Governor General of Pakistan.

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The society’s headquarters is a former school in the center of Krefeld, SORG ET AL. MITTEILUNGEN AUS DEM ENTOMOLOGISCHEN VEREIN KREFELD 1 1–5 (2013) 2013 ENTOMOLOGISCHER VEREIN KREFELD Tens of millions more insects float in carefully labeled bottles of alcohol—the yield from the society’s monitoring projects in nature reserves around the region The reserves set aside for their local ecological value are not pristine wilderness but "seminatural" habitats such as former hay meadows full of wildflowers birds small mammals—and insects Some even include parts of agricultural fields which farmers are free to farm with conventional methods Heinz Schwan a retired chemist and longtime society member who has weighed thousands of trap samples says the society began collecting long-term records of insect abundance partly by chance In the late 1970s and early 1980s local authorities asked the group for help evaluating how different strategies for managing the reserves affected insect populations and diversity The members monitored each site only once every few years but they set up identical insect traps in the same place each time to ensure clean comparisons Because commercially available traps vary in ways that affect the catch the group makes their own Named for the Swedish entomologist René Malaise who developed the basic design in the 1930s each trap resembles a floating tent Black mesh fabric forms the base topped by a tent of white fabric and at the summit a collection container—a plastic jar with an opening into another jar of alcohol Insects trapped in the fabric fly up to the jar where the vapors gradually inebriate them and they fall into the alcohol The traps collect mainly species that fly a meter or so above the ground For people who worry that the traps themselves might deplete insect populations Sorg notes that each trap catches just a few grams per day—equivalent to the daily diet of a shrew Sorg says society members saved all the samples because even in the 1980s they recognized that each represented a snapshot of potentially intriguing insect populations "We found it fascinating—despite the fact that in 1982 the term ‘biodiversity’ barely existed" he says Many samples have not yet been sorted and cataloged—a painstaking labor of love done with tweezers and a microscope Nor have the group’s full findings been published But some of the data are emerging piecemeal in talks by society members and at a hearing at the German Bundestag the national parliament and they are unsettling Beyond the striking drop in overall insect biomass the data point to losses in overlooked groups for which almost no one has kept records In the Krefeld data hover flies—important pollinators often mistaken for bees—show a particularly steep decline In 1989 the group’s traps in one reserve collected 17291 hover flies from 143 species In 2014 at the same locations they found only 2737 individuals from 104 species Since their initial findings in 2013 the group has installed more traps each year Working with researchers at several universities society members are looking for correlations with weather changes in vegetation and other factors No simple cause has yet emerged Even in reserves where plant diversity and abundance have improved Sorg says "the insect numbers still plunged" A weather station for biodiversity Researchers in Germany hope to develop a set of automated sensors that will monitor the abundance and diversity of plants animals and fungi with the help of pattern recognition and DNA and chemical analysis 1 Sky scannerDetecting birds batsand large insects 5 Acoustic recorderDetecting birdsfrogs and insects 6 Moth scannerDetecting night-flying insects 7 Scent detectorDetecting plantsanimals and soil-dwelling organisms 2 Pollen collectorDetecting plantsand fungal spores 3 Malaise trapDetecting insects 4 Camera trapDetecting ground-dwelling animals 1 2 7 3 4 5 6 VALTOUNIAN/SCIENCE Changes in land use surrounding the reserves are probably playing a role "We’ve lost huge amounts of habitat which has certainly contributed to all these declines" Goulson says "If we turn all the seminatural habitats to wheat and cornfields then there will be virtually no life in those fields" As fields expand and hedgerows disappear the isolated islands of habitat left can support fewer species Increased fertilizer on remaining grazing lands favors grasses over the diverse wildflowers that many insects prefer And when development replaces countryside streets and buildings generate light pollution that leads nocturnal insects astray and interrupts their mating Neonicotinoid pesticides already implicated in the widespread crash of bee populations are another prime suspect Introduced in the 1980s they are now the world’s most popular insecticides initially viewed as relatively benign because they are often applied directly to seeds rather than sprayed But because they are water soluble they don’t stay put in the fields where they are used Goulson and his colleagues reported in 2015 that nectar and pollen from wildflowers next to treated fields can have higher concentrations of neonicotinoids than the crop plants Although initial safety studies showed that allowable levels of the compounds didn’t kill honey bees directly they do affect the insects’ abilities to navigate and communicate according to later research Researchers found similar effects in wild solitary bees and bumble bees Less is known about how those chemicals affect other insects but new studies of parasitoid wasps suggest those effects could be significant Those solitary wasps play multiple roles in ecosystems—as pollinators predators of other insects and prey for larger animals A team from the University of Regensburg in Germany reported in Scientific Reports in February that exposing the wasp Nasonia vitripennis to just 1 nanogram of one common neonicotinoid cut mating rates by more than half and decreased females’ ability to find hosts "It’s as if the [exposed] insect is dead" from a population point of view because it can’t produce offspring says Lars Krogmann an entomologist at the Stuttgart Natural History Museum in Germany No one can prove that the pesticides are to blame for the decline however "There is no data on insecticide levels especially in nature reserves" Sorg says The group has tried to find out what kinds of pesticides are used in fields near the reserves but that has proved difficult he says "We simply don’t know what the drivers are" in the Krefeld data Goulson says "It’s not an experiment It’s an observation of this massive decline The data themselves are strong Understanding it and knowing what to do about it is difficult" The Krefeld Entomological Society’s collections contain millions of insect specimens ENTOMOLOGISCHER VEREIN KREFELD The factors causing trouble for the hover flies moths and bumble bees in Germany are probably at work elsewhere if clean windshields are any indication Since 1968 scientists at Rothamsted Research an agricultural research center in Harpenden UK, I happened to visit Amodagarh near Seoni district approximately 22 kilometers away from the district headquarters. 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