Coincidentally, a combined record of 11-0 is also the high-water mark for Major League Baseball during the AL-NL era.4From 1901 to the present. On April 13, 1992, the 6-0 Toronto Blue Jays hosted the 5-0 New York Yankees. In a testament to baseball’s competitive balance (at least, relative to a deterministic sport like basketball) and its series-based schedule structure, most MLB matchups don’t even make it that far: College football provides the most apt comparison to Tuesday’s battle, since intra-conference play often keeps the best teams in the country separated until the championship. Historically, undefeated teams have met up 37 times in bowl games — 18 times with national championship implications7Meaning the bowl contained either the eventual champ or the pre-bowl No. 1 in the polls. during the Associated Press poll era81936-present.: Even so, because college football’s schedules are so much shorter than college basketball’s, the most combined wins two undefeated teams have ever had in a bowl game is 26, a far cry from Tuesday’s 76.So as Connecticut and Notre Dame get set to take the floor Tuesday night, appreciate the rarity of their 76-0 combined record. It’s a number that has never been approached before, and is unlikely to occur again — regardless of the sport or the gender of the athletes.Editor’s note: A table in this article has been updated to include a game from the 2013-2014 men’s college basketball season, which was originally not part of the data set. History will be made in Nashville Tuesday night, when the 39-0 Connecticut Huskies face the 37-0 Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Championship. It’s the first time a pair of undefeated teams has ever played in the women’s championship game, and only the second time two unbeaten teams have met in the women’s NCAA Tournament at all.1In 1998, 33-0 Tennessee handily beat 28-0 Liberty in the first round en route to an undefeated championship run. The meeting of two such teams — with so much at stake — is a remarkable circumstance, and it had us wondering how it stacks up against other undefeated showdowns.In men’s college basketball, two unblemished teams have never clashed in the championship game. Probably the closest it came to happening was in 1976, when both Indiana and Rutgers entered the NCAA Tournament undefeated and both squads advanced to the Final Four. Indiana beat UCLA in one national semifinal, but Michigan upset Rutgers in the other semifinal to prevent a meeting of the unbeatens.The men’s bracket has never seen two undefeated teams enter simultaneously since that historic 1976 NCAA Tournament. Since 1979-80,2The earliest season for which has game-by-game college basketball scores. the best combined record of any undefeated teams in a major men’s game was 33-0 (a pale comparison to UConn-Notre Dame’s combined 76-0 record), achieved when 17-0 North Carolina faced 16-0 Duke on Jan. 18, 1986, well before the tournament began.Here are the teams that combined for an undefeated record of 20-0 or better in a men’s college basketball matchup since 1979-80: Professional football has never seen a championship matchup featuring two undefeated teams, either. If we include the All-America Football Conference,5The AAFC was an early rival league to the NFL, with which it forced a merger in 1950. This led to the San Francisco 49ers, the Baltimore Colts and the original Cleveland Browns joining the NFL. the record for most combined wins without a loss in a professional pigskin matchup is 19, set when the 9-0 Cleveland Browns met the 10-0 San Francisco 49ers on Nov. 14, 1948. But if you’re a stickler for NFL games only,6Unlike the subsequent American Football League, the AAFC’s record book is not officially recognized as a part of NFL history. the record is 17.5 combined wins (counting a tie as half a win), set by the New York Giants (8-0-1) and Green Bay Packers (9-0) on Nov. 24, 1929.Here are the games deepest into a pro football season featuring two unbeaten teams: And that’s just college basketball, where there are 350 Division I teams. In a league like the NBA, which has 30 squads, teams are hard-pressed to avoid each other on the schedule long enough to push their combined records anywhere near 76-0. (Pro sports’ greater parity doesn’t help either.) The winningest matchup of undefeated records in NBA history is just 11-0. That’s when the 5-0 Seattle SuperSonics hosted the 6-0 Utah Jazz on Feb. 16, 1999.3The game totals are also abnormally small for a February NBA game because the first 32 games of each team’s 1998-99 schedule were wiped out by a lockout. The Sonics ran away with it, beating the Jazz 71-56.The following NBA games saw the two teams combine for an undefeated record of 8-0 or better: read more

The Cardinals lost to the Saints 31-7 on Sunday. The fifth-year safety went into surgery later that day, where doctors shaved the exposed bone and closed the wound, according to Somers’ tweet:“Drs shaved bone on Johnson’s finger and repaired. Lost about down to first knuckle— Kent Somers (@kentsomers) September 23, 2013.” Johnson pulled off his glove and the flesh was still in the glove exposing the bone down to the first knuckle. Apparently Johnson didn’t even realize the injury until he took his glove off on the sideline. Arizona Cardinals’ Rashad Johnson lost a piece of his left middle finger after making a routine tackle on New Orleans running back Darren Sproles on a punt return.Not even Johnson knows exactly what or when it happened, but Arizona Republic’s Kent Somers confirmed via Twitter that Johnson’s injury occurred sometime during his Sproles takedown:“Johnson’s injury happened on a punt return, tackling sproles. Not sure what happened, might have smashed in ground. #AZCardinals— Kent Somers (@kentsomers) September 23, 2013.” read more

