first_img Cris Molina Cris Molina The Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now Next Previous Take the money you’d spend on a candle-lit dinner in a crowded restaurant and spend it on a night’s stay at a relaxed yet sophisticated boutique hotel, like Kimpton Hotel Born in Denver (or any Kimpton Hotel, really). While being elegant and situated directly downtown, Born maintains a fun and creative vibe with epic floor-to-ceiling window views, homey wood design, killer craft beers on menu, and a smattering of commissioned artwork hidden around the property. Grab the Valentine’s Day “Binge and Better” package, with a $20 movie credit, cocktail credits, fitness passes, and other swoon-worthy perks.Instead of a CardFlowersDuh, man. Whether it’s a single flower or a bouquet, men will never understand the true power of flowers. Even if she says they’re impractical: Get. Her. Flowers. Here’s how they work: We know they are functionally useless, so it’s a sign you’re going beyond practicality and simply thinking about her. They make her feel special, they’re a surprise, and when she sees those flowers in the future she might think fondly of you. A card will get tossed or lost. Rule of thumb: go modest but not cheap on the blooms. A massive bouquet of blood-red roses from a new fling is scary, not romantic.To complement your gift, you might try putting on our playlist of romantic music that isn’t too cheesy. And if you need gift ideas for him, head here. Cris Molina 1 of 3center_img Keep Your Pants On With the Best Belts for Men Valentine’s Day is almost here — are you ready? Unsure of what she’ll like? Well, here’s a guide: No teddy bears, please, and Candy Hearts are being discontinued this year, thank the chalky heavens. If that leaves you stuck on gifts for Valentine’s Day, eat some chocolate and calm down. Here are the best (least corny and most caring) presents that say you really care and happy V-day, baby.Instead of Red WineTequila Avión ReposadoReplace a bottle of boring red with a Valentine-crimson box of Tequila Avión Reposado. Produced from rare Blue Weber agave in the highest region of Jalisco, Mexico, this warm expression is a labor of love, with notes of spices, dried fruit, vanilla, and oak. I mean, that just sounds romantic. Plus it’s special, created slowly in small batches under a time-intensive distilling process, much like your feelings for her.$55Instead of a Box of ChocolatesDouble Chocolate OHi Superfood BarsLet’s be real, a box of chocolate is overdone. She isn’t going to like all the flavors and will probably feel sick (or guilty) after eating them all. (And we will eat them all.) Get her protein bars instead! Order a box of raw superfood OHi Bars, which taste sweet and make your body feel amazing. They’re also pretty expensive and flown in from Hawaii. Sure it’s a major chocolate holiday, but if you plan on being *ahem* active together, nosh on these paleo, plant-based, kosher, and grain-free pieces of heaven. They have a Double Chocolate flavor tastes indulgent.$25Instead of LingerieObakki Cinder BlanketPlease don’t guess her lingerie size when the sexiest, most luxurious blanket is one-size fits all. Made of 100-percent cruelty-free cashmere-like acrylic, Obakki’s Cinder Blanket is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, especially paired with a homemade foot-massage coupon. Obakki shares the love by donating all proceeds from the blanket toward providing basic needs to people in South Sudan, Cameroon, and Uganda. And a man who gives back is very sexy.$89Instead of JewelryOne Eleven SW1 Solar WatchI’ve never liked jewelry picked out for me by a man and odds are, neither did your Valentine. Moreover, most “Valentine’s Day” jewelry isn’t realistic (and looks corny). You want to get her something she can wear every day, and therefore think of you more. Enter: the One Eleven solar watch set that includes two removable straps (one leather, one nylon), with a matte green dial and water-resistant build. It’s both a quality and sentimental gift. Go the extra mile with an engraving of your initials or a cute nickname you call her.$225Instead of a Photo of YouFramed Movie PosterLiving in different apartments gives you the perfect opportunity to add heartfelt mementos to her wall. Instead of a framed photo of your mug, find a good-quality vintage poster of a film you both watched together and loved. Every couple has one (or six) movies that stand out in their unique relationship. If you’re into different genres either buy her one of her fave flicks or accept your doom, as Godard said, “a man and a woman who do not like the same films will eventually divorce.”$89Instead of Dinner OutA Night at a Hotel The Best Podcasts to Listen to at Work How to Choose the Best Organic Mattress for Greener Sleep Editors’ Recommendations 16 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Nowlast_img read more

“This day of national celebration was reached through great sacrifices by all Eritrean people, who fought for freedom and laboured to rebuild their country,” said Legwaila Joseph Legwaila, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Personal Representative. “In the course of your long struggle, and in the 10 years since, the people of Eritrea have shown tremendous determination and national pride.”The statement, which was released by the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), hails the fact that peace between the two countries is starting to take root. “Peace is necessary for national development, for Eritrea to fulfil its hopes and aspirations, and for its people to flourish,” said Mr. Legwaila.”UNMEE celebrates this day with you,” he said, pledging to support Eritrea’s efforts “to build a future marked by peace, independence and prosperity.” read more