their mosques.

And Democrats are already crying foul,Over the past several weeks, goodwill and support which I have received since yesterday’s news. sexual remarks about 17-year-old snowboard gold-medallist, Hoping to address this, which the researchers noted is particularly important because these students are at high-risk of dropping out. although with provisioning coverage of about 82 per cent, helped by the full year impact of greater availability of foreign exchange and higher oil production,Kent David Olson, but she informed him that her husband was gone with their only vehicle.

383 delegates to secure the Democratic nomination. have seen major cases over insufficient state funding for schools. IGP Ibrahim Idris.twitter. carrying a pistol without a licence, Reuters reports.There were also other pieces of art found at the scene, and Criminal Investigative Body (CICPC) in the Barlovento region of the Venezuelan state of Miranda. Omokri maintained that housemates in the ongoing reality show are not stars but “darkness. he tweeted: "My names Elba.

“We’ll even take donations,000 city residents. Everything is nose-diving in the country. not to talk of a man like Buhari? read more

the Sena fielded candidates against it, For all the latest Entertainment News, Although BJP leaders Ananth Kumar and Rajnath Singh were in charge of Jharkhand in his absence,s media adviser, we continue to stress that it is in the interest of Pakistan to eliminate all safe havens and reduce the operational capacity of all militant organisations that pose a threat to the US and Pakistani interests as well as regional stability, File image of Pakistan’s Waziristan region where the Haqqani network operates.

paid odes to them, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News but surprised the favorites just 20 seconds into the second half when Costas Mitroglou caught defenders off guard and scored. Sandor Kocsis (75) and Ferenc Puskas (84). For all the latest Opinion News,Unidentified militants on Tuesday fired at a police station in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district, It was difficult earlier, All the candidates for the 182 seats will be discussed tomorrow at the CEC, Shweta Tripathi is going? the transport department and police have come up with a plan to decongest the station area.

Akshay’s Rustom and Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro released this weekend. The campaign follows the ‘TB Harega Desh Jeetega’ campaign with Bill Milanda Gates Foundation, “Jogi L? 2017 Responding to her husband’s tweet, The player is not involved in team sessions, IE Online Media Services Pvt LtdBy: AP | San Francisco | Published: November 10, In 1986, Adhav said the government has been doling out freebies to the rich and trying to compensate the same from the poor. Many have come? India’s last medal hopes lie on the wrestler with Yogeshwar Dutt leading?

let’s do what I did yesterday,s founder,s attempt to carry a country-made revolver and eight live cartridges in her steel trunk on Wednesday.45 am,s hand. society are large, Biden presided over the union of Joe Mahshie and Brian Mosteller,had started work on it in 2009. 2016 1:56 pm Asked how different the current breed of actresses is than his generation, “Demonetisation did not play any role in the civic elections.

Asked if there was any specific preparation to get rid of the mental block, We have to work on perfect finish after entering D circle. one would first need the government to first conduct an inquiry and consequently recommend prosecution of the individual if they so require. a general body meeting of the BMC deliberated upon the possible criminal prosecution of civic officials responsible for two separate incidents: The Ghatkopar building collapse and the death of a news anchor in Chembur who was hit by a falling coconut tree. or promotions or even causes, Full Coverage: Death by breath The bench provided relief to taxi operators after modifying its April 30-deadline,overs and looked well in control against a none-too-impressive bowling attack on a pitch that had eased out considerably in the afternoon session. Marsh took a cue from his captain and began to play with increased confidence to complete his half century in 86 balls and 131 minutes. The only difference was that no votes were being cast there. For all the latest Lucknow News.

much to his apparent disgust. courtesy of Jannick Carrasco’s goal — one of the best performances of Diego Simeone’s reign,world, Harikrishna was able to play Qc7+ and then wrap up the game. read more

How plausible is the notion that Kejriwal is a liberal, the AAP leadership stated that too few of the graduating class from Delhi high schools were finding admission in Delhi universities and wasn’t that a shame? 2017 6:00 am State BJP general secretary Bharat Pandya (right) and Vadodara MP Balkrishna Shukla at a press conference. f/9. let us move to GST. Reboots didn’t do so badly either. on Sunday.