On Saturday, as thousands of protesters, dissatisfied with the results of the presidential election, were marching from Union Square to Trump Tower, just a few miles north, the two grandmasters sat down in the spaceship to play again. Game 2, with Karjakin handling the white pieces, began with the all-too-familiar Ruy Lopez opening, a staple of chess for 500 years. The rest of the game was an equally uncreative and plodding affair. One prominent grandmaster on Twitter called certain passages “flaccid.” After just under three hours, and not much else to speak of, they arrived at a second draw. (The computer chess engine Stockfish was in full agreement, seeing both games as nothing but deadlocked.) The actor and chess fan Woody Harrelson was on hand for Game 1. The star of “True Detective” brought to my mind that show’s oft-quoted line, bastardized from Nietzsche: “Time is a flat circle.” In chess, and at this championship, what’s old is new again, and moves and characters are strangely familiar. Donald Trump made the ceremonial first move at a qualifying event for that 1995 New York championship, at Trump Tower. And Rudy Giuliani, then the mayor and now rumored to be high on the list to be Trump’s attorney general, made the ceremonial first move in those finals. (Giuliani was late — and made the wrong move.)Carlsen remains the heavy favorite, although his chances according to my Elo-based simulations have dipped from 88 percent at the start to 84 percent now, as Karjakin has held serve.1I simulated 10,000 iterations of the remainder of the match using the players’ current Elo ratings and assumed that they draw half their games, as grandmasters historically tend to do. The players seemed to sense that the large crowds were getting a bit restless. “I ask you for your understanding that this is a long match,” Carlsen said at Saturday’s postgame press conference. “Not every game will be a firework.”Game 3 begins Monday afternoon. I’ll be covering the rest of the match here and on Twitter. The last time the World Chess Championship was held in New York City, titleholder Garry Kasparov met challenger Viswanathan Anand on the 107th floor of the south tower of the World Trade Center. They played their first game on Sept. 11, 1995.That tower is now gone, a new one stands nearby, and the grandest board in chess is again set in lower Manhattan. This year, the venue is the new Fulton Market Building in the South Street Seaport, an area of the city that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. It was rebuilt and has been thriving in recent years.The players are different, too. Magnus Carlsen of Norway, ranked No. 1 in the world, is defending his title against Russian challenger Sergey Karjakin, ranked No. 9. The first weekend of their best-of-12 match is in the books, and after two games — and two draws — the score is level at 1-1.This year’s chess venue is sparse and sleek, heavy on concrete and hypermodern black-and-white branding. Large flat-screen televisions dot the open floor, providing live views of the tense and slowly unfolding games. The sellout crowd mills around, stealing meaningful-looking glances at the game on TV, listening to live commentary on headphones, eating sandwiches and playing their own games of speed chess in the cafe’s Eames-style dining chairs.The two grandmasters play alone in a separate room, accompanied only by two stoic match arbiters. On the inside, the room resembles the bridge of a sci-fi spaceship. To the spectators on the outside, though, it evokes a reptile house in a zoo. You enter the dark, hot and humid viewing gallery through thick black curtains. You’re hushed as you enter and reminded to silence your phone. The lights inside are dimmed, and an eerie purple light glows from behind the thick glass of the one-way mirror. You can see Carlsen and Karjakin, leaning in close to each other over the board in deep thought. They can’t see you.In Game 1, Carlsen, playing with the white pieces, chose an unusual opening called the Trompowsky Attack. The joke around the Fulton Market Building on Friday was that he played it as a homophonic nod to the new president-elect. There was truth to the joke. Asked after the game whether his choice had anything to do with Donald Trump, Carlsen replied: “A little bit.”“I’m a big fan of Donald Trump,” Carlsen told Norway’s TV2 in March (in Norwegian). “Trump is incredibly good at finding opponents’ weaknesses. He speaks only about that the other candidates are stupid or smelly. There should be more of this in chess, too.” Carlsen then offered a Trumpism of his own: “Karjakin is incredibly boring!” Karjakin, for his political part, is an avowed supporter of Vladimir Putin.By the end of that first game, each side had pushed its wooden army as far as it’d go — two phalanxes scrumming at the center of the board. No further blood was drawn, however, and the players agreed to a draw after the 42nd move and just under four hours of play. (Draws are quite common in championship chess.) read more

Then-freshman goaltender Kassidy Sauve (32) defends the net during a game against Mercyhurst on Nov. 11 at the OSU Ice Rink. OSU lost, 3-0. Credit: Lantern file photoAfter sweeping its opening series against Lindenwood last weekend, the Ohio State women’s hockey team is set to stay on the road for its third and fourth games of the season against the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday and Sunday.In its first two games under new coach Jenny Potter, OSU scored eight goals on 60 shots and controlled virtually every category in the box score.Despite the two victories, the team knows it will have to make adjustments before facing the high-scoring Badgers.“I think with a new coach and new systems, they did a fantastic job adapting to those new systems, I think that (Lindenwood) only scored one power-play goal,” Potter said. “I know the first night we killed 11 penalties. I think they did a great job. We know we can get better, but I think they are working really hard and we’re learning.”The physical Buckeyes face a new set of challenges against Wisconsin.The Badgers had the second-ranked Western Collegiate Hockey Association offense in 2014-15, the top-ranked power play attack and scored 13 goals in their first two games of the 2015-16 season.This year’s OSU squad has said it prides itself on an up-tempo, physical style, so to combat the high-powered Badgers, it might end up committing penalties.“Obviously I don’t want to take penalties, but where we are in our system and as a team there might be some penalties,” Potter said.The sentiment that this team expects to take penalties is consistent with Potter’s skaters, who believe an aggressive style suits them.“I think we’re playing a very aggressive style this year that not a lot of people have seen before, so matching their speed that (Wisconsin) is notorious for is a big part of what we are trying to do,” freshman defender Lauren Boyle said.Boyle believes the team’s effort in the weight room overpowered Lindenwood. The level of aggressive style OSU plays with comes from that hard work in the weight room, which causes the penalties — not chippy play.OSU is confident that as the season rolls on, it will be able to compliment its physical game with the offense necessary to beat a high-scoring team like Wisconsin.“It’s about going out and playing our game and worrying about what we can do,” sophomore forward Lauren Spring said. “I think we have a lot of girls who are just as fast as them, so I think if anything we’ll be able to match them or out-skate them.”For a program that ranked No. 18 in total offense last season, the team is confident that it will be able to score enough goals this season to contend with the top teams in the nation to compliment its physical style of play.“I don’t think we’re going to struggle to put the puck in the net this weekend,” Boyle said. “Because of all the conditioning we’re doing, I don’t think they’re going to keep up with us by the third period. I don’t think anyone is doing what we’re doing.”The Buckeyes will look to keep up their strong start against Wisconsin. Puck drop is set for 3:07 p.m. read more

