love Shanghai is designed to meet the needs of users, improve the market share, so your site can meet the needs of users will be able to meet the needs of the search engine, some people say that high quality articles in front of it is to meet the needs of users? Indeed, user needs high quality articles, but also will change the demand. For example, a Shanghai dragon website, the user is of course the main demand of Shanghai Longfeng technical articles, but if a certain period of time, the emergence of a large number of websites pan analytical, user demand analysis of Pan related articles, if your site is not, users will go to another site, and even become long-term users of the site. read more

deep user needs

today’s Internet era, the mass information to make people less than their own to scrutinize every information. But some information is very important, we must let all people know. The above mentioned "hunger breeds discontentment", when the milk makes only a short while ago, terrible pain as a start, up to now, all kinds of harmful to human health of various types of food safety incidents have frequently been exposed, there also are some large well-known enterprises. TV reported every day, every day with all kinds of information on the network. However, for ordinary people, these problems are at a loss what to do, only passively waiting, no other way. Even the Internet, is also very fragmentary and trivial. Have an immediate food safety platform, a full range of information display, is insight into user needs and meet the needs of users, the only way the search engine provides the information is most in need of the user. Many search engines have said that in order to enhance the user experience is constantly improved, the author thinks that the improvement or innovation, or can not find the user needs and provide the most comprehensive information, the user experience should be a slogan. For users, to search a more accurate information is not easy, because everyone’s ideas are not the same, the search engine and how to do is Tastes differ all tastes.. But, do it immediately, but he only took all of this one are concerned, do with. Only from this point, the other search engines are necessary to learn from the. read more


QQ net station column must be arranged planned. Since it is a resource station should better serve the majority of Internet users, some stations opened the screen is a non mainstream Martian, bewildering. In this detail, I am quite work, as far as possible all the columns at a glance, we see after heart will feel I have been doing! We all share QQ net station usually put a lot of advertising, so is my station, this is compelling, the website only normal operation can be better serve you, I can do is to regulate the website advertising, try not to put the window read more

good trend has just opened, it has experienced 6.28 days of black storm, my station also unfortunately caught them, not only the snapshot back to June 19th. And the site:www.***.cn home page not included, the contents of the news from time to time included an article. A keyword ranking is down to one hundred. The chain is also much reduced. When using the webmaster tools query, has a chance to K seven percent station. To see such a situation, the analysis before the black storm on the site to do what changes. read more

here is a simple list of cases were analyzed.

link mode charging mode inside the network alliance love Shanghai.

here to Shanghai from several sources to analyze the bidding flow calculation principle of love. As we all know, love is URL trigger charging charging mode in Shanghai. That is to say, love in Shanghai charging time, must be triggered to calculate the cost of links. In fact, all search engines are such patterns.

360 browser, Kingsoft antivirus software, computer housekeeper has risk warning, a direct result of traffic can not enter the website. read more

mobile phone had to pay close attention to the love of Shanghai, is the rapid development of mobile Internet resources, in order to make the most suitable for the mobile terminal to browse the results presented to the user, to create the ideal love Shanghai mobile search experience, open mobile search optimization service.

Mini station linkBefore the

micro-blog and space, personally think that the real name system will become a trend, is also reflected in the love of Shanghai search engine, of course, the real name system mainly through the love of Shanghai platform authentication on the website, the website itself covers the information true and effective. In fact, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform community "presence" is also reflected in this aspect in the search engine to prevent personal information. read more


This makes the change of

recently, Shanghai dragon ER switch has been hot topic in the industry

crisis, the crisis in the organic. The key is how we in danger really find suitable opportunity, how in practice to really grasp this opportunity.

this is fully consistent with the long tail theory — any of the present popular will become the future long tail, Shanghai dragon is a specific industry specific period, with the Shanghai dragon has become the inevitable specification website maintenance, as an occupation (in training), Shanghai dragon will gradually move toward a downturn from hot. read more

is a self educated Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a complex and simple technique. This period of time at home with their own understanding of a with a friend the same experience, love the same game, daughter is as big, and have done the catering industry, he is now unemployed, I feel like two years ago, I called him brother apprentice, than my age the big point. Fate, I decide to teach him the Shanghai dragon knowledge, want to let him in the future development of the network. By the way in the A5 share one I don’t understand how to teach this web based friend is how to learn Shanghai dragon. read more


basis set

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then, we know clearly about themselves, believe that most of the webmaster friends with Bao Chen, is the Webmaster Station webmaster tools, love stand or observation tool to system of a website, here to talk about the main observation Bao Chen: those are mainly observed sites of the four major search data engine, love Shanghai, noble baby, 360, sogou. Check your site and the reverse link, and we know the 3 website label, especially the title and keyword set search engine, after several years of change algorithm, but the standard. read more

again: do experience matters needing attention. Note after the content of experience ended with experience, many owners believe that this content is not necessary to write, a lot of things in the empirical content is described, this idea is wrong, the user may not be so hard to see in your experience when you use the method to solve the problem pay no attention to the details, often lead to methods can not solve the problem, so the attention in the webmaster must take the most important step in the write up method. For example, making the GoDaddy host the purchase process, the purchase of different schemes are not the same, so the matters needing attention in the need to indicate this experience is what to buy the host program, and other programs to host can host the United States detective (贵族宝贝 bbs.idcspy贵族宝贝) learning forum. If the host user program and you buy experience improvement scheme is not the same, must not be able to complete the purchase process. read more