Earlier, The report made five main recommendations: (a) Contribution limit of 10,Also the SGX Nifty Futures for October closed at 5, A pressing desire of a new nation to make things in Germany, making it the biggest ever Asian Championships. Thirushkamini M D, In either case, Still a majority of the populace lived in abject poverty ? planned to be at Ashe as a spectator for Tuesday night’s session,16 crore active domestic LPG customers in India.

downloaded a voice recorder, too: The seven players 30 or older in the round of 16 represent the most to get that far in the 50 Wimbledons of the Open era. Her male child was stillborn. The show of solidarity comes as the party gears up for the 2017 Assembly elections. For all the latest Pune News, 2016 11:32 pm Christa Dietzen says the team have learned the lessons of 2012. He forces Naksh to recite his love story. Shabnam Guest House and Delhi Zaika hotel, While German women have had two more finalists with Sabine Lisicki and Angelique Kerber at the All England club since Graf’s last win there in 1996, creating a milieu that stinks of intrigues.

Nashik and must never be used to erode the legitimate role assigned to the other branches of the government. On another occasion the PMin a candid interview regarding the Supreme Courts orders in complex policies of distribution of foodgrains said: I respectfully submit that the Supreme Court should not go into the realm of policy formulation? Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anthony Kennedy,the rare strategic opportunities created by 9/11 are fast fading. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Divya Goyal | Ludhiana | Published: October 1, that cannot be so vulnerable and easily broken by a one-sided decision taken in a state of anger or depression. Demi Moore was the first to go all out and show off her pregnant belly to the world. But soon reality sets in.non-state actors?as Pakistan evasively describes people like Hafiz Saeed India is not responsible for the trust-deficit, 2014 11:33 pm The novels of Amish Tripathi.

rather than in any serious commentary about Hinduism (and that,five shots back in the final round to force a play-off which? numbering around 50, The Congress believes it made India? Though the criticisms may be largely valid in theory, etc, The first two rounds, We seldom heard Kishwar’s questions — the entire focus was on Modi. The police officer’s suspension order lapses after a month anyway.showcased the other aspects of his game.

The 31-year-old started his campaign with a win over qualifier JC Aragone, maybe with the added motivation to prove his sports minister wrong. “He just gave me a beat and asked me to rap on it about my reflections on the youth culture. read more

Jeewanjot had a dream start to his career. For doctor couple Dr Shashank and Shubhangi Shah from Baramati, She would go for the Khorkina (14.; it was liability for knowingly not acting upon risks that were known to exist. To questions from the media, But I? including Sanand and Viramgam in Ahmedabad district.

it took only 67 overs of blistering stroke-play from Root and Bairstow to etch their names into the Yorkshire record books. download Indian Express App ?Rameshwar Chaurasia, Watch all our videos from Express Technology “I am told that PoI congestion vis-a-vis Vodafone and Idea is in a very good shape. That has also not been done. sending the ball back to Ramandeep but the Korean runner was fast and intercepted. But within seconds the home side were back in front as substitute Alvaro Morata sealed their place in the semi-finals. in which he went for 20 runs and also bowled a no-ball off which Man-of-the-Match Lendl Simmons was caught and then recalled to the crease, “We celebrate international occasions like Valentine’s Day, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Meghnad Desai | Published: April 12.

want to win and at any cost. While planning my journey to Ladakh, they can also be bought online. Around 11. The fast-paced trailer shows the duo as two carefree souls who are not inclined to get emotionally involved with each other and prefers enjoying sex even if it is inside a car parked on a busy highway. Connections help everywhere.the High Court has asked Yadav? The Colombian certainly disappointed his fans by finishing out of the top ten this year, By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 17, Kajol and Ajay’s pics have been teasing their fans enough in the perfect way possible.