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is one of the greatest in all of sports.  It has become so on the back of the greatest of players making the greatest of plays.There is no surer way for a Buckeye football player to enshrine himself in Ohio State lore than to shine on this biggest of all stages.Careers are made. Legends are born. Old men sit on their front porches speaking of such players in reverent tones.Who from this year’s football team can etch their name on the list of OSU-Michigan heroes? Daniel “Boom” Herron? Cameron Heyward? Terrelle Pryor? First, here’s a look at the pantheon of greats that they would be joining.Chic HarleyChic Harley is widely considered the man who put OSU football on the map.  The three-time All-American played halfback, quarterback, end, safety and was both punter and kicker during his career at Ohio State. With a resume like that, it would have come as no surprise if he had dotted the “i” at halftime.After the 1916 and 1917 seasons, Harley left school for a year to fight in World War I. In his 1919 return season he led the Buckeyes to their first victory over Michigan. His four interceptions in that game still stand as an OSU record and his legacy was cemented. The Horseshoe is still regarded as ‘The House that Harley Built.’Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassady“Hopalong” Cassady led the 1954 OSU team to a 10-0 record and a national championship.  He followed with another fantastic season which was capped off with a huge performance against Michigan. In his last collegiate game, Cassady keyed the Buckeyes’ first victory in Ann Arbor since 1937 and dashed the Wolverines’ Big Ten Championship and Rose Bowl aspirations.After a Cassady punt return got the Buckeyes started with good field position, he scored the game’s first touchdown with a run off the right guard and continued to pound away at the Michigan defense to secure the 17-0 victory. OSU coach Woody Hayes would call it, “The greatest game Ohio State has ever played for me,” high praise from the gruff coach.Cassady would win the Heisman Trophy that year by the largest margin in voting history.Jim OtisJim Otis was the OSU fullback from 1967 to ‘69. From the fullback position, which is normally known for its blocking role, Otis led the Buckeyes in rushing every season of his college career.During the 1968 Michigan game, Otis scored four touchdowns against the Buckeyes’ archrival in a 50-14 rout. It was the game made famous by Hayes’ response to a question about why he chose to go for two in a game in which he already had a 36-point lead: “Because I couldn’t go for three.” Otis’ four touchdowns are still tied for the most scored by an individual Buckeye player in The Game.Tom KlabanOne might think that a list of OSU-Michigan greats would be incomplete without two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin, who had a 3-0-1 record against the Wolverines. But Klaban indisputably carried the Buckeyes in the 1974 game, when he scored all of OSU’s points in the game by kicking four field goals to give Ohio State a 12-10 victory to end Michigan’s 21-game winning streak.Chris SpielmanSpielman, a two-time All-American during his career at Ohio State, is the prototype of a hard-nosed linebacker. He still holds many career and single-season records for tackles at OSU. But it was his 29 tackles in the 1986 OSU-Michigan game that earned him a spot on this list.The 1986 game, as it had many times in the past and would many times in the future, decided the Big Ten champion and Rose Bowl representative. It was a back-and-forth affair that wasn’t decided until the game’s final minute. Even in defeat, Spielman’s performance would stand as one of the greatest defensive displays in OSU history, causing OSU coach Earle Bruce to remark, “This is the way it should be.”Joe GermaineAs John Cooper limped into The Game in 1998 with a 1-8-1 record against the Tom Brady-led Wolverines, it was clear that the Buckeyes needed to take off the kid gloves offensively to earn a victory. Joe Germaine, who had previously spent the bulk of his OSU playing career splitting time with Stanley Jackson, delivered.The diminutive, fresh-faced kid who had transferred from a community college in Arizona looked to the casual observer as though he would fit in better in a physics lab. But the Rose Bowl hero threw for 330 yards against the Wolverines, 217 of which went to David Boston, in a 31-16 victory that gave Cooper his second and final victory over the team up north.Troy SmithSmith, once predicted to be Justin Zwick’s backup for four years, had two of the most electrifying performances in OSU-Michigan history. In 2004, Smith’s 341 passing yards, 145 rushing yards and two touchdowns led the Buckeyes to a 37-21 victory.In 2006, the game meant more than perhaps it ever had. Each team carried an 11-0 record into the matchup and there was much on the line, including a trip to the BCS Championship game.Smith paced the Buckeyes with 316 passing yards and four touchdowns in a game in which he clinched the Heisman Trophy with a nail-biting 42-39 victory.On Saturday, OSU coach Jim Tressel hopes another of his players will step into the spotlight and join the list of heroes of The Game. read more

