first_imgFactor this. Australia are whitewashed 3-0 by Sri Lanka in Colombo and lose their number one ranking in Test cricket.Over 15,000 kilometers away, in Port of Spain, India wake up to the news that they have shot up to the top spot in the ICC’s Test rankings but they would need to win their last Test against the West Indies which was scheduled to start next day.If India lost or drew, Pakistan, who had drawn a magical series against England, would shoot up to the top for the very first time in history.Rain, only rain, could have stopped India. After a resounding win (actually their biggest outside Asia), Virat Kohli’s men were thwarted by long spells of shower and Roston Chase in Jamaica as the hosts held on for a draw against all odds. West Indies weren’t as lucky at Gros Islet, where India’s pacers were far more disciplined and pulled off another comprehensive victory.The situation hasn’t improved as it continues to rain. Head coach @anilkumble1074 is at the ground for inspection. BCCI (@BCCI) August 11, 2016But as luck would have it, rain cut short the first day of India’s final Test in the Caribbean. India sent down only 22 overs but Ishant Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin had by then removed the dangerous Leon Johnson and Darren Bravo. But that would be the end of that. Rain forced the players inside and though it opened up only for an hour again early on Day 2, no play was possible.advertisementWhen you are waiting at the hotel & getting bored. Rains are annoying when a match is going on #TestOfPatience Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) August 21, 2016Reason? Soggy ground conditions. There was no rain for the last three days but no further than those 22 overs could be bowled. The ground was not covered sufficiently and despite bright sunshine, the field refused to dry up. Why were there no supersoppers? Nobody had an answer.It really was a sham at the end of the day. And what more, it cost India the number one rank in Test cricket. They needed to win 3-0 to keep Pakistan away but the lack of basic facilities robbed Kohli of a chance to retain the top spot and return home with 13 Test matches to play.India will of course get a chance to get back up again. A series victory over New Zealand would see them regain their slot at the top but an entire Test match was lost to poor planning and ridiculously bad ground arrangements. It was a shocker in more ways than one.Those in the know say facilities at most West Indies grounds are actually superb. Then what happened for those four days, where India were desperately waiting to get back on and play? The ICC came out to give Port of Spain a poor rating but that was hardly a surprise.Simultaneously, in Durban, South Africa’s opening Test against New Zealand was lost to similar circumstances. There is a need for the game’s world governing body to take stock of what really is up at various cricket centers around the world.Neither Port of Spain nor Durban is new to Test cricket. They are among the world’s most iconic grounds and to see two important matches being laid to waste was a pity.Now, that wasn’t the end of India’s misfortunes.Together with West Indies, India travelled to pleasant Miami, where the two were scheduled to lock horns in two T20 Internationals in Florida – this was the first time India were playing international cricket in the United States of America.The first of those two games was a cracker. West Indies, riding on Evin Lewis’ 49-ball 100 piled up a staggering 245 and sensationally, India came within one run of a victory, thanks to Lokesh Rahul’s 51-ball 110 not out.In the second match played on Sunday, India’s spinners exhibited a lesson in slow bowling and restricted West Indies to a modest 143 on the same surface. But a heavy shower after two overs of India’s chase meant the game had to be abandoned.But it wasn’t rain that robbed India of their 16th T20 International win this year in 21 matches. The game started a full 40 minutes behind schedule because the broadcasters had satellite problems. It was a technical delay which rendered thousands of fans, who had flown in from all corners, helpless. They had to come watch cricket along with their American friends, partners and colleagues but what they got instead was a spectacle.advertisementRain played spoilsport today but what a great initiative to bring cricket to a non-cricketing country. Kudos to @BCCI for making this happen Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) August 29, 2016It was either dumb bad luck or something more sinister that did not allow India to press for victories in two different formats and two different countries. Whatever the reasons, both Kohli and MS Dhoni were deprived. India was deprived.last_img read more