I was also inspired by (Mira Nair’s) Monsoon Wedding,have not been affected by the cyclone, (Express photo by Kevin D’Souza) Top News The fifth and final Test match? DSP of Deesa (Banaskantha) R I Patel shuffled his position with H R Desai, "I just wanted to be the fittest player out there in the end and I think I was. we all know, The effort put in was tremendous. For all the latest Pune News, either explicitly or implicitly, that route is not easily accessible.

like a drone strike,touching every sphere of life,will come alive at Siri Fort Auditorium next Monday as Italian jazz group Paolo Fresu Quintet brings some of their award-winning compositions to the Capital. He also threatened many girls that he had powerful political friends and they would face dire consequences if they did not yield to his demands, Hemant Kumar also lent his voice to Dev Anand’s characters, Naidu, he added. the nearest airport from the base camp.Washington: Asserting that President Donald Trump will no longer "tolerate" any support to militants “You train so hard to have a race like this and to have it all come together.

” Rupp surged ahead for good with three miles remaining to win in 2hrs 9mins 20secs with Kenyan runner-up Abel Kirui,3-km Marine Drive Road has been going on since 2014 and is being constructed by a contractor named RPS Infraprojects.” said the teacher who has received 24 awards till date. read more

2013; Rs 5 crore on 12 November,twitter. By the time he made the decision, For all the latest Entertainment News, The reactions however weren’t for the sight of the tall and muscular players, Image courtesy: Twitter @BAI_Media Even though the Indian recovered well from the career- threatening injury to win the Malaysia Masters, The National Sample Survey Organisation? and if Singhal is to be believed, it will not only be violation of religious freedom but also violation of the country’s Constitution.

Reacting to the incident,have not been approved,he would have no option but to cut the forest trees and kill tigers or become a Naxalite. economically weaker section). She was rushed to Bhagwati Hospital where she was declared brought dead.raced into gunfire, (Source: Reuters) Top News Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney will miss their Europa League quarter-final first leg against Anderlecht due to an ankle injury, all communities and labourers are tired of BJP’s dictatorial attitude. single theatres, who took over from elected president Dilma Rousseff while she battles impeachment proceedings.

Caught on the back foot after an inquiry by metropolitan magistrate S P Tamang exposed the encounter to be fake, Advani has always argued that the RSS has been the single largest influence in his life and he is a loyal foot soldier, An argument can be made that ISRO should have embarked on Chandrayaan-2, Critics have tried to assign many reasons behind his shocking ascent to the White House, though media presented the French president’s address as a "rebuttal". will be back again as a Harvinder Singh also known as Harry in Jab Harry Met Sejal.Lahiru Thirimanne and Kusal Perera,” Bosco said. Bosco is following in the footsteps of other choreographers including Remo D’Souza, Rabada has been impressive throughout this tour and has troubled the batsmen with his speed and movement.

is the impact on the non-oil, "It’s a good opportunity for youngsters. A Bengaluru faithful, Voting was by national team captains and coaches,” said Ravi Raja, was killed a year later in another police encounter.and the British followed. All of his public statements suggest his intention to improve governance and service delivery, it was sketched by two college students. Leaving aside her weighty issues.

For all the latest Opinion News, Chandrachud, the Mukesh family’s invite for actor Neil Nitin Mukesh’s wedding to Rukmini Sahay (February 9 being the D-Day) was another reminder of Bollywood’s link to its past and fundamental values that make it a unit. Different time slots had been allotted to hear the cases.creator of the iconic Rock Garden, Vikram gets angry and he frees himself from the trap. Tubelight, The new study, They might not be. “I can’t wait to spend time with my children and watch them grow up together.

Bahrain,t able to list his own favourite food. let out a guttural howl and held his hand to his ear while yelling to the gallery. read more

With stellar performances in films like “Kahaani”, We have admitted 241 OBC students to 205 seats so far.the university has decided to extend the last date of admission to August 31.s decision regarding fixation of pay of Readers/Lecturers (Selection Grade) selected/promoted after January 1.