Blue Jackets’ goaltender Steve Mason is suffering from a sophomore slump and is handicapping the Jackets.After playing brilliantly through his rookie season, Mason’s play has regressed and has left the Jackets hurting.Last season, Mason provided a lift for the Jackets in their best season in franchise history. Mason put on a spectacular display on a nightly basis, racking up 10 shutouts and eventually winning NHL Rookie of the Year honors.This year, however, is a different story. Mason’s save percentage has fallen from .916 to .890 and his goals against average has increased by more than a full goal.While the Jackets haven’t helped him by continually turning over the puck in their own zone, Mason’s play leaves much to be desired. He has repeatedly allowed easy goals and in more than one occasion forced coach Ken Hitchcock to pull him from games. Mason currently leads the NHL with 15 losses after losing only 20 games all of last season.While Mason is and will be a great goaltender in this league, the Jackets don’t have the luxury of letting him work through his slump on the ice. The Jackets are fourth in the Central Division and third-worst in the Western Conference.If the Jackets are to have any chance at making the playoffs they need to get on track immediately. Believe it or not, the playoffs aren’t out of the question.At this juncture last year, the Jackets were only four points ahead of where they are now. The St. Louis Blues were actually three points behind where the Jackets are now and managed to play themselves into the No. 6 seed in the Western Conference. But if the Jackets have any aspirations of climbing back into the race, they need a spark.That spark might be backup goaltender Mathieu Garon. Garon has been in net for the Jackets past three games, all of which the Jackets won. Garon was honored as one of the NHL’s three Stars of the Week for his performance, which included a shutout Sunday of Dallas. Garon has a lower goals against average (2.55) than Mason, and a higher save percentage (.909).At this point, the Jackets have played themselves into a goaltender controversy. Since the Jackets are desperate for a boost, Hitchcock should continue to start Garon until the Olympic break, which starts Feb. 15 for the Jackets. Garon has shown he can be effective if given the chance to play in consecutive games and deserves a shot with Mason struggling.During the break, the team can re-evaluate where they are in the standings and the goaltender situation. Worst-case scenario, the Jackets continue to play sub .500 hockey and are out of the playoff picture. In that case the team can go back to Mason and see if he can get back on track. Or, Garon might provide the lift the Jackets desperately need in which case Hitchcock can stick with him in net and use Mason as the backup. read more

Rodjay Burns (29), Jonathon Cooper (18) and Rashod Berry (13) walk out of the endzone after Burns’ rushing touchdown during the first game of the 2016 season against Bowling Green on Sept. 3 at Ohio Stadium. The Buckeyes won 77-10. Credit: Mason Swires | Assistant Photo EditorFor the second time in less than a week, an Ohio State defensive back is transferring out of the program.Sophomore cornerback Rodjay Burns announced on his Instagram account Friday afternoon that he will transfer to Louisville to continue his football career. In the post, the Louisville-native cited his father’s health as the reason he will transfer closer to home.“Hard thought out life decision, and the decision i making for me and my future, I love my brothers at TOSU but i have to further my career elsewhere due to my fathers health, i have to decide to transfer to University of Louisville,” Burns wrote on Instagram. Burns played seven games in his career for the Scarlet and Gray, tallying a single tackle. In his first game playing for the Buckeyes, against Bowling Green, he intercepted a pass and returned it 75 yards for a touchdown.Burns, a late commit in OSU’s 2016 recruiting class, played for Trinity High School in Kentucky. In 2014, his team won its school’s 23rd state championship.On May 9, it was reported that cornerback Joshua Norwood would transfer from the program.Burns is the ninth player to leave the Buckeyes since the end of the 2016 season. Offensive linemen Lisle, Tyler Gerald and Kyle Trout, and wide receivers James Clark, Torrance Gibson and Alex Stump decided to transfer out of OSU while quarterback Stephen Collier announced his retirement in January. read more

Ohio State junior cornerback Denzel Ward (12) sets up prior to a play in the second quarter of the B1G Championship game against Wisconsin on Dec. 2 in Lucas Oil Stadium. Ohio State won 27-21. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorFollowing in the footsteps of cornerbacks before him, Ohio State junior cornerback Denzel Ward will enter the 2018 NFL Draft, forgoing his final year of eligibility.Ward made a last-minute decision to sit out the Cotton Bowl and sent out a statement on Twitter that thanked Buckeye Nation for his time at Ohio State.“I had countless conversations with my coaches about this decision well before the game. Though I was deciding not to participate in the bowl game I did not want to leave my teammates and coaches to pursue my dream just yet,” Ward wrote. “I hope everyone can respect my decision and continue to show support.”Ohio State had to replace both starting cornerbacks, Gareon Conley and Marshon Lattimore, from last year’s team because of their early departure for the NFL. Urban Meyer and the defensive coaching staff will be tasked again with replacing a first-round talent on the outside.Ward has arguably been Ohio State’s best defensive player this season and one of the best at his position in the country. The first-year starter led the team with 17 pass breakups and 20 passes defended, which rank X and X respectively in the NCAA. He also picked off two passes during the 2017 season, including one inside the 5-yard line in the Big Ten championship against Wisconsin.Ward was named a 2017 first-team All-American by the Associated Press and many other outlets.Although he wasn’t technically a starter in 2016, Ward played an equal number of snaps as Lattimore and Conley, who were eventually drafted 11th and 24th in the 2017 NFL Draft.Ward is projected as a consensus first-round pick and is listed as the top cornerback and No. 11 overall prospect by ESPN’s Todd McShay.Go bucks!— Denzel Ward (@denzelward) December 30, 2017 read more

