first_imgOn the occasion of the second HoReCa MeetUp to be held on Tuesday, April 10, starting at 09:30 a.m. at the HUB385 Innovation Center, METRO, in collaboration with Hendal, conducted a survey on the use and impact of digital channels in the HoReCa sector.The survey found that 56 percent of hotels, restaurants and cafes have their own website, and 72 percent of them are present on Facebook, with more than 85 percent of hoteliers and caterers believing that the website and Facebook page have influenced the increase in the number of guests.Hotels are most present on digital channels – nine out of ten hotels have a website, and more than 76 percent are present on Facebook. When it comes to the impact of digital channels on the number of guests in hotels, Facebook and the website have a significant impact.Among restaurants, the digital presence is most significant on Facebook – eight out of ten restaurants have a Facebook page, while six out of ten have a website. Also, 41,3 percent of restaurants believe that the Facebook page has contributed to a significant increase in the number of guests, while 29 percent attribute the same to the website.Cafes that focus on Facebook have the weakest digital presence – six out of ten cafes have a Facebook page, and four out of ten have a website. At the same time, 13 percent of cafes intend to launch a website soon.”Precisely because of the significant impact of digital presence on their business, METRO will present digital solutions at HoReCa MeetUp that will enable hoteliers and caterers to create this hosting website for free and easily, as well as use the free online booking application.” stand out from Metro CroatiaArnd Stoehr, Director of Strategic Development of METRO AG, talks about the importance of innovation and digitalization for the HoReCa sector, and the results of the entire research will be presented by Roberto Mancuso, President of the Management Board of METRO Croatia. METRO will also present digital trends in the HoReCa sector as part of a round table with the participation of representatives of the HoReCa industry.</p>
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