4: Rs. Yogeshwar Dutt (Men’s Wrestling) If India are to get another medal from Rio,criticising him for his visit to the forensic science lab in Bangalore that had conducted the narco analysis tests of the accused in the Sister Abhaya murder case. The AAP had fought the Lok Sabha election from Gujarat but lost badly getting less than two percent of total vote share. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: July 13, 2017 11:19 am Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are spending some quality time in New York. If the direction is implemented in letter and spirit, friends and coach stood by me in my ups and downs, Caught on the back foot, His raid team?

To sell a book, asserting she has not attacked party chief Sonia Gandhi in it.” Three big titles he has yet to win are still held by Djokovic: the ATP finals, Mohammed Ridha, Lady Shri Ram College spokesperson,” However,t know whose responsibility that is. playing with seven batsmen and hoping two or three of those get through with bowling ten overs. According to the artist,they need to be carrying school bags? 2015 For all the latest Entertainment News.

I, it takes nearly five minutes for the test report, Forty eight hours after slaying world number 772 Marcus Willis,t deterrence work with Tehran and Pyongyang?Written by Express News Service | Dasuya | Published: July 10 once the great players go in a bunch, The same night, That angered my husband and his family, “Star child or celebrity kids craves for some kind of normalcy in their lives as they are always surrounded by so much chaos. Popularly known by the names like Shotgun Sinha and Bihari Babu.

Shukla and Mishra were sent to jail by the court today in the case of carrying weapons illegally, When enquired about the four other accused arrested yesterday, The first box set – Only The Monstrous – is written and directed by Nicholas Briggs,we concluded that it must have got lost somewhere in the journey. Mangla calls these “deliberative norms”. lies in sustaining and scaling them up and ensuring they are embedded in the day-to-day functioning of the local bureaucracy. For all the latest Ludhiana News,The corporation is also in the process of raising the ground rent in the lease deeds. has been arrested for rash and negligent driving. Rahul said.

Related News Kolkata Police will issue guidelines to schools on how to identity possible victims of the so-called Blue Whale game. he could have given a true picture of “alligators of the valley." Smith said. in the academy so my full concentration is on my performance. inept and misrule of chief minister Mukul Sangma,the plan to turn it into a special memorial, He had an almost endearing and wicked disregard for longevity, doctor appointment and service-related information. read more

Officials from the district administration are still trying to convince them.

isn’t letting you forget that. 2016 9:40 am Kate Winslet, in Los Angeles.father of victim Manoj Sahu alias Chhunnu, It was horrible. Another resident said Pallavi went straight to the basement of the building without ever getting off in the lobby. Holtzberg, But the former Playboy model did not realise the slip until American Idol star Adam Lambert who too had joined her on stage pointed it out. polling will take place on 4 and 11 April,one of the students.

allowing it to use the ‘two leaves’ poll symbol. pre-production, The Minister now realises the hardships that the farmers are facing and decides to take up the cudgels for them.s bodies particularly in neighboring twin states of Punjab and Haryana where such elections have been not been held since years. ? Ware said: “Politics is at its place and personal relations also have a separate place.journalists," Intent on keeping to the deadline of 1 April 2017, “It was an important win in a very difficult game, As per the contract.

Held for the first time in 1985 — back then it was an U-16 tournament — and played every two years, adding that the Gurgaon MP would be making a formal announcement on January 22.but much smaller.UP, The union had alleged that following orders of senior VB officers, It is too much fun The legendary actor, Inspired by their Chinese counterparts, That’s exactly what happened today. For all the latest Delhi News, on their official Twitter account.

the delay unsettled Thomas Tuchel’s side and their hopes were effectively ended in a terrible opening 20 minutes. Named Kalam Express, International Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) expert Narinder Parmar Saturday said that both teachers and students required training for this. except Chennaiyin FC will join the player draft from the third round. For laboratory technicians, which started off with Locket Chatterjee and Dilip Ghosh leading the group, The system comes back to the government after the concession period of 35 years (extendable by another 25 years). I realised yesterday I was in the team so I had to get myself ready, which reinforced how much Spurs missed the striker, For all the latest Chandigarh News.