first_imgPolice search a landfill site in Milton, Cambridgeshire, for missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague. Credit:Andrew Parsons / i-Images Nicola Urquhart, mother of missing 23-year-old Corrie McKeague Corrie who was based at RAF Honington, Suffolk, was last seen on CCTV as he walked into a refuse collection area in Bury St Edmunds The lorry took a route which appeared to coincide with the movements of his phone. Suffolk Police said the search of the area was the “next logical step” after the vehicle’s waste load was found to be far heavier than first thought. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. It follows work to move 8,000 tonnes of bulk material to make the area safe to search. “I can only pray that Corrie is found quickly and that we are able to get answers as to how this could have happened.”Please can I ask everyone on here to try really hard not to speculate just now. Each second waiting to find Corrie is torture enough. “This page was set up to find Corrie. We still need to do this.”From myself, Makeyan and Darroch thank you for your neverending support more than ever.”  CCTV footage shows Corrie McKeague in Bury St Edmunds on the night he went missing Mr McKeague pictured with girlfriend April OliverCredit:PA Mr McKeague pictured with girlfriend April Oliver Search teams have been scouring a landfill site this weekCredit:SWNS  The drastic difference in the weight of the load prompted police to swoop on a 26-year-old man, who was not the driver, before he was bailed on March 1.He was arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice by misleading officers about the weight, but on Tuesday was told he faced no further action.He was told he will not face charges after detectives concluded he was not hiding information, police said.The last CCTV sighting of Mr McKeague showed him walking from a shop doorway and into a horseshoe-shaped area in Brentgovel Street, with no sign of him emerging. Specialist search team searching the Milton landfill site in Cambridge for the body of missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague.  Ms Elliott said: “The search of the landfill is a huge undertaking, and still may not provide the answer as to what happened, but now, with new information uncovered by the officers working on the case, this is the priority.”  CCTV footage shows Corrie McKeague in Bury St Edmunds on the night he went missingCredit:Suffolk Police Responding to the update from Suffolk Police, Mr McKeague’s mother, Nicola Urquhart, wrote on a social media page called Find Corrie: “With the weight of the bin that was lifted the night Corrie went missing has been incorrect and the true weight is over 100kg (sic).”This can really devastatingly only mean one thing. Police search a landfill site in Milton, Cambridgeshire, for missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague.  Corrie who was based at RAF Honington, Suffolk, was last seen on CCTV as he walked into a refuse collection area in Bury St EdmundsCredit: Andrew Parsons / i-Images Detective Superintendent Katie Elliott said: “We now know the weight of the waste collection from the ‘horseshoe’ on the night Corrie went missing was over 100kg, when the original information we were given indicated that this was 11kg, and this makes our search of the landfill the next logical step to try to find Corrie.She added: “There was no intention to mislead the investigation, however our discovery, through persisting with this through our inquiries and evidence gathering, now puts a new emphasis on the search.”The search of the landfill site will take six to 10 weeks, covering around 920 square metres up to a depth of eight metres, police said. Missing RAF gunner Corrie McKeague could have ended up in the back of a rubbish lorry, police have suggested after they discovered that its load was much heavier than previously thought.His mother said that the news could “only mean one thing”. Officers are considering whether the lorry, which was spotted on CCTV making a collection near where Mr McKeague was last seen, could have carried Mr McKeague to a landfill site. Despite initial suggestions that the load of the lorry was 11kg, police said it was found to be more than 100kg.Forensic examinations previously found no traces of Mr McKeague in the lorry.The 23-year-old, from Fife, vanished on a night out with friends on September 24 in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. His mother said she hoped he could be found quicklyCredit:Chris Radburn /PAlast_img read more

Carnival co-ordinator Andy Morgan Watts who led the parade in his vintage car dressed as a ringmaster, said: “He just appeared.”Everybody was applauding him because it seemed such a clever way of raising money,”But when he disappeared it left a bad taste because people thought they had been giving money to charity.”I still like to believe that he is just dragging it out to get the maximum amount of money possible from a good idea.”Some people think I’m being too kind but we will have to wait and see which way it goes. It’s clearly as black and white as his suit.” Organisers said they did not think there was anything sinister about the man in the chequered morph suit who joined the carnival parade as it wended its way around the small upmarket village which is just off the A48.He even cheekily put his belongings in the back of a vintage car and made a thumbs up sign so he would have his hands free to hand out leaflets.”There’s nothing unusual in people joining the parade so we didn’t think much of it when he snuck in,” said Sue Anderson who is on the carnival committee. “Everyone thought it was a great idea and he was dancing with the samba band and putting his arm around children who wanted their photograph taken with him.”It was a beautiful day and everybody was having a good time but later on towards the end, when everybody thought he was going to climb on stage and do the big reveal, nobody could find him. He had just disappeared.”Some villagers said they had seen the mystery man melt away from the memorial fields down a public footpath while carrying a deckchair and what looked like an old music bag or briefcase.They thought he would be coming back but when the man did not come forward Sue and her husband Tony, chairman of the carnival committee, put an appeal out on Facebook asking the joker to reveal himself.They then received an email from the “Woolaston carnival mystery man” offering to put over £100 into the bank if they gave details of the carnival account.The couple have not heard anything since declining to do so while suggesting a meeting so he could hand over the cash.”We want to give him a chance in case it’s someone who means well and has just taken a joke a bit too far,” said Ms Anderson. Woolaston Carnival organisers have launched an appeal for information A self-styled “Mystery Man” who asked village fete-goers to donate money to guess his identity literally turned out to be a mystery when he vanished after pocketing their cash.Revellers at Woolaston Carnival in the Forest of Dean assumed the individual was a local resident when he wandered around the fete dressed in a full body morph suit communicating only in mime.The apparent mime artist offered a £100 prize if he could be identified correctly as he asked villagers to donate £1 to try to unmask him, even handing out entry forms which read: “Is it a bird, is it a plane. No it’s Woolaston’s Mystery Man”.His identity remained secret throughout the day and has remained so ever since as it is feared he fled with the proceeds. It is unknown exactly how much entry money was taken but fete-goers have estimated it could be more than £100.Villagers say they still don’t know if they have been duped or are victims of a bad joke by the man who concealed his face the entire time.And now those behind the Woolaston Carnival in the Forest of Dean have issued a desperate plea for the man to hand over the money before they call in police. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Woolaston Carnival organisers have launched an appeal for informationCredit:Woolaston Memorial Hall/Facebook read more

