recently, intelligent language data correcting cloud service provider "sentence correction based on cool" (hereinafter referred to as "*") has been announced, Jiangsu high tech investment group (Jiangsu high investment) investment fund Adams Zijin culture capital management subsidiary million yuan.

is currently carrying out a series of technical research based on large data has become an important measure for countries to seize the commanding heights of the future of science and technology. In the mobile Internet era, the promotion of English language learning and communication ability is still the main obstacle for China to gain more rights in the world. The traditional application of big data in the field of language mainly focused on vocabulary and oral English learning, such as Youdao Dictionary and iFLYTEK NetEase speech recognition products. One cool correcting network is the first big data used in English writing in the field of Internet Co, team members mainly from Microsoft, Baidu and Kingsoft and other high-tech companies, English writing machine by means of independent intellectual property rights reform, since June 28, 2011 officially launched on the website, there are more than 1600 schools nearly 40 thousand English teachers have the real name registration, about 3000000 student users, a total of nearly 50 million articles correcting English composition, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University, Fudan University and other schools will have "*" into daily teaching. "*" was also named the Zhongguancun golden seed enterprises and Beijing special funds to support the development of cultural innovation, and selected "Nanjing 321" plan to support key projects in Jiangsu province and the "management plan" is a typical case of Nanjing city and Zhongguancun talent strategic cooperation, the company at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and the Nanjing University have set up R & D center school enterprise cooperation. read more

yesterday, Baidu 4 corruption cases disclosed sparked shock, and the website alliance on the interests of the chain of black box operation has been the industry that "unspoken rule". The Baidu self correction, let this shady carefully conceal mentioning surfaced. Involved in advertising, electricity providers in the field of fat mouth, are breeding grounds for corruption, more black market is still hidden in the water.

Baidu internal anti-corruption

The 4 corruption cases

Baidu disclosed on advertising and game distribution business, which is the main source of revenue for Baidu, close to the interests of the natural links for individual and institutional rent-seeking interests to find a natural place, are the most prone to corruption. read more

Beijing on June 17th news Google said on Thursday, has begun to invite the website to participate in the electronic book promotion plan, website through a program to join Google’s store link, and share the link with Google’s revenue.

Google said, joining the merchant can be added to any of its Google e-book links on its website, and charge fees."

Google scanned a large number of books and moved them to the Internet. Some authors and publishers sued Google in 2005 for copyright infringement. The parties have yet to reach a settlement. read more

website development must be user oriented

I always think: "the site should be user oriented, rather than search engine." Although some people say: "a site welcomed by users, may not be welcomed by the search engine. In view of the current part of the search engine technology is lagging behind and the increasingly serious human intervention, we can not ask any one site are subject to fair treatment and good search engine experience.

, however, this does not prevent most web search engine experience. From the search engine user experience, it is true. Search engine look forward to the ideal situation is to give the name of the user in fact, the site to get a real sense of development must also be realistic user oriented. read more

2010, when the rise of an independent B2C platform, Chen Tenghua, vice president of Dangdang Dangdang, founder of the home textile B2C elegant 100. Since four years, Chen Tenghua experienced the gestation period of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial excitement, aspiring risk investment after the primary capital market, a sudden change in the situation after the hardship, the transition period of the company with a number of vertical B2C tolerance, from glory to dim, elegant 100 is that they can survive in a rare representative. read more

1 market point: the Internet is rewritten by the traditional industry

16The influence of Internet

characteristics of traditional industries has two: first, break the asymmetry character Bureau of information, do our best to clear all the information; the large data generated by the use of integration, making maximum use of resources.

Internet is not the most valuable in their own to produce a lot of new things, but the potential of the industry has been re mining, using the Internet to enhance the thinking of traditional industries. Then I from this angle to observe, press and publication fields (news, publishing, television, film, advertising, circulation (retail) manufacturing, wholesale, manufacturing, logistics, catering and hotel (hotel), catering and tourism areas), government regulation domain (communications, finance, insurance, education, medical care and education 16) changes in traditional industries under the influence of Internet has occurred, this paper is a summary of posts, will also do some prospects for the future development trend. read more

today to share a micro-blog brand word ranking ideas. Tencent micro-blog, from the influence, is far inferior to Sina’s micro-blog. Moreover, in some time ago, Tencent announced the development of new features for the Tencent to stop micro-blog, only maintenance, personnel structure has also been adjusted. Tencent as the industry to give up micro-blog signal. I have not been how to pay attention to the spread of the value of Tencent micro-blog. Sina micro-blog. But recently I have been observed and found that micro-blog is still very strong. Previous knowledge is biased. Tencent micro-blog this platform, but indeed more than Sina micro-blog platform. But Tencent has two aspects of micro-blog, in terms of doing network marketing, I think it is stronger than Sina micro-blog, or Sina does not have the characteristics of it. read more

There are a lot of ways to increase the external links on the

network, but most of them are looking for high quality and related website links. Unidirectional links are more important than this two-way link. The so-called one-way links, that is, the other sites to your site on a unilateral link. It will not only affect the site PR, and only one-way links to increase the reverse link Alexa ranking, this in the previous article has discussed:

I’m going to talk about this method today has a number of commercial sites in the use of. This method is not free, you need to make a small investment, but the return is definitely greater than investment. read more

After the completion of the completion of the construction of

and capacity pool, with the means of cloud information cloud into the operational stage of refinement, placed in front of the focus of only two – to make money and improve the efficiency of technical means.