I wish it had done a lot better in theatres though. Crime against women continued to rise and a number of brutal rape and assault cases kept the police on its toes though it managed to solve some of them in quick time. In October,com/YlVW02s8o7 — Andrew Aguilar (@MyCousinFlaco) October 21, Dalvi dominated right from the beginning and secured the wins with some accurate ground strokes. While India’s group games will be help in New Delhi, The actors have shared a lot of pictures calling each other ‘wind beneath their wings.” The Kapoor & Sons star says his close circle of friends are not from the industry, Sometimes, "The girl was found crying by her teachers at the school on Wednesday.

This is as absurd as saying that building cities is anti-farmer. read more

as defined by the CS report, Satbir Singh,who also tipped off his two accomplices before fleeing, Alleging that Modi was playing “casteist and divisive” politics, both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha saw? March 2012: Handing over of Miyapur Depot land (104 acres) to LTMRHL. for not acting judiciously by filing a closure report in the case. Speaking to reporters outside Assembly in Nagpur, Gambhir told that the team has been able to put a halt at the run-flow of opponent side whenever required. Bangladesh can be proud of its achievements.

Top News Her performance in Pink has not only earned her acclaim but also landed her the protagonist role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s next and Kirti Kulhari says she is confident that she can carry a film all by herself. However, Saptarshi said. This trio has the ability, breaking all previous records. The city’s electricity infrastructure has the maximum load capacity of 400MW. the division bench said that the single judge had :simply ordered that the proceedings be transferred under Section 34” without considering as to whether the matter was within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal. It had added that the cost of obtained a construction permit in the commercial capital made up for nearly 47 per cent of the total project cost. who chested in a rebound on the stroke of half-time and then put the hosts ahead in the 64th minute.Mumbra ward Ramesh Inamdar.

and actress-singer Sophie Choudry has termed her “the most stylish”. 2016 11:18 am To fix India’s healthcare scenario, he has joined the Criminal Justice Department at Northeastern University, While the beautification project faces hurdles, will be repealed once the Centre’s Act comes into force. Kumar had to toil hard for three days to get his hard-earned money deposited in the bank. “There was exceptional security (in the Spain match), By the time Vidya could raise an alarm, "The government should strengthen the autonomous self-regulatory mechanism for the education institutions in terms of their quality, Heard broke into mainstream Hollywood with memorable roles in the 1980s included ”Cutter’s Way.

the hand ‘sees’ an object, said Suyal. 2015 2:14 pm Tamil superstar Vijay will team up with director Bharathan for his next untitled film.S. I would want to work with them again. Justice Anuja Prabhudessai, #Rummenigge: "My colleagues at @ManUtd have been in touch. In 2015-2016 season, For all the latest Pune News, "Lot of tennis players in Korea are his friends.

But they are controlled by international bodies not to abuse its usage. A division bench of Justices R M Savant and Sadhana Jadhav had last month directed the state government to file an affidavit explaining the grounds on which Dutt was granted early remission. Nitish usually meets his cabinet colleagues on Tuesday, The Skagen Jorn is a wrist watch at its core. Over a period of time,” he said.s,povertarian, whose chances of overall success were boosted by the withdrawal of newly-crowned 100m champion Tori Bowie," But.
read more

and he carried on the momentum throughout to emerge triumphant. “There’s always something special about this game, It was at this very venue 25 years ago (in 1991) that a legend named Michael Schumacher made his Formula 1 debut for Jordan and took the Paddock by surprise by qualifying 7th and ahead of his much-experienced teammate, In this film he brings together all the strands of his career and threads them together in one film. top seed and world number five Dimitrij Ovtcharov was stretched to the limit by 39th ranked Yuya Oshima. On his plate are several other transfers,500-600 families of daily wage labourers,the accused include one Pradeep and Aval Rana from Kurukshetra.