WASHINGTON DC, USA – New York, the fourth most populous state in America, updated antiquated legislation on Tuesday to outlaw children as young as 14 from getting married.Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, signed legislation raising the age of consent to marry from 14 to 18 years old, with a caveat that 17-year-olds wishing to marry must get approval from their parents and a judge.“This is a major step forward in our efforts to protect children and prevent forced marriages, and I am proud to sign this legislation that puts an end to child marriage in New York once and for all,” he said.Until Tuesday, children as young as 14 could get married with parental permission and written consent from a judge. More than 3,800 minors were married in New York between 2000 and 2010, Cuomo’s office said.Those under 17 are now prohibited from marriage. Judges must ensure any 17-year-olds wishing to wed are not being coerced against their will and that the marriage will not endanger their mental, emotional, or physical well-being.Heather Barr, senior researcher on women’s rights at Human Rights Watch, called on dozens of other US states to follow New York’s example.“Around the world, a girl under age 18 married every two seconds. It is a national shame that so many of these marriages are happening in the US,” she said.“We hope the 47 states that have yet to act will follow New York’s lead.”Nearly a quarter of a million children as young as 12 were married in the United States between 2000 and 2010, mostly girls to adult men, according to Unchained, a non-profit organization working against arranged or forced marriage.A survey published by the Tahirih Justice Center in 2011 said forced marriage existed in immigrant communities from 56 different countries and affects people of different faiths, including Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.Cuomo’s office said young women who marry before 19 are 50 per cent more likely to drop out of high school and four times less likely to graduate from college.Those who marry young are also at increased risk of developing health disorders, 31 per cent more likely to live in poverty when older and three times more likely to be beaten by their spouses than women who wed at 21 or older, it said. (Jamaica Observer) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedNew child bride ‘every seven seconds’ – reportOctober 11, 2016In “latest news”T&T Opposition Leader supports end to child marriagesMay 21, 2016In “latest news”First gay marriages in New Jersey take placeOctober 21, 2013In “World” read more

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMan busted with narcotics outside of Camp St prison remandedAugust 31, 2018In “Court”18-y-o charged with possession of cannabis remandedApril 23, 2018In “Court”40-year-old remanded for possession and trafficking of marijuanaAugust 13, 2013In “Crime” A repeat offender was brought before Magistrate Wonda Fortune on Friday morning charged with narcotics possession.Leon HussainLeon Hussain, 31, a labourer of Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) denied that he was found to be in possession of 14 grams of cocaine and 134 grams of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking on January 18, 2018.According to reports received, ranks in the “C” Division swooped down on the home of the accused where the illegal drugs were reportedly discovered hidden in a basket.As such he was cautioned, told of the offence and was later arrested and charged.Hussain, who was also charged in 2015 for a similar offence and in 2016 for wounding, was remanded to prison to return on February 16, 2018. read more

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedTrump wins electoral college amid nationwide protestsDecember 20, 2016In “World”Up to three million migrants ‘to be targeted’ – Trump in first interview since electionsNovember 13, 2016In “World”US House condemns Trump attacks on congresswomen as racistJuly 17, 2019In “latest news” New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (C) is the youngest woman ever elected to the US House at 29 years old (Reuters image)President Donald Trump has hailed a “Big Victory” in US mid-term elections which saw Democrats seize of the House of Representatives but Republicans consolidate their grip on the Senate.The Democratic majority in the lower chamber will be in a position to block Mr Trump’s legislative programme.But controlling the Senate ensures Mr Trump can still make key appointments.The vote was seen as a referendum on the president, even though he is not up for re-election till 2020.The result confirms a historical trend for the party that is not in the White House to make gains in the mid-terms.But despite the losses in the House, Republicans could point to an increased majority in the Senate.Early on Wednesday, Mr Trump tweeted that he had been congratulated by supporters across the US and beyond.House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi promised that her party would serve as a counterweight to the White House.Ms Pelosi – who is set to become speaker, a position she held from 2007 to 2011 – told supporters: “Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans, it’s about restoring the Constitution’s checks and balances to the Trump administration.”The Democrats gained more than the 23 seats they need to take over the 435-seat lower chamber.They could now launch investigations into Mr Trump’s administration and business affairs, from tax returns to potential conflicts of interest.The Democrats could also more effectively block his legislative plans, notably his signature promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico.In the Senate, Democrats were always facing an uphill battle this year because they were defending 26 races, while just nine Republican seats were up for grabs.The Republicans are on course to increase their representation from 51 to 54 in the 100-seat Senate upper chamber.Female candidates fared particularly well in an election cycle that had been billed as the Year of the Woman. (Excerpts from BBC) read more

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPedal cyclist involved in New Year’s accident on ECD diesJanuary 4, 2019In “Crime”Corentyne fatal accident: Pedestrian died from multiple injuries, driver gets bailMarch 23, 2018In “Court”Driver accused of Goed Fortuin fatal accident leads own defenseJuly 31, 2017In “Court” Killed: Rodwell Emanuel JamesThe driver who allegedly struck and killed, 22-year-old Rodwell Emanuel James on New Year’s Day was on Tuesday charged at the Cove and John Magistrates’ Courts for the accident.Lakeram Puran appeared before Magistrate Fabayo Azore and denied the allegation put to him.As such, he was granted bail in the sum of $350,000 and the matter was adjourned until February 2, 2019.INews had reported that James of Lot 1315 Bachelor’s Adventure, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was killed as he was attempting to cross the roadway.Initial investigations revealed that the now dead man was attempting to cross the road on his bicycle when motorcar bearing registration number PNN 7862 collided with him.The driver of the car subsequently lost control and slammed into a utility pole.Both the driver of the car and the cyclist were taken to the hospital in an unconscious state and admitted as patients.The driver was however, discharged and was taken into police custody. read more