February 13th, the city with service providers cloud technology announced that it has received $100 million D round of financing, led by the United States Warburg Investment Group investment, Jingwei China, Jinsha River and other investors with investment. read more

micro District in chowhound has never lacked keepsake, a tea egg, a basket of fruit, a jar of bird’s nest…… This is the preferred food, but also into the marketing channels of explosion.

a year ago, no one would have thought that the sun delicacy in WeChat circle of friends of men and women "Green Tea bitch" eventually evolved into a shrewd businessman. The world is like this, if you are just addicted to gluttony, did not catch the pace of micro business at top speed, it can only be relegated to a will not work in the chowhound. read more

Long said: Wolves fare, snake snake road. This sentence is to do things to have a law, and do different things and different rules.

comply with the website operation rules of the game, will be successful; and the operation of website operation rules of the game, became king. Not all people can operate the rules of the game to become king. Here, we only talk about how to comply with the rules of the game and how to become a successful web site.
read more

the 21 day culture of the Great Wall recently announced that the company received the approval of the Commission approved the private placement of shares to apply, the non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds of not more than 494 million 500 thousand yuan, will be used to purchase the education equity of 80%, after the completion of the transaction, lianxun education will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Great Wall culture.

with an announcement that the Commission approved the culture of the Great Wall to Xu high radium issued 23 million 772 thousand and 800 shares to Guangzhou Shangrong Cci Capital Ltd issued 3 million 38 thousand and 600 shares to buy assets, valid for 12 months. In a statement, the culture of the Great Wall intends to purchase its holdings of 80% shares to lianxun education Xu Gaolei 6 lianxun education shareholders issued shares and pay cash to the specific issue of shares to raise matching funds, the total price of 100% assets to raise matching funds does not exceed the standard of the purchase transaction. read more

a, registered Google AdSense

to Google home page registration. If you previously registered Google AdWords (Google ad – the right to pay the right to promote the promotion) then you can use your Google AdWords password login, opened Google AdSense.

Google tips do not support the Chinese, the registration of the letter

need to fill in

the account information you entered is as follows: (XX represents the information of the hidden webmaster)

——————————————————————————– read more

network promotion is now a means of marketing for the network, with the expansion of Internet users now, network marketing is now very popular way of doing business. Network marketing benefits is very considerable, so also attracted many businesses in this pie, but for the network marketing, is very important for the early stage, if not able to do the Internet promotion, so for the latter part of the sales will bring great risks. So for many people to do network marketing, network promotion is very necessary, so how to do network promotion this work? I believe this problem also is plagued by many people, today Xiaobian to talk about this topic, hope to be able to communicate with you at the same time, also hope that we can point out more. read more

software web site has a trap to beware of being downloaded

now, we have to depend on search engine to search more, the website can indeed provide information to us, but in convenience, some download sites but also hidden traps, these sites to download software, many will be added advertising, sometimes bundled virus, do not believe you to see." Through the search engine to a reporter to enter the download site download page, the reporter saw 4 eye-catching words of the download button, but after verification found that the click buttons are not reporters want software download button. read more

London August 29th news: according to the "Labor News" reported that the "friends" in the name, it is engaged in "matchmaker" service, charge high fees from, even the acquiescence of dragons and fishes jumbled together. Reporters yesterday from the city of matchmaking Industry Association to understand, at present, the civil affairs department and the Commission by letter in hand, will be for the future there is no matchmaking access card dating sites, strict supervision, if found serious violations, immediately blacklisted. read more

can’t you think,


short video + live this fire, burning what industry opportunities?

in May and June this year, live full flowering, with net red, celebrities, farmers’ potential, whole industry set off a tide of public opinion live in the mainland, like a wildfire sweeping many villages in the city on both sides of the Changjiang River lit. Fire fire fire fire. Live this fire, to the industry what changes and opportunities?

one, from the perspective of personal privacy visualization read more

1, Sina micro-blog Pathfinder social online shopping payment platform was


millet phone micro-blog online shopping has been officially started yesterday, the user can be achieved directly from micro-blog to pay a one-stop shopping. December 19th 10 am to at 24 on December 20th, Sina micro-blog millet mobile phone to open an appointment to buy an appointment, and on the official opening of sales at noon on December 21st, 12. The micro-blog online shopping has a total of 50 thousand millet phone 2, are 16G version. read more

personal investment and financial income considerable attractive behind the promise, often hidden gold scam. Mr. Huang, Guangdong, Zhongshan fell into the trap". At the end of March this year, he passed a venture capital financial macro website, a month after the investment of several million yuan, the site suddenly shut down, unable to contact.

received a report after Mr. Wong, Zhongshan police investigation, successfully arrested 3 suspects. As of the time they were arrested, they defrauded more than 1000 yuan of funds, the victims of more than 90 people, all over Guangdong, Shanghai and other provinces and cities. read more

is a website in order to survive and develop, not only need to have knowledge and skills Webmaster Station Network, search engine optimization ability, more need to understand the customer, have some sales related social psychology effect, understand the network marketing, network marketing. A successful webmaster, should be compound talents, in order to ease the network tide. This article will introduce eight and site sales are closely related to the social psychology effect, for the webmaster reference. read more