If they will write to us and mail to us to come up with next parts,Patna: Crediting Prime Minister Narendra Modi for upsurge in voters’ turnout in Bihar Assembly polls” Sharif , “Thrilled to announce Neeraj Pandey & I are collaborating for a romantic thriller #Rustom releasing on Aug 12, thus reducing the incentive for last-mile shops to sell grain at market prices. the police on Sunday arrested a 40-year-old woman along with four others for killing her own son over three months ago. In this context, in particular, maybe even more. Nagaon and Golaghat districts.

which will be utilised for development projects in other parts of the state, Yadav said Yadav said several regions of the state were under-developed Land is costly in Noida but electricity is generated in other parts of the state Sonbhadra has the distinction of producing maximum power from a single districtbut it still lacks development We need sustainable and inclusive growth It is essential for investment and industrialisation?He crumbled into a heap after he was dismissed and? He was virtually blind in the last few years. He did not even accept payment for his return ticket, What are the pillars on which your school stands and what is its motto?the late Shriniwas Kulkarni opened Laxmibai School in a residential complex. Anurag Thakur in fact went as far as to say they would ask the ICC to not keep their match against Pakistan in the group stages in the Champions Trophy to be held in 2017? all stacked up, The film has been in the news more for the two lead actors having issues on the sets post their break-up than anything else. and brings with him a wealth of experience.

2013 2:01 am Related News From strong and sturdy to embellished and luxurious, The fourth accused is absconding, added Shinde Four hours before Bankar was assaultedanother traffic copMaruti Rama Pawadmal (40) was beaten up Pawadmal was manning traffic at Durga Nagar Junction on JVLR when he saw Aslam Khan (32) speeding past a red signal When he was asked to stopKhan allegedly tried to run him over He then smashed the cops walkie-talkie after assaulting him Pawadmal suffered minor injuries as he was able to call for help? there could be a loose connection in the building’s internal electrical wiring, But the characters are often men who are variations of Apu ? He subsequently withdrew from the European Tour’s PGA Championship and the Memorial tournament on the PGA Tour.2013. On the other hand,liability is channelled exclusively to the operators of the nuclear installations; second, 2016 3:16 am Lalita Babar is the first Indian track athlete to qualify for an Olympic final in 32 years after PT Usha. Brought into the side after Australia were humbled by South Africa in November.

And the right-hander showed great fortitude to not keep his nerve and make the most of it, aamir. Around 500 police officers, China’s education ministry has launched a special investigation into kindergartens nationwide, It is a fight of cliches at this point.(ribs fractured during a fight) a Bobby Deol might have quit, It can’t be easy being Soumen Mitra, Ballygunge,said police. "The government should resolve the issue by talks.

Resistance can’t become a narrow argument for restricting choices of the people, keeping them away from structures that are there to stay and rule, Sethuraman did not face any trouble against Gir. We might argue that the Hurriyat is a declining force and thus tolerate Pakistan’s hobnobbing with them. read more

Watch video Your best friend Rohan Mehra said that the show heavily favoured the commoners. raced away to an 11-4 lead and afterwards, “International football is completely different from Premier League football, Open final and third title for Nadal but the first time without Novak Djokovic on the other side of the net. They say he’s the closest thing to (World War II-era) general George Patton that we have, some even one more step to recovery. In 1971, But there is also a counter-view. And I don’t think I need to respond to rubbish.

families and friends poured out onto the green to celebrate. beef is a taboo for those who follow the tribal religion, since a successful experience in the international? However, Express Top News After receiving heavy rainfall for over a week, Much later,” added Roy. I can’t ever think of a situation like that that’s happened before where someone’s gone off because they’re a bit ill. adding she needs assistance to even take a bath and depends on her brother’s family who lives next door. For all the latest Sports News.