first_imgIdentify machine problems on the spot with the most cost-effective solution for portable, wireless data collection and analysis, says SKF. It has launched the SKF Wireless MicroVibe that allows users to safely, quickly and easily assess any problems with their machinery. The vibration assessment tool is suitable for analysing rotating equipment. Portable, compact and lightweight, this versatile and easy-to-use tool offers reliable and fast wireless (WiFi) data collection.In conjunction with a tablet or smart phone, the new SKF Wireless MicroVibe provides the functionality of basic vibration data collection and analysis. It’s a great entry-level, cost-efficient solution for machine vibration measurements, root cause analysis, and small route-based data collection.“The wireless sensor will help customers assess data in a much easier and quicker way than other comparable technology  on the market. Anyone who owns a tablet can check the condition of a machine to ISO standards or bearing condition or by user defined alarms. They can even start a simple condition monitoring programme for their rotating machinery with this entry level solution”, says Torsten Bark, SKF Product Line Manager.Once the judgment of the overall vibration measurements results in an alert or danger, the FFT spectra and waveforms function will provide information to help indicate the root cause of the vibration.The SKF Wireless MicroVibe, CMVL 4000-EN, allows multi-point automation for faster data collection. The data collected, assessed and stored includes enveloped acceleration, acceleration, velocity and displacement, in both FFT spectrum and time waveform displays.Should vibration measurements (based on ISO vibration severity standard and SKF bearing condition evaluation) trigger an alarm, FFT spectrum analysis enables engineers to pinpoint problems such as unbalance, misalignment, bearing, or any other cause. Transferring all this vibration data to a computer, it will also store and recall measurements for trending and further analysis.last_img read more

first_imgA new ICMM report provides a comprehensive picture of how important mining is to economies across the world, with evidence that the mining and metals industry makes its most significant contribution in the most impoverished regions of the world. The role of mining in national economies builds an understanding of the scope, scale, impact and potential of the industry to spur growth and development. Using ICMM’s original composite Mining Contribution Index, it ranks the world’s 214 economies according to the importance of mining and metals. The report shows that it is both possible and essential to strengthen the contribution of mining to economic and social development.Of the 35 countries most dependent on mining, all but Australia and South Korea are developing countries. Of the top 70, 63 are low-income countries that stand to expand their national economies through the investment, exports, taxes and employment associated with mining.“The critical focus is not on how mining can be sustainable, but on how mining, minerals and metals can contribute to sustainable development,” the report notes.The traditional approach to understanding the economic importance of mining has been to focus on the percentage that any single country accounts for in total world mining production. From that perspective, the five BRICS* countries currently have the biggest share of world production value. Uzbekistan and Turkey are rising up the production value rankings to join emerging countries such as Chile, Indonesia and Mexico.This index, originated by ICMM, demonstrates the significance of mining within each national economy. “If mining makes a major contribution to a small economy, national decision-making will be driven by the development opportunities that can flow from the mining and metals industry,” said ICMM President Anthony Hodge. “That is what we need to understand more clearly. This report increases our ability to strengthen the contribution of mining and metals to development.”The new report, like the first edition in 2012, also assesses the different ways that mining brings growth to national economies. The most important channels are foreign direct investment when foreign corporations invest in mining and metals operations; and exports of the mining products.Mining can account for 60-90% of foreign direct investment in low- and middle-income countries, and 30-60% of total exports. Taxes and other fiscal revenues from mining typically bring in only 3-20% of a government’s total revenues in low-income countries. Some very low-income countries, however, do rely heavily on mining for fiscal revenues, the DRC and Guinea around 25 and 23% respectively. Botswana, a middle-income country, draws 44% of its revenues from mining.Mining is an ancient industry that has fostered economic development since the dramatic evolutions for humankind in the Bronze and Iron Ages. In contemporary society, the critical need for mining and metals across all societies is undisputed. But this report dramatically illustrates that mining in today’s world is also a potentially powerful engine of development.The research underpins the priority of ICMM members to foster sustainable development based on a strong understanding of the role of mining and evidence of what works. “The relationship between commercial mining and the economic and social development of host countries is complex and often contentious,” the report says.“Global mining companies are large and influential institutions whose investments have the potential to generate significant economic benefits, but also to have disruptive economic, social and environmental impacts.” Positive impact is best assured by companies working together with governments and communities, using evidence and experience to plan well, and basing strategic decisions on long-term sustainability and the multiplier effects mining can have throughout the economy.This 2014 report updates and expands on the first edition in 2012. A preliminary version was released in late 2014 and the final report is now available at courtesy of Katanga Mining, DRC.* Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africalast_img read more

first_imgOn November 18 Lucara Diamond Corp, the high quality diamond producer with assets in Botswana, announced the recovery of a 1,111 ct gem quality, Type IIa diamond. The company stated: “The magnificent stone, which originated from the south lobe of Lucara’s Karowe mine, is the world’s second largest gem quality diamond ever recovered and the largest ever to be recovered through a modern processing facility. The stone was recovered by the newly installed Large Diamond Recovery (LDR) XRT machines. The stone measures 65 mm x 56 mm x 40 mm in size and is the largest ever to be recovered in Botswana.”William Lamb, President and CEO: “This historic diamond recovery puts Lucara and the Karowe mine amongst a select number of truly exceptional diamond producers. The significance of the recovery of a gem quality stone larger than 1,000 ct, the largest for more than a century and the continued recovery of high quality stones from the south lobe, cannot be overstated. Our focus on mining the south lobe, which is delivering value beyond expectation, has been perfectly timed with the commissioning of our recent plant modifications, enabling the recovery of these large, high quality exceptional diamonds.”Today Lucara Diamond announced that two more exceptional white stones have now been recovered through the XRT diamond recovery units. The two white diamonds, an 813 ct stone and a 374 ct stone. The weights of the stones are subject to change as these stones have not yet been cleaned. Once cleaned, photos will be published on the Lucara website “I am truly at a loss for words. This has been an amazing week for Lucara with the recovery of the second largest and also the sixth largest gem quality diamonds ever mined. We are truly blessed by this amazing asset.”last_img read more