first_imgStay on target 11 Other Old-School Nick Shows That Should Get Netflix MoviesWatch These Movies Before ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’ Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img After years of bouncing around different streaming services, there’s finally one place where you can watch all the classic 1990s Nickelodeon your slimy heart desires. just added NickSplat to their offerings bringing tons of ’90s Nick to the streaming service. Now, after you finish all the anime the streaming service already offered, you can feel like a kid again watching Nicktoons, Snick and classic game shows. Yes, those are here too. You can rediscover your rage at those dumb kids’ complete inability to solve the Shrine of the Silver Monkey in Legends of the Hidden Temple, or collect 20 rings in the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in Nick Arcade. Sadly, some of the bigger Nicktoons aren’t included. Rugrats and Hey Arnold are both noticeably absent. Even so, there’s still plenty of classics to keep your inner child occupied for weeks.As much as these shows make you feel like a kid again though, you are probably, unfortunately, still an adult. You have ‘sponsibilities now. As much as you’d like to spend whole days catching up on old Nicktoons, that might not be an option anymore. And you know? Not every episode holds up entirely, to be honest. With that in mind, we’ve gathered the ten best episodes NickSplat added to VRV. These ones hold up real well.Screenshot via VRV10. All That: Episode 227Going back and watching All That, I’m sad to report it hasn’t aged particularly well. Sketches that sent an 8-year-old into hysterics only elicit light chuckles now that the same kid is over 30. Though I can still appreciate the slapstick of Coach Kreetin. I’m not completely dead inside. To make matters worse, these streams of All That have the musical segments removed. It feels like there’s something missing when the episode doesn’t end with the likes of TLC and Naughty by Nature playing the kid-friendly ’90s hits. That said, this episode has the sketches you want to see. Coach Kreetin, Vital Information, Earboy and Everyday French with Pierre Escargot. By the way, here’s proof that even as a kid, Kenan Thompson could make anything funny with the right reaction. The jokes in the Pierre Escargot segments aren’t really all that funny, but Kenan’s over-the-top French laugh still gets me cackling. Plus, the Ear Boy segment means that you get to see a 13-year-old play Ross Perot. Why did they parody a third-party presidential candidate barely anyone remembers? Who knows? Did any of us get the joke as kids? No, not at all, which somehow makes it even funnier today.The Wild Thornberrys (via Nickelodeon)9. The Wild Thornberrys: Blood SistersThe Wild Thornberrys was a little hit-and-miss as far as Nicktoons go, but the series had some great moments. My favorite episodes were always the ones that dealt with the relationship between the two sisters. In most episodes, Eliza and Debbie’s relationship began and ended with either mild annoyance or ignored entirely. There were a few where you got to see them come through for each other. “Blood Sisters” is one of those episodes, where Eliza keeps trying to scare Debbie while exploring a bat cave. Things turn scary for real though, and the sisters need to come together to get each other through it. It’s a nice story with all the talking-to-animals hijinks you expect from this cartoon. Also, there’s a great subplot involving Nigel getting jealous over Marianne’s school crush. Meaning this episode is full of smashing Tim Curry lines.Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (Via Nickelodeon)8. AAAHH!!! Real Monsters: Where Have All the Monsters Gone?AAAHH!!! Real Monsters was always one of the more overlooked Nicktoons, but it was always a personal favorite. The monster designs were creative and weird, and there was nothing funnier than watching them try (and sometimes succeed) to scare people. The nature of the characters allowed the show to be strange and gross in a way other Nicktoons could only dream of. Adding to all this, there was some surprisingly decent worldbuilding too. Especially in “Where Have All the Monsters Gone?” Located at the end of the first season, this episode really dives into why these monsters need to scare humans, and what happens when they can’t. It was a harrowing drama when you were a kid, and it’s still a fascinating story now.The Angry Beavers (via Nickelodeon)7. Angry Beavers: Muscular Beaver/Fish & DipsAngry Beavers has a ton of great moments, but none that stick in your head so firmly as those in the “Muscular Beaver” episode. Daggett’s obsession with superhero comics leads him to believe that he’s a hero himself. While playing hero at home leads to minor property damage, when he takes it outside, the play puts other animals in danger and seriously embarrasses Norbert. It’s a hilarious superhero sendup, so if anything, it’s even more relevant in 2018. It also has some of the best, endlessly quotable lines of the entire series. Like Daggett’s cry o “MUSCULAR BEAVER! WOOSH!” and Norberts big reveal as the villain Baron Bad Beaver: “Bum Bum Buuuuum dramatic reverrrrb!” The episode is paired with “Fish & Dips,” which sends the brothers on a fishing trip to catch the legendary Old Gramps. It’s not the icon that “Muscular Beaver” is, but it’s filled with great jokes that are still funny all these years later. Like the S.S. S. SSS (Dag only had an “S” stencil.)Doug (Via Nickelodeon)6. Doug: Doug’s Got No Gift/Doug vs. the Klotzoid ZombiesNickelodeon’s first Nicktoon was a way better show than anyone gave it credit for. It was just simple little preteen tales that usually game with a decent moral, but the characters were all so easy to fall in love with. Don’t think I don’t do the Mr. Dink voice whenever I buy something VERY EXPENSIVE. This episode’s pairing contains pretty much everything there is to love about Doug. The first one is a funny enough story where the lesson is not to blow all your money on arcade games when you need to buy your crush a birthday present. Even if you are seduced by the promise of Video Immortality. (Ah yes, we will always remember our greatest arcade hero: ASS.) The second episode of the pair is the real star here, though. “Doug vs. the Klotzoid Zombies” is