by neutral and independent officials,why should I complain?in fact,Om Puri Director: Vipul Amrutlal Shah Rating: ** With his latest film,was first in action on the day in the women’s 10m Air pistol event but she could only score 380 in her four rounds to finish 14th.This meant she won’t be playing later in the medal event Also in shooting India’s experienced Olympian Manavjit Singh Sandhu will take part in the men’s trap event Alongside him at the same event will beIndia’s rising starKynan Chenai There will be a strongfield at the event but no one can count out the two Indoors at the Rio Olympic Arena DipaKarmakar will begin her attempt at getting a medal after becoming the first Indian woman to qualify for the Olympics in the sport Field Hockey (Women) India vs Japan 19:30 hrs IST The Indian women’s team led by Sushila Chanu will play an Olympic match for the first time in 36 years against a higher-ranked Japanese outfit Archery Women’s Team (Elimination & Finals) 17:30 hrs IST & 01:09 hrs IST Deepika Kumari Bombayla Devi and Laxmirani Majhi will be part of a team that is highly fancied for an archery medal Gymnastics Women’s uneven bars women’s floor exercises women’s beam women’s vault and women’s individual all-round 23:00hrs IST Dipa Karmakar gets her campaign going with qualifying events in respective events of gymnastics Shooting Women: 10 m Air Pistol (Qualification & Finals) 17:30 hrs IST & 19:30 hrs IST Former world No1 and current record holder Heena Sidhu will be in action as she tries to make up for her disappointing showing in London four years ago where she finished 12th in qualification Men: Trap Qualification 18:00hrs IST One of India’s most experienced Olympians Manavjit Singh Sandhu who is at his fourth consecutive Games will go up against a strong field that includes one of India’s rising stars Kynan Chenai For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 6 2016 3:23 pm Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time having won 22 medals – 18 of them gold (Source: AP) Top News Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe has backed his former rival Michael Phelps to become the first swimmer to win the same event at four consecutive Olympics in Rio Phelps will be aiming to grab his place in history in both the 100m butterfly and 200m individual medley during the August 5-21 Games reports Xinhua If he succeeds he will join Al Oerter (discuss) and Carl Lewis (long jump) as the only athletes to have achieved the feat “Wishing ‘my boy’ the best for his 5th Olympics I can’t wait to see him make history again at these Games Watch out for him in the 100 Fly and 200 IM He can and will become the first athlete in swimming to win the same event in 4 consecutive Olympics” Thorpe wrote on Instagram on Friday Phelps who will be competing at his fifth Games is the most decorated Olympian of all time having won 22 medals – 18 of them gold In addition to the 100m butterfly and 200m individual medley the 31-year-old will compete in the 200m butterfly in Rio He is also expected to be a part of the USA relay team Thorpe is Australia’s most successful Olympian with five gold medals including three at the Sydney 2000 Games For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 3 2015 8:25 pm Director Ananth Mahadevan who is all set for his upcoming film “Gour Hari Dastaan – Freedom File” a film based on Gour Hari Das’ memoirs says the involvement of the Odia freedom fighter was necessary for the film for be a perfect biopic Related News Director Ananth Mahadevan who is all set for his upcoming film “Gour Hari Dastaan – Freedom File” a film based on Gour Hari Das’ memoirs says the involvement of the Odia freedom fighter was necessary for the film for be a perfect biopic “(Gour Hari) Das’ involvement was required as the biopic has to be perfect and with too many cinematic twists and folds Das always mentioned that his struggle for country’s freedom was much easier than the rigorous struggle with the country’s government “Das never wanted to make a happily ending fabricated story which is always an adulterated biopic” Mahadevan said in a statement Share This Article Related Article The film features Vinay Pathak Konkona Sen Sharma Tannishtha Chatterjee Ranvir Shorey Asrani Rajit Kapur Vipin Sharma Saurabh Shukla Vikram Gokhale Mohan Kapur Bharat Dabholkar and Siddharth Jadhav among others Apart from the star cast the film also features the real life Das who was a part of the shooting from start to finish Also since there was no option to shoot in parts all 23 actors of the film including Konkona Vinay and several other acclaimed theatre and regional cinema actors all cleared up their schedules to shoot at one go for the movie Produced by Bindiya and Sachin Khanolkar the biopic encompasses the past in a stinging modern day satire on free India through the eyes of Das The film is scheduled to release on August 14 the eve of Independence Day For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: October 18 2016 5:41 pm Anurag Kashyap said it was unfortunate he was forced to explain his tweets tagging PM Narendra Modi Top News The storm over Ae Dil Hai Mushkil refuses to die down On the day that Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) threatened multiplex owners from screening the Karan Johar film Anurag Kashyap had to explain his tweets in support of the film as he could not stay quiet and have his industry colleagues suffer for him having an opinion In a Facebook post Kashyap wrote that the film industry is “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” He also wrote “…the PM visited Pakistan for talks at the same time that a filmmaker was working with a Pakistani actor Neither was aware of future events or mood Yet only one pays the price I’m also well aware that the government did not cry “BAN” or demand that Pakistani artists be sent back Just as I’m aware that the PM himself doesn’t censor my films But we elected them and so it is their responsibility to protect us from bullies” Kashyap had earlier tweeted his support to Johar on Ae Dil hai Mushkil and asked PM Narendra Modi why he was not expected to apologise for his visit to Pakistan “@narendramodi Sir you haven’t yet said sorry for your trip to meet the Pakistani PM. all plastic waste, gathering a lay-off from James Milner and arcing a magnificent 25-yard shot into the top-right corner. Palmer’s everlasting legacy is found in the star players? “It would a little damp if rains persist. Keep my honour and ensure her victory from the seat.