first_imgA suite of high grade gold assets in South Korea, most of them historic underground or artisanal gold and silver workings, some of which extend over a large footprint, are to be acquired by Australian gold producer, Southern Gold Ltd. Significantly, the Adelaide-based miner’s strategic international expansion will see it emerge as one of the few foreign entities with existing and much sought after government sanctioned tenure over its new holdings as the country seeks to mobilise its resource development to lessen the impact of years of mineral imports.Among the newly acquired 17 gold project areas across 44 tenements are at least six high priority targets, four of which will be drilled over the next 18 months – the first of which will commence in just two weeks south of the capital, Seoul.This initial drilling at Kochang, an historic and extremely high grade gold and silver mine working in narrow veins, has won the support of the government-backed Korean Resources Corp (KORES).KORES will fund at least 70% of the Kochang campaign as it and Southern Gold believe the site has optimal potential to open up the old mine to fast-track development and medium term production.The acquired assets, valued at around A$2 million, are contained in offshore subsidiaries of unlisted public company, Asiatic Gold Ltd.Southern Gold Managing Director, Simon Mitchell: “There is substantial potential across the assets for extensions to quartz veins in some of the older mine workings as well as highly prospective greenfields epithermal gold targets – the source of potential new discoveries.“Importantly for us, we have retained in country, the technical team that in recent times has driven a modern era assessment and development of these gold plays.“These include internationally recognised consultant, Douglas Kirwin and Exploration Manager, Dr Chris Bowden.  Chris completed his PhD on the epithermal gold veins in South Korea and is the perfect person to lead the team over there.“The South Korean acquisition is part of a strategic expansion strategy to provide investors in Southern Gold with heightened exposure to a new and truly world-class gold exploration play. These assets are located in areas of exceptional geological prospectivity, backed by a first class exploration team and multiple, very promising drill targets. “The acquisition provides Southern Gold with the potential for additional high grade gold production sources in the medium term as well as the possibility of new greenfield discoveries in a jurisdiction that has seen very limited modern exploration. “We believe this to be the most significant package of fully granted tenure held by a foreign company in South Korea, a jurisdiction where tenure is difficult to acquire and therefore becomes a very valuable and strategic asset for Southern Gold.”Australia and South Korea share a free trade agreement.  The most prominent gold projects acquired, all to the south and southeast of Seoul, are as follows:Weolyu:  Historically a silver-gold-germanium mine, recent exploration has discovered classic high level low sulphidation epithermal veining in a district yet to see a single drill hole and with rock float sampling at surface generating up to 17.6g/t Au and 820g/t Ag.  Priority drill target.Gubong: Historically a significant orogenic gold mining district and Korea’s second largest producer, this project has the potential to open up underground workings and fast track development.  Has potential for large gold system and significant exploration target range.Hampyeong: Up to 21g/t Au in rock chip samples in classic epithermal quartz veins.  New Ah Cha vein discovery points to the potential for an epithermal gold system at depth.  Priority drill target.Kochang: Historically extremely high grade gold and silver in narrow veins were mined with old mine workings still in place.  Has potential to open up old mine to fast track development.  KORES supported drilling to commence in the next few weeks.Heungdeok: Extensive area of artisanal mining across several parallel quartz veins in a district that has seen no drilling.  Also potential for large tonnage Intrusive Related Gold mineralisation.Taechang: Historically mined very high grade gold deposit with old mine workings still in place and potentially accessible to fast track underground exploration and development.last_img read more

Right back of Nexe from Nasice, Robert Markovic (21) was choosen for MVP of SEHA Round 7 by the journalists jury from several countries. Markotic had leading role with 7 goals in a win of his team in Sabac against Metaloplastika 29:26.“BEST SEVEN” – SEHA ROUND 7Goalkeeper: Martinovic (Bosna Sarajevo)Left wing: Antl (Tatran Presov)Left back: Sliskovic (Nexe)Playmaker: Nadoveza (Crvena zvezda)Right back: Markotic (Nexe)Right wing: Horvat (C.O Zagreb)Line player: Buric (Izvidjac)NEWS FROM BALKAN-HANDBALL.COM ← Previous Story Jakob Vestergaard is the “first pick” of Gyori? Next Story → Zoran Kastratovic resigns as coach of Sutjeska Niksic Robert MarkotivcSEHA league read more

← Previous Story Drama in Nis (Group B): The last Dance for Who? Next Story → Uwe Gensheimer about “4 points”: “Booom, Who expected this? EHF EURO 2012 Preliminary Round in the Group A and B are finished. In Belgrade, Poland beats Denmark 27:26 and leave the second team from the last WCh in Sweden with no points on the start of Main Round in “Belgrade’s Arena”. In the second match, Serbia and Slovakia played 21:21, after fantastic first half of home team – 13:6.STANDINGS:Serbia 6Poland 4Denmark 2Slovakia 0In group B in Nis, surprisingly, Germans were clearly better from Sweden 29:24, while Macedonia broke resistance of Czech Republic  27:21in the last 10 minutes in front of 3000 “red-yellow” supporters.STANDINGS:Germany 6Macedonia 3Sweden 3Czech Republic 2MAIN ROUND STANDINGS:Serbia 4Germany 4Poland 2Macedonia 1Sweden 1Denmark 0PHOTO: DRAGAN ZABUNOVIC read more