a Quail-Man episode, so you already know it’s great. This particular Quail-Man fantasy is one of my favorites. When Doug finds his friends suddenly going over to a party at Roger Klotz’s house, to which he wasn’t invited, he imagines they’ve been mind-controlled by the evil Dr. Klotzenstein. Doug’s fantasies always go to some pretty far extremes, and this one ends up being an actually good 10-minute superhero story.Salute Your Shorts (Screenshot via VRV)5. Salute Your Shorts: The Ghost StoryHands down, the best episode of Salute Your Shorts. This is the one you want to see. “The Ghost Story” begins with Budnick telling everyone the terrible tale of Zeke the Plumber, a ghost who haunts your dreams if you touch his cursed plunger. After everyone has nightmares, the campers get their revenge by giving him a scary realistic encounter with the ghastly Zeke. It’s a fun, kid-scary episode with one of the more memorable monsters from my childhood. Plus you get to see a bully character reduced to tears from fear. It’s a different tone than you normally see from this show, and it works. This episode will make you wish you could go back to summer camp and share ghost stories around the fire.Clarissa Explains it All (Screenshot via VRV)4. Clarissa Explains it All: BullyIt’s hard to pick just one best episode of Clarissa Explains it All, because this show was so good for so long. “Bully,” though might be the best Clarissa VRV currently has on offer. Ferguson is acting strangely nice to her. She knows something’s wrong. She finds out he’s being bullied, and she’s not OK with that. Sure, she antagonizes him all the time, but nobody but her is allowed to do that. She decides to stand up to this bully for her little brother, and it’s just the best. Especially with the twist at the end. It’s full of outlandish fantasy sequences, ’90s video effects and the complete disregard for the fourth wall that drew us into Clarissa Explains it All in the first place. Complete with a sequence involving one of Clarissa’s homebrew computer games. I always loved those scenes.Keenan and Kel (Screenshot via VRV)3. Kenan and Kel: Dial “O” for OopsThis episode has a classic sitcom premise, but the ridiculous slapstick of Kenan and Kel adds so much to it. Kenan, as he so often does, falls completely head over heals for a girl after meeting her for the first time. That girl just happens to be the daughter of her dad’s boss. He tries calling her and leaves a message, but forgets to hang up the phone before badmouthing her dad. You know where this is going. Kenan and Kel have to break into his dad’s bosses house and get the tape. It does not go well. What makes Kenan and Kel’s treatment of the plot so fun to watch is just how poorly it goes. These two kids had the best straight man/clown routine on Nickelodeon, and it still holds up today. It also goes great with some orange soda. Who loves orange soda?Are You Afraid of the Dark (via Nickelodeon)2. Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of the Lonely GhostThis is one of the best episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark?’s entire run. It didn’t need extensive special effects or makeup. It attempts to scare young children weren’t so over-the-top that they became silly either. The Lonely Ghost doesn’t really do much except stand there in the mirror, silently begging for help. That’s much creepier than any rubber werewolf mask or plastic vampire teeth. What makes this episode so great though is that behind the scare, it’s a really sweet story. The girl who discovers the ghost decides to help her, and ends up reuniting her with her mother. There’s a heart behind this episode, which is largely the reason it’s still so good today.Rocko’s Modern Life (Screenshot via VRV)1. Rocko’s Modern Life: Keeping Up with the Bigheads/Skid MarksNo series was I happier to see added to VRV than Rocko’s Modern Life. It’s easily my favorite Nicktoon by far. What’s available now is a handful of episodes from the first couple seasons. You know, when they were getting away with jokes that made you wonder if it really belonged on Nickelodeon. That Mrs. Bighead joke right at the beginning of the first short flew over all our heads as kids. This pair of shorts is a hilarious encapsulation of what made Rocko’s Modern Life so great. The first one sees Rocko racing to fix up his house before Mr. Bighead’s nephew condemns it that evening. It contains tons of home improvement gags, an army of revolutionary flies and a scene where Heffer poops all over Rocko’s lawn to make the grass grow. You know, for kids! The second is even better, with Rocko facing the bureaucracy of the DMV after his car is stolen. It contains my favorite bit of dialog in the series’s entire run. “Daddy, my teacher says every time a gas cap is found, an angel gets its wings!” “Your teacher is full of snot!”Do we wish there were even more episodes available? Absolutely, but there’s a pretty amazing selection here for anybody looking to indulge in some ’90s Nickelodeon. This is the easiest these shows have been to stream in a while, so we can’t complain too much. Now, I’m just hoping for more Are You Afraid of the Dark?. See if the Ghastly Grinner can give adult me nightmares. (Answer: probably. That dude’s scary.)While we wait for more episodes to roll in visit our retrospectives on Rocko’s Modern Life, Clarissa Explains it All, and Doug. You can also make your own slime. And watch the four most terrifying episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Follow all the Nicktoon updates here. last_img read more