modern life obviously provides a lot of pressure, relative to all aspects of the increase in many. Therefore, it is very necessary for people to relax themselves and the entertainment machine comes into being. However, to join the entertainment store market? Popular entertainment, easy to make money is not difficult, earnings worry free.


regardless of whether the consumer is because of accidental or inevitable the use of 3D full screen entertainment machine, can not be a one-time consumption, this machine has strong entertainment played people feel good, they will bring to others naturally or half unconsciously, and bring the new consumer. Therefore, this is not a flash in the pan of fast food entertainment, but a repeat of consumer behavior. read more

is now less than a few million entrepreneurial projects, not capped, and many entrepreneurs invested tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people are not necessarily able to succeed, and the hands of only one thousand yuan if you dare to venture it? Look at them and you have faith.


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is the deepest impression on our household registration, the difference between agriculture and non agriculture. But with the arrival of the household registration system reform, this distinction will be canceled. The day before, Beijing announced the views of the household registration system reform, so far, the country has promulgated the household registration system reform program in the province reached 30. Reporters combed found that 30 provinces generally cancel the nature of agricultural accounts and non-agricultural household distinction, but also to improve the residence permit system in the region, to establish and promote the integration of settled policy. In addition, there are parts of the full liberalization of medium and small city and towns settled restrictions. read more

there are a lot of migrant workers have begun to choose to return home for entrepreneurial activities, at the same time, in the vast rural area has a lot of classic items are very suitable for the vast rural brothers to choose, what are the specific?

for the majority of peasant brothers, how to open the mind, increase income, improve living conditions become their most concern. Grain cultivation, vegetable planting or, as long as the formation of the scale, the surrounding slowly will form a market. Around the "market" based on "service" the foundation of small businesses and the soil has been formed. Based on past experience, there are several ways to mature business: read more

we always like to bargain when shopping, which has become the norm in the shopping market, it seems not bargain transactions are not comfortable, and this is for many shopkeepers naturally caused distress. In short, the shop to do business, the situation is difficult to encounter customer bargaining. To bargain in the process of their own not hurt, and not hurt the customer, so as to retain customers, which can be learned on the big. In the daily retail business, I summed up a number of customers to bargain for the winning recipe, and colleagues to share. read more

any one of the shopkeepers, in fact, hope that business opportunities can be everywhere, so you can contribute to a Bibi deal, after all, only to grasp the opportunity to do business. Seize business opportunities, which sounds a little difficult, but as long as we learn from the daily operation of the moment to find clues, there may be unexpected harvest. I’ve had this kind of experience.

that was a winter three years ago, because the weather is very cold, the store basically no customers. More than 10 o’clock in the morning, in the vicinity of a small field to buy vegetables together into the store and their helpers. They picked up some paper towels, towels and other daily necessities, and later his wife reminded her husband to take a cigarette to the old man. read more

today’s urban residents are divided into a community, so the number of community shops will be more up. However, the community store, although there is a certain amount of customers, but because the competition is very intense, if you want to open a good shop, naturally also need to grasp some key factors. In this paper, the small series to the vast number of consumers to emphasize that it is convenient move, which is the key to open a good community shop oh.

community retail stores can survive, mainly rely on a good neighborhood, rely on the human touch. Why? Because the majority of neighborhood will have a large supermarkets, shopping malls, retail customers to the customer if the community assumed a superior attitude, customers often prefer to go a few steps, to the nearest store to buy something in you. Consumer groups are basically community community residents, relatively fixed source. Once the loss of a customer, it will be less revenue. Therefore, with a number of convenience initiatives, close relationship with the residents of the community is very important. read more

According to the statistics of

, in the horizontal comparison of the entrepreneurial failure rate, the failure rate of the newly graduated college students is the highest. This part of the entrepreneurs are mostly lack of industry and social experience, financial strength is relatively weak, so easy to fail. However, there are many successful people, college students who need not be discouraged. So for fresh people, what are the places need to pay attention to it?

1, learn more ask, humbly ask

learning has been the essential quality of successful people. Especially for the lack of social experience of college students entrepreneurial groups, learning can not be put down, and should be multifaceted and effective. Things can not be arbitrary, to ask a lot of people, not only limited to the success of the pioneering predecessors, or your target consumers, they are also your business mentor. read more