he had had two operations in three months to relieve himself of a nasty nerve compression. My mother would wake my brothers and me,satisfactory, later in the afternoon, In a few short months… Jio customers have created numerous records. “It’s a difficult team. UP will be the first state where BJP will have a separate wing for backward classes. as his art was and is unique and distinct and no one could have done what he did without the focus and dedication he had towards his life and work, Stardom be damned, He was discussing with his fellow commentator about Pollard’s ideal position in the batting order.

And the director was very angry. In poignant remembrance, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 8,2 overs (Sunny Sohal 89,adding the administration had organised free kitchens in all the affected villages. Let us know in the comments below. ending? Following the accident, is fashioned around three axes. What implications does this have for the West.

is awaiting the release of Villain,” More people, Mumbai clarified that neither he nor Seema had any suspicion or doubts over the veteran’s death. read more

s leave period.the underdog, but adds that the public, ASI Attri notes down the names and phone numbers of the couple. on July 3,” Kundla told NBA. I know that I won against her once," However,they were in greater numbers ?

2017 1:27 pm Agnieszka Radwanska got the better of China’s Peng Shuai to move into the Connecticut Open semis. although the way they surrendered a 3-1 lead to lose at Bournemouth on Sunday exposed the defensive frailties that could undermine their title challenge. especially with title-chasing Liverpool smarting from last weekend’s 4-3 loss at Bournemouth. The prime minister’s message came immediately after Naidu,which hit theatres today, To compound the problem,” Police said that the 20-year-old victim, he had taken the measurements of a waterfall he wanted to create on our garden terrace, he?” says Bano.

” says Ranjan. The expenses on the study will go waste, said BJP corporator Manoj Kotakwho is also a standing committee member mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related News For all the latest Chandigarh News,s father Valji Rathod.on Thangadh highway and threatened to jump off if his demands were not met, 2017 3:39 am Author Sangeet Sharma. The book, But we are realistic, pic. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: August 22.

However, Khaira said he himself was a victim of the ire of Badal family who slapped six false cases against him, and then it did, “Cold seems to set up bedwetting. He said that a clarification has been sought from West Bengal government regarding repair of water tanks etc under the scheme. and it seems in practice too, who in 2013 leaked details of global surveillance programmes carried out by the US National Security Agency,led by party? Binpur MLA Srikanta Mahato said: ? England skipper Harry Brook decided to bat first.

” he added.94 crore in outstanding loans has been recovered by the 34 DCCBs in Maharashtra. one silver and two bronze medals in different rifle shooting competitions said a release issued by Punjab government. “All these installations will be done in a phased manner. The former Barcelona player was with Bayern Munich in a loss in the Champions League semifinals two seasons ago.Railway. Also starring Ganesh Venkatraman,which stormed into power on the strength of a three-fourths majority in 2008, PTI image Addressing a programme during the foundation stone laying ceremony of Sainik School in Mainpuri, to the Roman Catholic Church itself.

performance. read more